Earn FREE coffee!

Hey All!

I just got an email from the Melitta ME club that I belong to.  The way the club works is you purchase 5 cans of Melitta coffee (It's really good and there are different kinds to choose from)  and they send you a coupon for a free can of coffee (I always get the huge can!) and a free pack of filters.  All you have to do is mail in your UPC's and receipts.  This is a great deal because the small cans go on sale often and I can usually find $1 off coupons floating around. 
Earn free coffee!

From the Melitta e-mail "Right now when you refer a friend who becomes a Me-member you’ll get a coupon in the mail for a Free bag of our World Harvest Premium Coffee Collection. And when your friend joins, they'll receive a $2 off coupon in the mail towards the World Harvest Coffee of their choice. To enjoy the complete World Harvest Coffee Collection, simply refer as many friends as you can. "

Please visit my referral link here and leave a comment below so I can thank you properly for feeding my caffeine addiction!  This is a WIN WIN for everyone!
"Your friend Deanna  would like to give you a $2 Off coupon so you can discover Melitta’s World Harvest Premium Coffee Collection. World Harvest represents the culmination of our search for the world’s best coffee beans. We use only 100% high altitude Arabica beans from the world’s top coffee growing regions, making World Harvest a truly world-class collection of coffees. To receive your coupon in the mail for $2 Off your next purchase of Melitta’s World Harvest, simply click the link provided below and register to become a Melitta Me-time member. Then you can start enjoying our full line of premium coffees, and other Me-time perks like:

  • A loyalty coffee card – buy any five Melitta coffees and get your next coffee and filter paper purchase free.
  • Access to exclusive contests – take advantage of great giveaways.
  • Make the most of your Me-time. Register as a Me-time member today and start referring your friends so they too can enjoy the perks of being a Me-time member."


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