Insect Defend Patch giveaway

I am so truly excited about this product!  Finally a great alternative to DEET spray on repellent.


If you are from Canada you may have seen this innovative product on the Dragon's Den show recently(click here to watch it!

As a mom I have mixed feelings about DEET repellent .  Since we live near swampy areas I want to use some sort of repellent to keep the disease carrying mosquitoes away ( West Nile Virus )  But I have been reading all the cautions with DEET and wonder how safe it really is.  Click here to read about the hazards of DEET.

We all know that mosquito bites are just plain itchy and can ruin a perfectly good summer's day.  Well not anymore thanks to the Insect Defend Patch!  The patch is approximately 5.5cmx5.5cm.  

The way it works is you apply a patch to a hairless part of your body at least 2 hours before exposure to mosquitoes.  The Vitamin B1 in the patch discreetly excretes from your pores and mosquitoes don't like the taste and won't bite.  

Other facts:
-All Natural vitamin B1
-Contains no DEET
-Can be used on children as young as 1 yr old(apply to middle of back to avoid choking risk)
-Lasts up to 36 hours (24 hr timed release and 12 hour residual effect)
-The more you perspire the better it works!

Win a Family pack of insect defend patches.  Open to Canada and USA.  Contest ends 11:59PM May 7th/2010.  If I have not heard back from the winner within 48hrs of sending a winning notification by email another winner will be chosen at random.

1. Go to the insect defend patch website and tell me what you think is great about this product 
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Disclaimer-I have received this product to evaluate.  The above is my own opinion for which I did not receive compensation

Sunlight Soap Winner!

Congrats to ksceviour.  The winner chosen from Random.org


Earth day challenge Part 2

What we did to celebrate Earth Day

On Earth Day the kids packed their lunches in their funky neoprene lunch bags and used their re-usable containers and metal water bottles. (I wish I had a lunch kit as funky as theirs.. LOL)

Then we check in on some seeds we planted 2 week earlier
When the kids got home from school we collected garbage,
Then we went for a walk around our property to look for signs that Mother Nature was waking up(See the ladybug??)
Unfortunately our trip to the Pioneer Village for their Special Earth Day program on Sunday was a no go because it was raining so much.  

We were just at the Pioneer Village a month ago and learned all about Maple trees and enjoyed a lovely day walking through the village.
This post was written as a part of the Earth Day Challenge hosted by The Canadian Mom Blog Network in Partnership with Mom Central, Majesta, and Fenigo.com


Standby power, vampire power , phantom load

Yesterday I was watching an Earth Day special on Oprah.  The focus was on 2 families.  One family was green extreme and the other ridiculously wasteful.  The Moms got to switch places for a day and see how the other half lived.  Needless to say it was an eye opening experience for both women.

Something that caught my attention was standby power.  Standby power it the power used by an item that is not in use but plugged in.  This really got me thinking.  What items can I unplug?

-T.V. I have downstairs that barely gets watched
-Lamp I only use a couple times a week
-my radio
-coffee pot
-Kitchen Aid mixer ect
-battery charger
-computer-unplug overnight and set the energy saver mode to come on when it is not used for 5 minutes during the day
-kid's radios
-Main power bar in family room that has the electric fireplace, PVR, TV, DVD, VCR

Definitely something to think about isn't it?  For further info please see the Wikipedia link here


Earth day challenge and Sunlight Laundry soap giveaway!

Canadian Mom Blog Network is hosting an Earth Day Challenge and I am glad to be a part of it!

Here are Some facts I learned about Earth Day last night form the April issue of Harrowsmith
-Earth Day turns 40 this year.
-After the first demonstration in 1970 that involved 20 million people it was declared an annual event
-Canada registered Earth Day as a National Charity in 1990.

What we are doing to celebrate-
I believe in discussing environmental matters with the kids not just on Earth Day but everyday!  We discuss matters such as planting trees to clean the air.  Growing our own produce and freeze/can it for the winter to avoid racking up "food miles" purchasing  produce in the winter months such as squash from Mexico and berries from Florida.  The kids have fabulous lunch bags that are neoprene (wetsuit material, machine washable) and reusable containers that they use everyday for school , I wish I bought one for myself! We also recycle weekly and try to reuse when we can. I think this year we will take the kids for a walk around our village to gather up trash.

What is going on in my community-
There are so many Earth day events going on all around.  Checking your local paper is a great place to start.  
Our city has 2 community clean ups going on and a local High School has a Green Living and Technology Fair going on.  A local park is having an Earth Day birthday party sponsored by Tim Horton's that is including games, a clean-up of the park and picnic.  We have a yearly pass to a local pioneer village and they are running an Earth day program on the 25th that we are planning to attend provided the weather is good. 

This post was written as a part of the Earth Day Challenge hosted by The Canadian Mom Blog Network in Partnership with Mom Central, Majesta, and Fenigo.com
Earth Day Giveaway 

In honor of Earth Day I would like to give one lucky reader a mail in coupon for a free bottle of the new Sunlight Green Clean laundry soap.(Canada only, value of $8.99 plus taxes)

To enter:(leave a separate comment for each) 
1 follow my blog, or tell me if you already are
2 tell me what you will be doing to celebrate Earth Day
3 vote for me on topmommyblogs(click brown box on right side of blog)
4 post my giveaway on your blog and send me the link in your comment

For multiple entries you can do #2 and #3 above once daily.  Please make sure your email is visible to me so I can contact if you win.  Contest closes April 29th!



Another Award!! My lucky week!

WOW!  I received the beautiful blogger award from Nuggle Mama's Handful.  (Thanks!)  When you have a chance pop over and visit her blog :o)

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

I have decided to post the award to all the Canadian mom Bloggers on  http://canadianmomblognetwork.ning.com/  because they all rock!


O.K. 7 things about myself-

#1 I never, ever go shopping without my coupon organizer

#2 I get overly excited when I combine a good sale and coupons to get free items.

#3 My favorite food is potato chips.  DH and the kids had a birthday party for me and I requested only several bags of chip for dinner.  I only purchase chips a few times a year because I MUST eat the whole bag!

#4 I have a dog (Cockapoo) who thinks he is a person and can say "Mama"

#5 I love to drive my tractor!  

#6 Cooking is my passion.  I very, very seldom use a recipe or at least stick to what it says 100%

#7 I instill the 1 bite rule on our house.  Everyone needs to try 1 bite of a new food even if they think they won't like it. Because of this rule my kids will eat everything except tofu and mushrooms.

Have a great weekend!


Sunshine Award!!

I am so lucky to be the recipient of the Sunshine award from another Canuck mom @ Mom vs. the Boys!
When you have a chance pop on over and check out her blog about life with 3 boys.

Yes, the sun is shining in Ontario!  Today is an absolutely beautiful day with plenty of warmth and sunshine!  I can't believe it is April and I dug out the sunscreen!  YEAH!!

The rules of the award are that I need to pass it on to 12 blogs and here are 12 Canadian Blogs I love! 
#1 Crumbs in the minivan
#2 How to survive life in the suburbs
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#12 Canadian girl on a budget


FREE yogurt for me!

A few great deals I spied in this weeks flyers

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Food Basics
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Ragu $0.88

Price Chopper
Free Yogurt!!
Astro Yogurt (Tub) $0.97 I have a bunch of $1 coupons but I think in the toonies for tummies coupon book I purchased there was a 0.75 coupon
Dove hair care $2.99 I have buy 2 save $2 coupons

Nestle Parlour Ice Cream 1.99 1.5-1.89L (April 9-11 only)
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Sunlight Laundry Soap 1.47L $1.00 save.ca coupon http://www.save.ca/sunlight_en/coupons

Other Useful coupons-
$1 off Clorox wipes (Printable) $1 off any Clorox green clean product

$4 Excellence Haircolour
$2 Any Garnier Hair product


What to do with leftover Easter Chocolate

 Here are some ideas on what to do with any excess chocolate.

*Melt it up for a chocolate fondue

*Add it to your hot chocolate to make it extra chocolaty

*Chop it up and add it to:
muffins/cupcakes and cookies
Pancakes, brownies and ice cream..............YUM!