Have you heard of Supper Works?  I recently had an opportunity to visit the Guelph location.
Supper Works Guelph

  Upon entering it looks like this-

2 month calendar of times available and activities
We were warmly greeted by Teresa
We were taken on a "tour" (above)Food prep station
My bin in the freezer to put my meals in when they were finished
another food prep station
Hand washing Station
The first recipe I assembled was the blueberry strata.  It was super easy!  The recipe was hanging for me to read, the pans, measuring spoons/cups were all handy and all the ingredients were either in the fridge below or in the bins in front of me.  

Once the strata was made I put on the foil lid and the sticker which had the cooking directions and placed it in my bin.

Then on to Garlic Herb Shrimp.  Once again really easy.  The shrimp was already pre measured in a bag.  All I had to do was assemble the sauce ingredients(extra garlic!), pour it in the freezer bag with the shrimp and slap on the cooking directions.  #2 done!

Reciepe #3 was prepared by my Mother-in-law/photographer Miss Ellie.  Ben Hai beef was also easy to assemble.  The 2 large steaks were already in a freezer bag.  The sauce ingredients were mixed and poured over the beef.  She added the label and #3 was done!
The great thing about Supper Works is that Teresa cleaned up after us.  It was great!  When we were ready to leave I retrieved my meals from my bin and put them in my cooler. 

I then picked up my extras that went with the meals.  There was brown rice for the shrimp and either peameal bacon or veggie sausage with the strata.  I even got 6 ready to bake chocolate chip cookies(which I baked and tried out as soon as I got home Shhhh!)

I could see Supper Works being a great suppertime solutions for busy families.  It takes the stress out of shopping, prepping and cleaning.  If you usually depend on fast food for a busy night suppertime solution I would definitely recommend trying SupperWorks.  

Each meal feeds 4-6 people.  Our meals were enough for supper one night and leftovers for 2 people for lunch the next day.  You can also split your meals to feed 2-3 people if you have a smaller family.  I really like that you can customize your meal.  If someone in your family doesn't like blueberries then you can add them to half of your strata.  If you love garlic you can add more, just like you would do in your own kitchen.  You could easily prepare 6 meals in 1 hour.

The menu for the month is on the Supper Works website   and it changes every month.  You could  also book a party at SupperWorks.  It would be great place to meet up with a few friends or a mommy group and make some healthy, time saving meals for your family.

Meals are also available for pick-up.  The Supper Works I was at had several available.  Some were frozen and some were fresh to cook that day.  
What did it taste like??
The Blueberry Strata was a divine weekend brunch with fresh fruit salad and latte
Ben Hai Beef was a hit with my sauteed sweet potatoes, cauliflower and quinoa /edemame salad I made the day before
Everyone's Fave!  Garlic herb shrimp with white wine sauce, brown rice and my sauteed zucchini on the side. Both kids gave this the "2 thumbs up"

Sorry, no pictures of the cookies :o)

Just so we're clear. The opinions on this blog are my own.  Supper Works graciously allowed me to come by and prepare these meals to facilitate this post.  

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This Toronto based company, is the first in Canada but has already been proven by the several successful sites in the US.


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Bugalug is a Canadian company that makes great no-slip hair clips.  You should check out their new website, it's fab!  They have a great deal going on and it's called the V.I.P. Clip of the Month Club.

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Too Cool Tattoo Pony Loops
Other product lines Bugalug produces are: soother savers, super cute reversible belts with elastic and a snap kid's can do up themselves(belts for mom too!) Bugalug also makes  great adjustable headbands that fit girls and moms(some are reversible!)

My girls loved the pony loops and no slip hair clip that was sent to us!

Other Cute Clips Available!


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