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Visit http://howtosurvivelifeinthesuburbs.blogspot.com/  Modern mom has an awesome contest for a ring from Superior Wedding Rings!!

Homemade beauty treaments

What's up my sleeve????

Starting  Jan 4th I am going to do 15 Homemade Beauty treatments in 15 days including pictures and my opinion of course!

Anyone who has a homemade beauty concoction using basic household ingredients let me know.  (nothing with raw eggs!! YEW! ;o)


Free Books!!

free books Canada


Yes!!!!.....these free books do really come.  In fact I am reading a novel I got for free from them last week!  When you add your info to receive your free book be sure that the box beside Yes, please notify me about Random House books and special offers that may be of interest to me is checked to be kept up to date on their freebies!

Dempsters Toaster oven deal

free Dempster's toaster oven Canada
The Deal- purchase 12 Dempster's products with the entry code pin on package.  
-send a money order for $18 for S&H (money order is about $7)

Sometimes the bread goes on sale for $1.89 and there were 30 cent coupons available earlier in the year for the bread and wraps.
**TIP**Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers if they purchase Dempster's bread and see if they will "donate" their PIN #'s to you !!

So...you can get this $60 toaster oven for about $25 + Pin #s.  Not too bad if you are looking for a toaster oven already.


Boxing Day Deals at Amazon.ca

Lots of deals to be had @ Amazon.ca until Jan 1,2010
As always free shipping on orders over $39(pre-tax)
 50 books @ 50% off,electronics 7 days, 7 deals & up to 65% off movies 

click HERE to visit  Amazon.ca and check out the great deals!


Jamieson Vitamin Sale + coupon

At Zeller's this week (DEC 26-31)
Jamieson Vitamins 50% off!  See below for $2 printable coupon 
Jamieson printable coupon Canada


L'oreal Collagen lip filler -product review

L'oreal collagen lip filler
I am a member of Chick Advisor and they send out some great freebies to try.  I recently received my tube of the new L'oreal lip filler.  Definitely not something I would purchase on my own because it retails for about $25 CAD and I am.. uh.......frugal.

The skinny on the product
It comes with 2 tubes.  One is to use around the lips and is suppose to help with feathering of lipstick and moisturize the area.
The other tube is for on the lips.  It is suppose to leave your lips fuller, smoother and plumper.
Rate it! 
I have thin lips and did not notice any "plumping" at all.  One thing I did notice was the "on the lips" cream absorbed into the lips right away and made my lips really soft and smooth.  I tried it on my youngest daughter who has dry lips in the winter and she said it made her lips feel good too. 

I would give it a 2.5/5  I think the product is too expensive and does not live up to it's claim of "plumping" the lips.  I will stick to Carmex at night and Blistex fruity lip balm with SPF during the day to keep my lips soft and hydrated. 

*Please note- the above is my opinion which I did not receive any monetary compensation, just the product to sample from chick advisor


Chance at free beauty products from Rouge!

I just got the email a few minutes ago!
free beauty products Rouge Magazine tester

Product Review-President's choice Blue Menu Lasagna

*Please note- the following is my opinion about a product I purchased. I did not receive any monetary compensation.
president's choice lasagna blue menu low fat

The Italian part of me has been craving lasagna! I was at Zehr's doing my weekly shop and noticed the Blue Menu (lower in fat) President's Choice Lasagna on sale for $10 for a large tray. I thought I would give it a try and guessed it would feed us for 2 meals.

The skinny on the product

-cook from frozen, 400F for 1hr & 50 min then uncovered for 15-20 minutes more
-no artificial colours of flavors
-35% less fat then the regular PC lasagna (less meat and cheese of course but still very tasty)

-1 serving supplies 30% of recommended intake of calcium and a source of fiber

-5 layers of fresh tender pasta and 3 cheeses
-many different kinds available from beef/cheese to seafood and chicken
-all PC products have a money back guarantee(keep your receipt)

-and last but not least,on sale!


I give this P.C. Blue Menu Lasagna a 4/5! What I would change is make the sauce a bit sweeter, I found it a tad too acidic. I would recommend picking up this lasagna for your next get together. I will be picking up another to have on hand for the holidays.

If you prefer a lasagna with more meat and cheese and are not worried about the size of your butt go for the original PC Lasagna.



Northern Reflections sale coupon, 50% off Dec 18th

 I just got an email from a friend notifying me about this coupon.  WOO HOO!

Mom-if you are reading this call me and let me know what you would like for Christmas!!  ;o)


Inexpensive entertaining foods

Well, it's that time of year.  People are visiting, parties are happening and you are trying to stay on budget.

Here are some tasty, inexpensive ideas made with common ingredients.

Egg and Olive squares (quiche like)
I know the name sounds strange but these are really tasty and you can make a large tray for about $6-$7
The squares freeze well and just need to be warmed up in the oven.
(Large cheese blocks are usually on sale for around $4, Pillsbury crescents for about $1)

1 pk crescent rolls
3 tbsp melted butter
3 eggs
1 cup sliced green olives (you can also add bits of roasted red pepper for the red/green effect!)
4 cups grated old cheddar

Spread the dough out in a 9x15 pan that has been sprayed with Pam.  Mix all other ingredients together and pour evenly over the dough.  Bake at 350F for 15-20 minutes.

Bacon stuffed tomatoes
I look forward to these every holiday season, YUM! (TIP pick bacon when it is on sale cheap and freeze)
Baby tomatoes, bacon, mayo

Cut a bit off the top of the tomato and scoop out a bit of the pulp with a baby feeding spoon, set aside.  Cook the bacon until crisp and drain.  chop the bacon finely in a food processor and add a bit of mayo, mix well.
Scoop a bit of the bacon mix and stuff the tomatoes. Done!

Hot Cheese Dip
1 cup low fat mayo
1 cup old cheddar
4 green onions chopped
Mix all of the above together and bake at 350F and cook till hot and melted. (10-12 minutes)

Fruit dip
Vanilla yogurt
assorted fruits to dip

Other ideas-
Taco dip(cream cheese, taco seasoning, salsa, grated cheddar cheese)
Knorr spinach dip(sour cream, mayo, spinach, Knorr veg soup mix, water chestnuts)
Lipton french onion dip(no name sour cream, no name french onion soup mix)
shrimp ring(usually on sale for about $5, check out the ones from Shopper's Drug Mart)
Sausage rolls (store bought, cheaper then making from scratch!)

Punch, everyone likes punch and it is an excuse to take out that punch bowl you got as a wedding gift but never use!  We usually serve orange and cranberry juice mixed with ginger ale.  Add some ice cube made from the juice, some orange slices and maraschino cherries.

Question***What do you like to serve for holiday entertaining fare?


Coupons + sales = groceries for $66

 Just got back from groceries and here is the tally-
4 Lipton sidekicks on sale + coupons = $4.00
1 box Rice Krispies (with a $10 game coupon on box) $3.99
2 Johnsonville sausages (on sale + coupons) 3.98
Spiral Honey Ham $13.73
Apples(.59/lb) 1.35
bananas 1.27
5 lb carrot 1.99
Total at Sobey's $30.31

100" foil  3.19
3 w/w bread 4.41
tassimo Latte (my treat!) 5.99
4lt milk 3.97
2 bags n/n fr veg 4.00
astro yogurt (with coupon) 4.57
Frozen P.C. lasagna $10
Green giant garlic pasta w/veg 1.88
2 glade sense and spray 19.98 but free with my 2 coupons
(just pd the tax)
2 glade ultra spray 3.58-coupons3.00= 0.58
total at Zehr's with tax $42.07(but I will get x2 $5 rebates from the glade that cost me 3.58 including the tax) so approx $35.65
Grand total approx $66

What will we eat from this?
Cereal w/ milk and bananas
Breakfast sausage, toast & fruit

Yogurt parfait(yogurt, flax seeds, fruit, dry cereal)
French toast
Toasted western sandwich (eggs, ham,onion)
Ham dinner w/veg, homemade cranberry sauce from berries in freezer and glazed carrots

Pasta salad w/ ham, veggies and free pasta

lentil soup made with dried lentils, ham bone and leftover ham bits
Ham sandwiches
Quiche (ham egg onion and cheese)
homemade oatmeal with apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
Green Giant garlic pasta w/veg and leftover ham bits 
Lasagna w veg and garlic toast

BTW at Zehr's a lot of games (clue, connect 4, candyland were marked down to blowout prices and were 8-15 dollars, use your $10 coupon and get yours before they are sold out!)

**Dec 15th-just purchased my clue name and noticed even more games were marked down.  Most between $8-$20 and a few adult board games were $30


Free L'oreal coming my way

Just got the email from Chick Advisor!

Top Mommy Blogs

I am now on Top Mommy Blog!  

If you like what you see here you can click on the Top Mommy Blogs.com below and cast a vote for me!
Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

$5 printable motrin coupon + sale!

At Shopper's drug mart Sunday-Monday only special on Motrin $8.99-5.00 coupon=a great deal
Just in time for the holidays ;o)
motrin $5 printable coupon Canada deal


Affordable Shrimp dinner for $1.25

That's right, tonight I fed a family of 4 for about $1.25.  I didn't have time to take a picture before it got devoured!

What did we eat?  Garlic Butter Shrimp with pasta and mixed veggies! Mmmmmm

1 box Catelli whole wheat pasta-in clearance bin for .75 used coupon for .75 = FREE!
1 shrimp ring from Shopper's Drug Mart (lg ones too) Free! purchased with Optimum points
1/2 bag no name frozen veg $1
Margarine and garlic to toss in 0.25

Coupon for buy 1 get 1 free Greenies

Printable buy 1 get 1 free Greenies for cats or dogs.



Inexpensive, yummy dinner idea!

This is a quick and easy dish the whole family will love!  A batch will feed our family of 4 for 2 dinners and cost approximately $7 total!  Cook once, eat twice.


2 lb lean ground beef (on sale $1.99/Lb) $4
2 cans cream of mushroom soup (on sale 0.50 plus buy 2 get 1 free coupons) $0.66
1 large or 2 small onions and 1-2 cloves of garlic finely chopped $0.20
1-2 tsp ground all spice 
Milk 1 to 1-1/2 soup cans full depending on how saucy you like it $.50
S & P
1 bag Catelli whole wheat egg white noodles(on sale for $1.49-$1.00 coupon) $0.49
1/2 bag no name frozen veg (on sale $1.99 per bag) $1.00

-Get a large pot of water going for the egg noodles.
 -Add beef, onion, garlic, pepper allspice and a pinch of salt(remember the soup is salty) and start frying until brown.
-add the 2 cans of soup to the beef mixture and desired amount of milk.  Cook until the sauce is thoroughly warmed and thickened.
Place the cooked noodles in a large serving bowl and top with beef mixture
Enjoy!  (I usually serve with carrot and celery sticks)


Coupon for games + game sale = a great deal!

Starting tomorrow (Dec 11-17) Zehr's has Milton Bradley games on for 25% off.  There is also a $10 coupon for games found on cereals right now. 
From Kelloggs.ca:
Now you can Save $10 off any Hasbro® board game by finding
coupons in specially marked boxes of Kellogg's* cereal.
Coupon offer includes all Hasbro® , Parker Bros® , Milton Bradley™
and Cranium games with the exception of card games and games
produced under license by Winning Moves®  or USAopoly® .
Rice Krispies Squares* Bars are special holiday food only  
and do not have the $10 Hasbro® coupon
Coupon expires on March 31st, 2010.
Limit one coupon per item purchased.
Valid in Canada only. Limited time offer.
Cereals Corn Pops* cereal: 345 g
Cereals Crispix* Krispies* cereal: 350 g
Cereals Froot Loops* cereal: 380 g
Cereals Kellogg's Frosted Flakes* cereal: 485g
Cereals MultiGrain Krispies* cereal: 385 g
Cereals Rice Krispies* cereal: 525 g, 525 g (Holiday)
Cereals Rice Krispies* Cocoa cereal: 420 g
Cereals Rice Krispies* with Vanilla Flavour cereal: 420 g

Coupons-Save up to $2.50 on Cherrios and So Good

Coupons through this link on save.ca

Coupons and Deals at Old Navy!

Dec 11-17 Jammies $8

Dec 12th only! Ladies fleece rip ups

Visit the Old Navy Coupon Hunt for additional savings at http://www.oldnavyweekly.com/    
If you click on the Dec 6 then click the left boot then right boot you will get a $10 off $50 purchase
If you click Dec 7th and put the yellow hat on the lady you get a $5 off $25 purchase
If you click on Dec 10 and click on the first scarf on the right you will get a 15% off your entire purchase coupon


Saving Money by making your own Christmas gifts

You can definitely make someone's Christmas merry  by giving a homemade gift.  It is frugal and shows you care.

This year I am making mixes in a jar.  I purchased the plastic Christmas jars last year after the holidays and I think I paid 50 cents a jar.  You can also use canning jars(check garage sales!) or mayonnaise jars.

If you search the net for gifts in a jar you can find many, many recipes.  I am doing cookie mix, soup mix and cinnamon pancake mix.  Another good idea is to fill the jars with some homemade Christmas cookies.

I usually have an abundance of rhubarb in the spring and  crab apples in the summer.  This year I made rhubarb ginger jam, rhubarb strawberry jam and crab apple jelly to give as Christmas gifts too!


Coupon for $10 off PC mobile phone or bundle exp Dec 31 09

We'll help you be the talk of the holidays with a great selection of PC® mobile phones ready for gift giving, that start from just $49! Plus, for a limited time you can:

Save with this exclusive $10 off PC mobile coupon  
Enjoy TRIPLE our regular $10 start-up credit - that's $30 for

new accounts1  
Get $10 in FREE groceries with your PC mobile purchase

when you use an extra in-store coupon2 - see the PC mobile in-store display for coupon and details. 

With PC mobile you always get:

FREE incoming text messages3 - FREE voicemail4 -
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FREE call display - FREE 3-way calling7

Remember, to save $10 on your PC mobile purchase, print this email and use the coupon by December 31, 2009.   
PC mobile is a division of Loblaws Inc.
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2 Redeem coupon and save $10 on your grocery purchase at participating locations where President's Choice products are sold at time of purchase of a PC mobile phone or phone bundle from November 1 - December 31, 2009. Minimum $10 grocery purchase. $10 will be deducted from the total purchase amount after sales taxes are applied. Some exclusions apply. See in-store coupon for details. Offer not valid on prior purchases.
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Got Coupons? Inexpensive Holiday ideas

Throughout the year I accumulate a Christmas gift stash using freebies and items purchased very inexpensively by combining sales and high value coupons.  The picture below shows some of my stash!  

Save.ca had some $5 Gillette Fusion coupons on and off throughout 2009.  The gift set below includes 1 razor and 2 cans of shaving foam.  It was on Clarence at Walmart for $6.99.  After using my coupons I paid $1.99.  Less then the price of 1 can of shaving foam!

The candles were also a great deal.  In the previous post I mentioned combining coupons with the mail in rebate (from Zehr's).

If you register at S.C. Johnson  for the "Right at Home" newsletter they send you some great coupons including try me free coupons.  The Glade candles in the tins were purchase with try me free coupons.  The scented oil kits were around $7 and I had some $4 coupons. 

These are the coupons currently available at the Right at Home website.  Don't forget the Save.ca coupons I have mentioned in the previous post!


Free Glade sense & spray and Buy 1 get 1 free glade coupons

Super deal!  Coupons are good until Dec 31 09 so order yours here now!  

Zehr's has a promo on right now.  If you purchase 2 glade products (on the same receipt) they will send you a $5 PC gift card.  Check stores for the rebate forms in the regular aisle as well as on displays.  You can download a form HERE