$3 printable Tylenol Coupon-Expires Sept 30/10

From Livingwell http://www.livingwell.ca/english/content/tylenol-rapid-release-gelcaps

I have found the best place to use this coupon is at Walmart on the smallest size bottle, I think it's around $4 a bottle.  Keep your eyes open for this to be on sale at SDM or Zellers and you may even get it FREE!

New Doritos flavors & contest

Doritos's has two great new flavors available.

Late Night, Last Call Jalapeno popper.  What can I say, this tastes just like a popper!  You get the pepper/cream cheese taste then the heat hits you.

Late Night, All Nighter cheeseburger.  The name of these Doritos made me laugh because the last time I had an all nighter it was due to a colicky baby not from partying.
It's hard to describe these Doritos.  They taste like a Mc D's burger.  You get a meaty, cheesy taste followed up with a bit of ketchup.  Definitely worth a try.

By visiting the Doritos Canada Facebook page, consumers can enter for a chance to win one of six prize packages including a pair of tickets to ten Live Nation Concerts of their choice and VIP access!

To spice up the deal the six winners will also receive:
·         Their own personal concierge service to call and assist with selecting their shows.
·         VIP passes to bypass the entrance lines of their selected shows.
·         Two official artist tour t-shirts for each show they attend.
·         Two hundred dollars (CDN) in spending money,
·         Twenty-five hundred dollars (CDN) to be used toward travel and accommodations, and
·         Access to five special concert experiences, such as an artist meet & greet, a backstage tour, sound check access, autographed merchandise, an official media pass, a private green room experience and/ or front row tickets.
The Doritos Late Night Custom Concert Tour Contest starts on July 12 and ends on August 23, 2010

Just so we're clear.  I was given 2 bags of the above Doritos to sample.  The above is solely my opinion.


Boston Pizza-Lays chip trips

Off we went to Boston Pizza for lunch.  I cashed in 10 trip chip points from Lays and received a kid's meal FREE!

Yummy chicken rice bowl, mini burgers and fries
Super yummy Prime rib burger and kid's chicken fingers with fries
All the little people were kept busy colouring
Chocolate pizza for dessert!

Just so we're clear-I was given points and a gift card to experience this wonderful chip trip so I could tell you all about it.

Clearly Contacts 50% off coupon code

I received free glasses from Clearly Contacts back in May.  Well I am really pleased with them.

Here is a code for 50% off until August 15th!




Get Inspired!

Ahhh..summer.  Hot lazy days spent by the pool, cool drinks and burgers on the BBQ.
Remember that inspired magazine and the Caribbean Jerk pork chops with tropical salsa?   

Here is another recipe.  This time it is for "ultimate" burgers.

2 lbs lean ground beef
1 1/2 lbs medium ground beef
1 tbsp Compliments Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp Compliments Louisiana Hot Sauce
1 tbsp Sensations by Compliments Roasted Garlic Seasoning Paste
1/4 cup water
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
12 Kaiser rolls, sliced in half
Sliced avocado
squeeze of lemon juice
tuft of alfalfa sprouts
Ranch Topping
1/4 cup
Compliments Balance Ranch Dressing 60 mL
chopped fresh dill 60mL
  1. Place all ingredients except buns in a large bowl and mix gently until just combined. Without compacting the meat too tightly, form 12 patties.
  2. Preheat grill to high. Cook burgers about 6 min. per side or until an instant-read thermometer reaches 160°F (71°C) when inserted into centre of burger. Allow to rest 5 min
I have a great tip for making evenly sized meatballs or hamburgers.  Once your meat mixture is all mixed pat it out into a rectangle on parchment paper.  Then cut it evenly into squares.
  We also made 2 sauces for the burgers.  One was the recipe above for the ranch-dill sauce.

The other sauce was a mix of 1/4 cup each of Sensations by Compliments Pesto and Compliments Balance Mayo style dressing.  I also added some sun dried tomatoes and topped some of the burgers with Compliments provolone cheese slices.  It was so good.  This is the best store bought pesto I have ever had.  You can find it at Sobeys near the produce(refrigerated salad dressing section)

This is my ranch style burger with avocado.(I know, my buns are too big ;o)

  We also made the roasted garlic Dijon potato salad with fresh potatoes from the garden.  I have made this recipe a couple of times and there are never any leftovers.  See the recipe here

Everyone loved the burgers and potato salad.  It was an even tie.  2 votes for the pesto Italian burger and 2 votes for the ranch avocado burger.

*just so we're clear. I was given a gift certificate to purchase the above ingredients.  The comments expressed above are my family's honest opinion of this recipe.


Free lays chip trips!


Remember the Lay's Chip Trips I have been talking about?  Well my family and I cashed in some points and had some FREE fun!

For only 5 points you can get a free game at Laser Quest.  Have you ever been to Laser Quest?  I hadn't.  Let me tell you it was a blast!  Here is the site for Laser Quest if you want to check it out.  http://www.laserquest.com/

My kids have been asking to go back everyday now because they had so much fun.  I must admit that my husband and I had a lot of fun too.  Out of the 12 people who were in our game I ("YODA") came in second much to the surprise of my kids.  They didn't know their mom was a sharp shooter LOL.  

I have already cashed in 20 more points to go for another round.  Maybe next time I will come in first place! 

Check out http://www.lays.ca/ for chip trips available in your area!

Just so we're clear. I was collecting chip trip points on my own and my account was topped up so I could experience lots of fun this summer.


Inspired-Summer fresh & easy pork chops

Looking for some great tasting easy summer fresh recipes? Check out Sobey's Inspired Magazine
You can register to receive it yourself or check in stores for your copy.  I have been receiving this magazine for a while now and have tried out many recipes with great success. 

On the Sobey's site there is also a great recipe finder and you can look up recipes by: ingredient, name, total time season/occasion and more. 

First I made a marinade of
1/3 c Sensations by Compliments Caribbean Jerk Marinade
1 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp of fresh lime juice. (I also added a bit of lime rind with my zester.  If you don't have a zester use a box grater on the fine side and grate only the green part of the lime)

Then while the pork chops were marinating I made the tropical salsa dressing
2 tbsp Extra Virgin Oil Oil
2 tbsp Compliments honey
1 tbsp Compliments red wine vinegar

To this I added
1/2 cup each of finely diced mango, red pepper, and fresh pineapple
1/4 c finely chopped red onion and green onion
1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro

I let both the salsa and pork chops marinade in the fridge for 6 hours.  Then it was time to grill and eat!  Since I had extra fresh pineapple and lime I also made the Grill Pineapple with Fruit Sauce

It was very good.  I will definitely make it again.  
My Husband said,"when are you going to make it again".
kid #1 (who NEVER eats pork chops) said, "2 thumbs up Mom"
kid #2 said,"this salsa is so good I want to eat a big bowl of it".

*just so we're clear. I was given a gift certificate to purchase the above ingredients.  The comments expressed above are my family's honest opinion of this recipe.

Huge Outlet Sale at Sears July 24-27

HUGE Outlet Sale - Save  25-30% beginning 7/24

This weekend only - save an additional 25-30% off all Outlet products at Sears.ca


underWay giveaway at Toronto Teacher Mom!

gRemember Toronto Teacher Mom who recently gave me the "Sunshine Award" (Click here to see)

Well, she has a great giveaway for underWAY and Smart for Life products.

Click HERE to pop on by say hi and enter!


SPC Discount Card-LouLou magazine deal

It's that time again!  SPC (Student Price Cards) are available now.  You can get them in stores Aug 1/2010  for $9 plus tax.

 ***If you pre-order now you will get a $10 gift card to Esprit, Bluenotes, Suzy, Jean Machine, Pentagone.

If you aren't a student the only way to get your SPC card is to order LouLou magazine.  This SPC card is different and it says VIP-no student ID required.  Click here to order LouLou mag and get your SPC VIP card today! ($14.95 plus tax)

You will save at the following  stores
241 Pizza
Aldo Accessories
Aldo Outlet
Armani Exchange
Athletes World
Blenz Coffee
Booster Juice
Breakaway Tours
Bubble Tease
Buffalo David Bitton
Burger King
Campus Crew
Carlton Cards
Champs Sports
Change Lingerie
Choice Hotels
Church's Chicken
Crabby Joe's
Designer Depot/Labels
Family Pizza
FedEx Office
First Choice Haircutters
Flight Centre
Foot Locker
Fox Apparel
French Connection
George Richards
Fulton Market Burger Company
Hockey Experts
Jack Astor's
Jean Machine
Laura Secord
Levi's Store
Lick's Restaurants
Little Burgundy
Lucky Brand Jeans
Manchu Wok
Mega Wraps
Mrs. Field's
Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken
National Sports
Orange Julius
Payless ShoeSource
Pizza Hut
Pizza Nova
Pizza Pizza (ON only)
PJ's Pet Centre
Randy River
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Shoe Warehouse
Sport Chek
Sport Mart
Sunrise Records
Suzy Shier
Swiss Chalet
Teriyaki Experience
the Bay
The Source
Tip Top Tailors
Urban Behavior
Urban Planet
Yellow (QC only)
Yogen Früz
Yves Rocher
I use it often at Zellers to price match items from WalMart and grocery stores plus get another 10% off with my SPC.


Free fun on a hot day!

It has been so stinking hot here in Ontario and the kids are saying "I'm bored" already!

What's a money saving mom to do with bored, hot kids.  

Something to keep them cool, something fun, something FREE?!?

The local splash pad!!  Check around your community.  We are lucky to have a few splash pads around.  Some communities have wading pools and community pools that are reasonably priced.

My Plan

-Pack a cooler with some lunch, drinks and snacks.  Pack another bag with towels, undies, hats and a chair for me.
 -Load up the Jeepster
-Make some breakfast
-wake up kids, eat
-grease everyone up with sunscreen and put on bathing suits and shorts/shirt over top
-Head on out! around 10am
-Play at the park for 1/2 hr and take them to the bathroom
-Splash pad time for an hour to hour and a half
-change of clothes and re apply sunscreen
-another hour at the park in the shade
-head on home

By the time you get home everyone will be ready for some quite time and mom will be ready for a nap!

PS- I find that after lunch the splash pad gets so busy so I recommend going early if you can.

And don't forget about Lays Chip Trips!  Check bags of Lay's chips for special codes to get you some free and discounted outings for your family!
Click here to view all the fun trips you can get from Lays!

Teddy's Probiotic Winner!

(Please note the last comment, #13 came in after the cut off time of 12pm)


Teddy's Pride oral care for pets giveaway!

Biscuits and chew toys are often touted as promoting fresher breath for your companion pets. Other products claim to eliminate the bacteria that cause pets to have bad breath. Some pet owners even go to great lengths to brush their pets’ teeth. The fact is, while these products may temporarily curb the side effect of unpleasant breath, they are only short-term, topical solutions. 

Fresher breath

Your pet’s bad breath is caused by the sulfur-containing compounds released by certain bacteria. By reducing the levels of those bacteria with the healthy ProBiora3™ probiotics found in Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care, your pet’s breath will naturally be fresher and more kissable.

Whiter teeth

Unlike humans, pets don’t make lifestyle choices – like drinking coffee, tea and red wine – that cause their teeth to become stained. The ProBiora3™ probiotics included in Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care produce a low-dose of hydrogen peroxide that will continuously, naturally and gently whiten your pets’ stained teeth.

100% all-natural Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care with ProBiora3™ is safe and effective for all cats and dogs. 

Meet Rusty!

This is Rusty.  As you can tell he is part poodle.  What do poodles have?  Bad teeth!!  we adopted him almost 2 years ago from our local humane society.  He was a bit under weight, had dry itchy red skin and very neglected teeth.

He was 3 yrs old and had so much tarter buildup on his teeth his back teeth looked like one big tooth.  You could not see any partition between his teeth.  Needless to say I had to bite the bullet and get his teeth cleaned at the vet.  At a cost of $260 his teeth looked  brand new, even better then mine!

I really didn't want to go through that again so I am always on the hunt for great oral care products to use in conjunction with his 3X a week brushing.

I have been using Teddy's Pride for 1 month and notice a difference in the colour of his teeth and the freshness of his breath.  Teddy's pride is available at Drugstore.com

Teddy's Pride is a tasteless powder you add to your dog or cats food.  The jar comes with a tiny scoop to measure and contains a 60 day supply.  Rusty sees me putting the Teddy's pride on his food and comes right over to eat!

I was given a jar of Teddy's Pride to try out. If you would like a chance to try out this product please enter the contest below open to USA and Canada


 Open to USA and Canada.  Contest ends July 14th at 12PM.
1. Go to the Teddy's Pride website and tell me what you think is great about this product 
2. Follow me with Google Friend connect or twitter or tell me if you already are
You must do the mandatory entry first. Leave a comment for each extra entry and tell me which one you did. Be sure to include your email address for each one or have it in your profile. You can do #3 and #4 daily to increase your chances of winning!

3. Blog or tweet about this giveaway , including a link back to Money Saving Mom Canada
4.Vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs!





Marinade helpers for a quick delicious meal

I love grilling in summer.   But what I love most is the great selection of unique marinades available.  I pick up several at the start of summer!
I only purchase my meat on sale of marked down.(remember, I am the Money Saving Mom)  If I purchase a pork loin roast of roast beef I will cut it into chops or cubes for souvlaki.   For chicken I will cube it for kabobs.
Here is the "magic".  I put the meat in a freezer bag or resealable container with the marinade.  Once the bag is sealed lay all the meat flat(it will take less time to thaw)  and throw it in the freezer!  When you put it in the fridge to thaw the meat will marinade in the sauce.

Don't forget food safety!  Always thaw your meat in the fridge on the lowest shelf to avoid any raw meat juice from dripping down on ready to eat foods.
Here are a few of my Faves from Sobeys and P.C.  You can visit their sites for more meal ideas!