$5 Printable coupon for Lysol No Touch Handsoap System

Here's a great high value Canadian Printable Coupon! $5 off a Lysol No Touch Hand Soap SystemI have seen these go on sale for $9-$10.  To get yours for the best price matchup this $5 printable coupon with a sale!

I had one of these for about a year in my kitchen before it started to act up.  It was really handy when my hands were really messy like when making meatballs and such.

 I'll be replacing it the next time it goes on sale and use this coupon..  I also didn't purchase the refills.  If you are really, really careful you can pop off the lid and refill it with your own liquid soap.

I just printed off my coupon and it is good until Jan 25/2012. 

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  1. Where can it be purchased?

  2. All of my local grocery stores carry it as well as Walmart, Zellers and I think Canadian Tire does too