Great Deal on Motrin and Advil with Sale and coupon

Motrin 200mg 150 tablets per bottle and 400mg 60 tablets per bottle is on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart Sunday and Monday only for $9.99. Combine with the $5 off coupon and it is a terrific deal!  The coupon expires tomorrow (Feb 28th)

Advil Cold and Sinus 40's and Advil 200mg liquid-gels 72's is on for $9.99 Sunday and Monday also. Click here for a $2 coupon on these products.http://www.advil.ca/en/?247SEM

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Almost FREE Doeodorant with COUPON!

At Zehr's from Feb 26th until next Thursday Secret deodorant is on sale for $1.64. Recently there were $1.50 coupons in the coupon clipper I received in my local paper. $0.14 deodorant is an awesome deal!

Old Spice deodorant is on sale at Zehr's for $1.64 as well. The coupon clipper had $1 any Old Spice product so I will be getting mine for $0.64.

Coupons for Secret from Save.ca Buy 2 save $2 http://save.ca/english/coupons.php

Coupons for Old Spice Save $1 on any Old Spice product http://www.brandsaver.ca/en_ca/coupons/

Don't Forget  If your store is sold out get a rain-check.  By the time you receive your coupons the deodorant should be back in stock!  Zehr's is part of the Loblaw's family(Fortino's, RCSS, No Frills)  so this deal may be at other locations.  Check your flyers!!!

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Free items-how to do it!

I want to make sure that everyone out there knows about the Retail Counsel of Canada's Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code
If you are shopping and an item scans at a higher price you get the item free of charge up to a maximum of $10. If the item cost more then $10 you will receive a $10 credit towards that item and charged the lower price. For more info please see the website http://www.retailcouncil.org/advocacy/cp/issues/scanner_acc/print/scanner_accuracy02_eng.asp
I receive a few items free every month by knowing the shelf prices and which stores participate. I believe in Quebec this code is mandatory and voluntary everywhere else.
A small sign is usually posted on the door of the store and by the cash register if they participate in the program. I have had cashiers void the item and try to charge me the lower price until I mention the Scanning Code of Practice to remind them.
My kids are allowed a once in a while treat of a chocolate bar. The last time they got a chocolate bar guess what happened? That's right, it rang up as $1.09 and the shelf sale price was $0.89. Free chocolate, they thought I was pretty cool!


Frugal Chuck E. Cheese fun for the family

The frugal way to visit Chuck E. Cheese.
#1 If you register for the Chuck E. Cheese club they send a one time coupon that's buy 40 tokens get 60 free ($14.99).
#2 We usually make it a surprise and don't tell them we are going, it adds to the excitement!
#3 We usually go after eating, their pizza is good but pretty expensive.
#4 I give each kid a small change purse with 15-20 tokens which last a while because all the games are one token, once the tokens are gone they know they are done playing.
#5 I go on a Monday-Thursday because there are less parties during the week and you won't have to wait so long to play the games.
#6 If you go first thing in the morning, even on a weekend you will get free tickets. The employees test the machines and leave the little coupons they won attached to the machines. The kids love running around and collecting "FREE" coupons.
#7 Check the website as there is usually coupons available.
#8 On the Chuck E. Cheese website be sure to register your kids birthdays. They will receive a coupon for free tokens and I believe no food purchase is required.
#9 Santa brings tokens in the stocking for Christmas!
#10 Keep a few tokens for Mom and Dad and be a kid!

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Inexpensive Family fun

Did you know that your local library is a great place for family fun? Our library has many story time classes, craft days, movie days and after school programs. We also visit every week not only for books but for movies, books on tape, CD's and a great selection of magazines and local newspapers.

The best part is that it's all FREE!


Free Financial calculators

Calculators from the show "Maxed Out" include:
*Budget template
*Debt Accelerator
*Savings Goal
*Mortgage Calculator
*Renting vs. Buying
*Retirement Planner

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