Free Listerine until Dec 16/2011(pay the tax only)

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed that they had the 473ml-1L bottles of Listerine on sale for $4.99.(Sale ends Dec 16,2011)

I was glad I had my coupon binder with me because Livingwell Canada (Johnson & Johnson) has a $5 Printable Coupon for the Listerine Whitening (which is the kind I use) on their site right now and I knew I printed off a couple coupons.(To get this deal you will need to purchase the Listerine Whitening 473ml)

Extreme Couponing Canadian Style!  I purchased 2 bottles @ $4.99=$9.98+13% tax=$11.28-$10 in coupons= $1.28  The only thing you will pay is the tax!

Here's a copy of the coupon if you wish to print it from here(exp Dec 31/2011)


  1. Can you please share the location or address of Shoppers Drug Mart. I was yesterday at two shoppers and the listerine was for $10.49. There were some on sale for $4.99 but not the Whitening ones. I really like that deal and I think I still have one more day to get it.

  2. I bought the last 2 bottles at my local SDM!

    I'm in Ontario. It's in the flyer on the front page. Did you inquire while you were at the store about the price of the Listerine whitening
    473ml? (Small bottle)

    I know that a lot of the time Shopper's (or at least the ones I visit) don't put the sale prices on the shelf.


  3. I live in Toronto and I have the flyer.I guess not every store has the 473ml bottle, or has been sold out. thanks for clarifying that.

  4. The Large bottles are on sale at SDM until the 23rd for $8.99. Not a freebie but $3.99 +tax is still a good deal