What's up this week? A chat about food safety

In my house food safety is definitely a concern.   It starts the moment I place a product in my grocery cart.  I want to be sure I am  feeding my family safe, healthy food.

This week I have been invited to a Round table discussion for Maple Leaf Foods organized by Matchstick.  

We all know that in 2008 Maple Leaf Foods had recalls due to listeria monocytogenes.  Did it concern me?  Sure it did.  I am so pleased to be able to attend this event and learn about all the new measures Maple Leaf has in place.  

I would also like to extend the opportunity to you, my readers to have your questions answered by Michael McCain and Food Safety Specialists that will be in attendance.

Please leave your questions in the "comments" below. Thanks 

Inexpensive summer fun!

*Kid's Bingo*  I picked up a bingo set for kids with pictures instead of numbers at the dollar store.  I wrap up the prizes in dishcloths like "presents" and the kids have fun unwrapping.

Some great prize ideas are: sugar-free gum, a small bouncy rubber ball,  a "coupon" for an ice cream cone made by mom ect

*Tic Tac Toe*  everyone knows this one, all you need is some paper and a pencil.

*Balloon Volleyball*  this is great on a rainy day if you have a large room in you house.  It really helps to burn off the extra energy!

*Grow your own homemade Chia person*  A yogurt container works great.  The kids can make a face on the container and plant the hair(Grass seed)  When the hair is long enough they can play barber.

*Puzzle competition* Time your kids doing their faveorite puzzle


I got my free glasses!

Well, I got them on Monday.  I was surprised that it only took 6 days.  Let me tell you they are awesome!  
The promo for free glasses is still going on.  Check out their site and see if they are available in your area.

The promo for free Melitta coffee is still going too!


Like Cherrios on Facebook and get a free box!

Evora Plus Review and giveaway

What is it? Evora Plus is a new product from Orgenics Inc.  It is a mini melt away mint that contains freeze dried Probiotics. 

What does it do? The probiotics are active bacteria cultures that attach themselves to teeth and gum tissue.  By doing this it disrupts harmful bacteria and promotes gum and tooth health.  A plus to this product is the fresh minty taste and the fact that it will whiten your teeth!  Unlike a mouthwash the benefits of this product last all day.  It is safe for use with veneers, braces, dentures and caps.

Where can I get it?  Evora Plus is available from Drugstore.com

What did I think? I liked the minty taste and that the tablet dissolved quickly and was beneficial to my tooth and gum health.  I really liked the tooth whitening aspect because I drink way to much coffee!

Evora Plus Giveaway

The prize is 1 box of Evora Plus (open to Canada & US)

~*~*Please make sure your email is visible or I can access it to notify you if you win~!

#1 Tell me what you like about Evora Plus
~Extra Entries (you can do #2 daily!)
#1 follow Money Saving Mom Canada or tell me if you do
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#3List my giveaway on your blog with an active link back and send me the link

All entries must be received by  May 27th, 2010. I will notify the winner with in 24hrs of the contest ending via email.

I was given one box of this product to try out,  The above is solely my opinion of said product.


Free bag of Natural Defense Dog food

I was checking my email and an ad popped up for a free trial bag of natural defense dog food (3kg)

Please keep in mind, if you do not have a dog or not interested in switching foods your local Humane Society would gladly accept this donation!

free bag of natural defense dog food coupon


Get your free prescription glasses at Clearly Contacts!

Clearly Contacts is giving away 30,000 pair of free glasses in Canada!  I ordered mine this week, yeah!  It's fast and easy to order.  I only had to pay shipping and insurance which was about $13.

Check out the website for your city today.  When you register you will be sent a confirmation email.  Then the morning of your city's day you will be sent a special code to enter with your order.  I made sure I placed my order right away as there were 500 free pairs available in my region. See the site for further info!


5 ways to use coupons wisely

I have a few rules that I stick to when using coupons and here they are:

Don't buy a product just because you have a coupon If it isn't something you usually use you are actually spending more! Check the price of similar items on the shelf. You may find a comparable product that is cheaper then your coupon item.

Combine coupons with sales! This method can really save you money. I recently purchased same brand name cereal. Regular price was $4.99 on sale for $1.77 and I had 75 cent off coupons. So in the end the $5 cereal cost me $1.02 a box.

Donate excess items you get with FPC (Free Product Coupons) Sometimes when companies run promos or have a new product they send out free product coupons. If it isn't something I would use or I have a few coupons I like to donate some excess. Your local humane society would gladly accept paper towels, cleaners, dog/ cat food and litter. Personal care products like razors, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant can be donated to a woman's shelter or food bank.

Organize! If your coupons aren't organized then it is really hard to know exactly what you have. I purchased a cheque size file folder at Dollarama for $1.25 and it is the best one I have ever had! Here is a picture of a similar one from Staples for about $8.
I take about 15 minutes once a month and pull out expired coupons. Another handy tip is to paper clip similar coupons together. I have a "personal care" section and paper clip together all the tooth care, hair care, and soap to be able to find coupons quickly while shopping.

Trade coupons A lot of money saving forums have coupon trading sections. The way it works is people list extra coupons they have and what they need. I have also done trades where I have traded coupons in exchange for Canadian Tire money and stamps.

You can also trade coupons with friends and family. For instance I may save some diaper coupons for my sister and she saves me dog food or coffee coupons. You may even have neighbors who don't use coupons and recycle their coupons inserts from the newspaper, just ask if you can have them.

Happy Couponing!


Cake Beauty 40% off friends and family sale May10-14th

Did you know that Cake Beauty is a Canadian Company??  Pop by and check out this great sale! (enter the code "friends" at checkout)

If anyone is reading this and looking for a birthday gift for me on May 12th the gingerbread woman limited edition bath and shower bubbles and cake kiss lemon chiffon lip butter would be perrrrrfect! :o)

 cake beauty sale


Earn FREE coffee!

Hey All!

I just got an email from the Melitta ME club that I belong to.  The way the club works is you purchase 5 cans of Melitta coffee (It's really good and there are different kinds to choose from)  and they send you a coupon for a free can of coffee (I always get the huge can!) and a free pack of filters.  All you have to do is mail in your UPC's and receipts.  This is a great deal because the small cans go on sale often and I can usually find $1 off coupons floating around. 
Earn free coffee!

From the Melitta e-mail "Right now when you refer a friend who becomes a Me-member you’ll get a coupon in the mail for a Free bag of our World Harvest Premium Coffee Collection. And when your friend joins, they'll receive a $2 off coupon in the mail towards the World Harvest Coffee of their choice. To enjoy the complete World Harvest Coffee Collection, simply refer as many friends as you can. "

Please visit my referral link here and leave a comment below so I can thank you properly for feeding my caffeine addiction!  This is a WIN WIN for everyone!
"Your friend Deanna  would like to give you a $2 Off coupon so you can discover Melitta’s World Harvest Premium Coffee Collection. World Harvest represents the culmination of our search for the world’s best coffee beans. We use only 100% high altitude Arabica beans from the world’s top coffee growing regions, making World Harvest a truly world-class collection of coffees. To receive your coupon in the mail for $2 Off your next purchase of Melitta’s World Harvest, simply click the link provided below and register to become a Melitta Me-time member. Then you can start enjoying our full line of premium coffees, and other Me-time perks like:

  • A loyalty coffee card – buy any five Melitta coffees and get your next coffee and filter paper purchase free.
  • Access to exclusive contests – take advantage of great giveaways.
  • Make the most of your Me-time. Register as a Me-time member today and start referring your friends so they too can enjoy the perks of being a Me-time member."


Free Samples from P&G and Kitchen Aid deal

P & G Brandsampler

Brandsaver is back while quantities last.  You can get a great little package of trial sized items sent to you for FREE.  These are a great travel size! Click Here To Get Yours!

Also Kitchen Aid Attachment set is on sale at Canadian Tire.  Regular price $200 on sale for $99. Kitchen Aid has some great rebates going on right now on a lot of their products and most are on sale for Mother's Day!  The rebate for the attachments set is $30 off so you can get the $200 attachments for $70!

We used ours right away.  The kids and I used the egg pasta recipe and made the lasagna sheets, macaroni, fettuccine and spaghetti.  It was a jumble of different pastas with my yummy meat sauce.  It must have been good because there were no leftovers!


5 Money Saving Ideas you can do today!

Garden.  Enjoy fresh inexpensive food all summer and into the fall.  If you stagger your plantings a couple weeks apart you will enjoy fresh veggies for an extended period of time.  We usually stagger beets and green beans and zucchini. Foods we grow ourselves-  raspberries, strawberries, 3 kinds if winter squash, yellow pattypan and green zucchini, yellow beets, green and yellow beans, tomatoes, gooseberries, rhubarb, strawberries, peppers, peas, apples, herbs and onions. 

Garage Sale An easy way to clean out stuff you don't need, use or your kids have outgrown.

Plan a "bake day" twice a month.  I very, very rarely purchase snacky lunch things for the kids.  I find they are usually full of sugar, fat, colouring and artificial unpronounceable ingredients. I bake twice a month.  

Some favorites are oatmeal flax cookies, banana bread(chocolate or regular) zucchini bread(chocolate or regular).  I shred and freeze my excess zucchini from my garden  in 1 cup blobs and just set it in the fridge to thaw the day before I need it.  

To make either chocolate zucchini or chocolate banana bread sub about 1/3 of a cup of the flour for cocoa powder.  I use 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat flour and add some ground flax seeds too.  Substitute 1/2 the oil with unsweetened apple sauce and cut the sugar down by 1/3.  YUM!  The kids help to wrap the baked goods in foil and then off to the freezer they go.(don't forget to recycle your foil!)

Do your errands in 1 trip. Conserve gas.  It not only helps out your wallet but the environment too!

Don't subscribe to magazines.  Our local library has a huge selection of magazines and comfy chairs.  You can even take out non current issues to read at home.