Cook once, eat twice Italian pasta casserole

What's for dinner tonight and tomorrow? An easy, budget friendly, tasty casserole that everyone loves!  I estimate the price of the casserole is about $7 total.

What you need
1 package of  macaroni (on sale with coupon ($0.90)
1 jar Ragu ($1)
1/2 cup chopped roasted red peppers(I roasted and froze them this past summer when in season)
1 large onion chopped
1 clove of garlic finely minced
1 package Italian sausage (on sale $1.99)
cheese to sprinkle on top
1 bag no name frozen veg (on sale $2)


Brown sausages in a frying pan.  While they are cooking put the water on for the pasta and cook according to package directions.  Once the sausages are cooked remove from the pan, chop and set aside. 

In the same frying  pan cook the peppers, onions and garlic until the onions are soft. (If you used lean sausage you may have to add a bit of olive oil to the pan)

Now add sauce to the pan to heat thoroughly. Throw everything in a casserole dish and top with cheese if desired.  Put the lid on the dish to melt the cheese. Heat up the frozen veggies.  Dinner is served!


Anyone want FREE laundry soap?

Fabulous deal on laundry soap at Metro(Ontario, ends Jan 28th). Sunlight laundry soap is on for buy 1 get 1 FREE! So you can get 2 Sunlight for $7.99 and on most of the bottles there is a "try me FREE" mail in rebate so you can get your $7.99 back.
Maybe this will make doing laundry more pleasant?? LOL

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Blackhead removing strips-homemade beauty treatment #15/15

I found this great treatment on www.spaindex.com. The result are similar to a B***e strip!

I mixed enough to do my nose. In a bowl I poured in 1/2 tsp Knox gelatin powder and 1 tsp of hot water. I microwaved it for 7 seconds to warm it up enough to melt the gelatin powder.
I did this treatment twice and found that:
*I best applied it with my finger
*You have to work quick because the gelatin sets really fast
*apply a thin even layer
*make sure all of the gelatin is fully dried before removing
 The verdict- I was pleasantly surprised at just how well this worked!!  Not quite as good as the "brand name strips" but close!  I will be adding this treatment to my beauty regime for sure.

I finally have made it through my 15 homemade beauty treatments!!
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Help for dry lips- beauty treatment #14/15

Dry lips.......I hate it.  Irritated, uncomfortable and flaky.  I think I had read about this treatment in a magazine when I was a teenager and have been doing it since.
What to do 
You will need a soft toothbrush, a washcloth and some Vaseline. First I wet the washcloth with warm water and hold it to my lips for a minute to soften the dry flaky skin.  Next, gently rub the wet toothbrush on your lips to exfoliate.  Be gentle!  
Follow up with a good coating of Vaseline.  I find when my lips are sore and irritated any lip balm with colour or scent adds to the irritation so Vaseline works great!
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Please Mum Children's clothing deal and coupon

Coupon and Coupon Code for Please Mum Sale! $15 off $60 or more in store until January 31/10. On-line sale 20% off $80 or more coupon code WEBSAVES20 until January 31/10


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Beauty treatment #13/15

This was forwarded to me from Norma from homemadebeautyproducts.net. I did not test the following because I have dry sensitive skin but this may be helpful if you have oily skin.

"I have oily, acne prone skin so it works great for me with the beta-hydroxy acid from the aspirin tables."
5 aspirin tablets, crushed
Finely grated peel of an orange
2 tsp. sugar
Enough juice from the orange to make a thin paste.
Mix together, and massage gently over a cleansed face, be sure to avoid getting any in your eyes. Rinse well with warm water and use a good moisturizing cream after.
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Bloggy Anniversary giveaway from simplifiedsaving.com

One Year Bloggy Anniversary from Lisa at SimplifiedSaving.com
12×12 Cafe Mount Print from Red Letter Words.  Ends January 23rd.

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Soothing Oatmeal Bath- #12/15

This is a soothing oatmeal bath that I created about 8 years ago. I was using Aveeno bath powder but it was just too expensive to purchase enough for 3 people to use.(for itchy eczema)
What I did
I took some oatmeal flakes and processed it until it was as fine as I could get it like for the oatmeal face mask here .
 Then I took the finely ground oatmeal and put about 1 cup of it in some old pantyhose and tied it in a knot and threw it in the tub.  Once it soaks in the tub for a while you can squeeze it a bit and the soothing oatmeal goodness will be released.  If your skin is not only irritated but dry too you can add a few drops of baby oil to moisturize.  Once again use extreme caution in the tub, adding oil to your bath water makes it extremely slippery!

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Homemade Beauty treatment #11/15
Cornmeal skin scrub. This is soooo easy!
I used this on my hands because they are really dry. First I soaked my hands in warm water to soften the skin (5 minutes) Then I mixed cornmeal and water together to from a thick paste. Now scrub the dry skin away!  Rinse and dry off and don't forget to apply your favorite lotion!
(I have found that it depends on which brand you purchase as too how course the cornmeal is)
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Blogoversary giveaway!

Blogoversary giveaway from Buckeroomom!
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You could win this lovely CoCaLo Couture Delilah Picture Frame Three Piece Set or you could also opt to choose another item from CSNBaby.com (up to US$40).


Cider Vinegar Hair rinse-beauty treatment #10/15

I know it sounds strange if you have never tried it! I have been doing this since high school to help remove the can and a half of hair spray I used everyday!! LOL
What I did
(4:1 ratio) In a measuring cup mix 4 cups of water and 4 tbsp of cider vinegar.  Shampoo, rinse with clear water then with the vinegar-water mix.  I usually let it sit for a minute then rinse well.  Don't worry, when your hair is dry it won't smell like a salad!

When your hair is dry you will notice it is smooth, silky, shiny and no static.(you can also add a bit of vinegar to your rinse cycle in your washing machine to cut down on static)
The Verdict
One of my faves and I will most likely do it forever! 

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Homemade Treatments to help with dark under eye circles

Unfortunately dark under eye circles plague every woman in my family. I have tried several things and these are some that helped for me.

#1 Before you go to bed put 2 small wash cloths in the fridge. In the morning lie down and place a wash cloth on each eye. (If you possible can) Leave on for 10 minutes.

#2 Use same idea as above but with cucumber slices.

#3 Use same idea as above but with wet tea bags. Be careful what kind of tea you use because herbal tea has a lot of different ingredients and you may be allergic. I use regular caffeinated black or green tea bags.  

**As Lisa stated in the comments below, not too wet or it will drip tea and stain bedding.  They just need to be wet enough to be cold and stay in place ;o)

I have purchased a few kinds of under eye creams but have not found one that has helped yet. I find the cold compress works the best then some cover-up(Cover Girl stick form)

As with all the methods above do not put anything super cold over your eye area as it may make your vision a bit blurry.

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Free Sunlight Laundry Soap

I was @ Sobey's today and saw Sunlight HE liquid laundry soap with a "try me free" mail in rebate on the bottle.

Also at Sobey's was Europe's Best frzn veggies that had buy 2 get 1 free coupons on the bag.

Picked up some coupons at Zehr's for Campbell's Chunky buy 3 get 1 free.

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Moisturizing Face Treatment #8/15

Cucumber face mask

What I did 
In a blender I mixed about 2 tbsp of full fat plain yogurt and about 1" of a cucumber.(if the seed part of the cucumber is really juicy scoop it out or your mask will be too runny)
Whiz it up and smooth it over your clean face.  Now relax for 10-15 minutes, preferably with some cool cucumber slices on your eyes! When time is up wipe it off with a warm wash cloth.

The Verdict
This was a refreshing mask.  My face was smoother after using it, it must be from the full fat yogurt.  I have somewhat sensitive skin on my face and was not bothered by this at all.  I will defiantly do this face mask treatment again!  (Sorry, no pics tonight, camera batteries are dead!)

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Brown Sugar Body polish-Homemade beauty treatment #7/15

Yum, yum. Homemade Brown sugar body polish.

What I did

Measure out 1 cup of brown sugar.  Add enough olive oil to the brown sugar to make a spreadable paste.  If you like you can add a drop of oil to scent it(vanilla or caramel would be great!)

Now, go into the shower and get wet.  Turn off the water and apply the body polish.  Now start polishing! 
 The Verdict
I loved this one!  It smelled super yummy, was easy to make from ingredients I already have on hand and it works!

If you try it out let me know how you like it.

As with the bath cupcakes this product does contains oil so please use caution in the shower as it will be slippery.

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Hand Treament #6/15

Tonight-Hand Treatment

This is a treatment I had heard of a long time ago and am just trying it out.

What I did
Slather Cream on your hands and cover with cotton gloves then rubber gloves and begin washing dishes/cleaning.  Easy enough right? 

The Verdict
This was O.K.  I really should but don't ever wear rubber gloves to clean or to do dishes so this just felt strange to me!

Anyone else try this???

Tomorrow night is a brown sugar body scrub that smells yummy!



Homemade Bath Salts-Beauty Treatment #5

What I did
The Jar on the Left

I took a canning jar and added about 1 1/2cups of Epsom salt.  To this I added a little less then one  tsp of lemon oil and about 10 drops of colouring (same products I used for the bath cupcakes).  

To the jar on the right I took a canning jar and added about 1 1/2cups of Epsom salt.  To this I added a little less then one  tsp of cinnamon oil, a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg, 1/2tsp powdered ginger and a bit of colouring.

Once all the ingredients were in the jars I put the lid on a shook until the colour was evenly disbursed amongst the salt.

The Verdict  I was very pleased at how the salts turned out.  When I added some of the salts to my bath it created a lovely scent and was very relaxing.  

Caution Lock the bathroom door when you use this bath salt, especially the cinnamon one.  The kids and dog will think you are in the bathroom eating gingerbread cookies and will want to join you....LOL!
As with all bath products containing oil use caution when getting out of the tub as it may be slippery.


Homemade Bath Cupcakes- Beauty Treatment #4

These cupcakes were so much fun to make despite the mess the kids and I made. LOL!
homemade bath cupcakes

homemade bath cupcakes
homemade bath cupcakes

What I did
I couldn't find citric acid (my Bulk Barn was out of it)  so I substituted more baking soda (my cupcakes won't fizz).  
I used a few drops of lemon oil (from Bulk Barn)in the "cupcake mix" and a few drops to the icing.  A little sprinkle of super cute confetti to the top of the icing and TADA!  
Word of Caution-If you make these with your kids you will have to explain several times why they are not edible.  You also may need explain to hubby as well!
The Verdict-These cupcakes were so fun to make and use. The baking soda really softens your skin while you soak in the tub.  
The light lemon scent was very nice.  Many different scents are available, choose one you love!  The next time I make these I will do a double batch since I am making a mess anyway.  

Great Sale on Laundry Products @ Giant Tiger Jan 7-13

Great Sale on @ Giant Tiger Jan 7-13.
Tide 1.18L $3.97 ($1 coupons on save.ca)
Gain Fabric Softener 1.02L $3.97 ($1 coupons on save.ca)
Bounce Sheets 40's $2.47 (0.50 coupon save.ca)
At these prices it is not worth making my own laundry soap!!
If you order your coupons now I doubt you will get them before the sale is over.  I am sure they will sell out @ these prices so you could always get a rain check and go back once you have your coupons (if you live near by) 
Tide & Gain http://www.save.ca/tide_en/coupons.php


Beauty Treatment #3

Today's Beauty Treatment

Mayonnaise Hair Mask
mayo hair treatment
What I did First I wet my hair, towel dried and combed it out.  Then I slathered my hair with full fat mayonnaise (no-name brand) I used about 5 tbsp in my shoulder length hair.  I smelled like a macaroni salad LOL.
I then covered my hair with a shower cap but plastic wrap would do.  I wrapped my hair, shower cap and all in a warm just-from-the-dryer towel and left it on for 1/2 hour.

When time was up I shampooed my hair twice. (I didn't notice a difference until I dried my hair.)  Once my hair was dried I brushed it out and noticed my straight hair didn't have any frizz, was super soft like a baby and really shiny and slick but not greasy or weighed down.

The Verdict
I would do this conditioning treatment again. Since it  took a while I would probably do it a couple times a month.

Tomorrow, a super special bath treatment

coupons from Brandsaver (P&G)

I have had this one marked on the calendar so I didn't forget.  The coupons aren't available yet but should be sometime today! (Jan 6)


Homemade Beauty Treatment #2

Time for Homemade Beauty Treatment #2

Peppermint foot soak.

What I did  
I purchased some cheap peppermint tea(clearance bin @ grocery store for $1).  I brewed a really strong tea using about 4 cups of hot water and 6 tea bags. 
I then soaked my feet for 10 minutes in the tea (make sure it's not too hot).  Since I have dry skin I added a few drops of baby oil to the peppermint bath.
 When my 10 minutes was up I dried off and took the foot file to my dry feet, cut nails and put on a good coating of cream then put on some warm socks.
The Verdict 

I must say I was surprised at how refreshing this bath soak was.  It not only made my feet tingle but cleared my stuffy nose too!  I will defiantly do this treatment again!
Tomorrow night, hair treatment.


Wat to do with used Christmas cards

What to do with your left over Christmas Cards

* Donate to a school/daycare who will use them for crafts
*Cut gift tags out to use for next year.  This is a great job for the kids.  We use "fancy" scissors and punch a hole in one corner and thread a small piece of ribbon through it.
*You can tear off the front and use it as a post card for next year
*Get the kids to make holiday place mats.  Cut out all the pretty pictures on the cards and glue them to a piece of construction paper.  Add some glitter, stickers and marker artwork.  Cover front and back with clear mac-tac shelf liner to waterproof.


Homamade Facial

First homemade beauty treatment Banana Oatmeal facial.

Here's what I did-
First I took some oatmeal and ground it up until it was very fine in my food processor.
(Here is a comparison of the oats before and after grinding)

Then I mashed with a fork, 1 very ripe banana. 
TIP When you have very ripe bananas at home that you won't be eating throw them in the freezer (do not peel).  To make banana bread thaw them out on a plate then squeeze out of the peel!

Now the fun part.  I squeezed the banana on a plate and added 1 tsp of honey and about 1/3c of the oatmeal and mushed it up with a fork.  

I let it sit for a few minutes thinking the oatmeal would absorb some of the banana's excess moisture. It was still a bit runny a few minutes later so a added a bit more oatmeal to thicken it up so it won't slide off my face. 
 (It looks like baby pablum!)
 I cleansed my face and applied the mask.  It was cold and slimy but smelled pleasant, like banana bread.  I left it on for 15 minutes then washed it off with warm water and a washcloth.

The verdict
Easy enough to make and it made my face soft.  The only problem is now I want some banana bread! 

Come back tomorrow to see my homemade foot treatment!



15 homemade Beauty Treatments in 15 days

Don't forget...............I am starting 15 homemade beauty treatments in 15 days Starting Monday Jan 4th!!

Looking for ideas.  If you have a homemade beauty treatment you would like to share click on comments below and submit it  or email me directly.(under the "about me" top right on this page, click "view my complete profile" then Contact-email on the left)


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