Income Tax Time- Try out Turbo Tax and get your refund fast!

Tax Software That Gets You Every Penny You Deserve

Turbo Tax (formerly Quick Tax) is available to tryout on-line for free.  I have been using this software for the past 4 years and it is very user friendly.

Some things I like about TurboTax is that it imports your 2009 personal info and carry-over amounts from QuickTax, H&R Block® or UFile® to help you save time and ensure accuracy.  It is also easy to follow and offers a lot of help and explanations about deductions.

TurboTax Standard Online Edition-Only $16.99per return + Free Trial 
  • You made RRSP contributions
  • You donated to charity
  • You'll claim significant education or medical expenses
  • You have lots of deductions

TurboTax Premier Online Edition- Only $29.99 per return + Free Trial
  • You sold stocks, bonds, mutual funds or employee stock options
  • You own rental property
  • You have capital gains or losses
  • You're the beneficiary of an estate or trust
TurboTax Home & Business Online Edition-Only $39.99 per return +Free Trial 
  • Are a sole-proprietor, consultant or contract worker
  • Earn income from a side job or self-employment
  • File personal and business taxes together
  • Want to find elusive business tax advantages
TurboTax Free Online Edition FREE
  • You receive T-slips such as T4s and T4As
  • You have tip income or pension income to claim
  • You are not self-employed
  • You do not have investment income
  • You only receive standardized federal & provincial deductions
TurboTax Student Online Edition FREE
  • You paid tuition during the 2010 tax year (you have a T2202A or TL11 slip), and
  • Your household income does not exceed $20,000 gross (before taxes)
  • Claim your deductions. Carry forward expenses from last year. Or transfer tuition credits to your parents.
I think the average price to get your income tax done by someone is around $40 per person(for personal income tax).  If you need 2 personal income taxes done it would be $80.  Turbo tax on line version for 2 personal returns ($16.99 each)would be $33.98.  A savings of $46!  If you qualify for the FREE Personal or FREE Student version you will save even more!

Click on the box below and see which version of Turbo Tax is right for you!

Tax Software That Gets You Every Penny You Deserve


Flyer deals and match ups for Feb 25-March 3

Zehrs  The best deals in the flyer for Feb 25-March 3
TFT= Toonies for Tummies coupons in stores now

PC Tender and tasty Prime Rib cap off
$4.99/LB less than ½ price

Strawberries (USA) 454g
3/$5 or $1.67 each

McCain International, Crescendo or PC thin crust pizza selected varieties frozen
465-900 g
$4 save $2.49

Healthy Choice Steamers or VH Steamers selected varieties frozen
283-306 g
$2.99 TFT Healthy Choice buy 2 save $1.50,  $1 Healthy Choice from Facebook Promo and $1 VH steamers in VH coupon booklets in stores

Country Harvest Bread selected varieties 570/675 g
$1.99 save $1.30

Clover leaf light tuna 170g or flavored 85g select varieties
$0.77 use TFT coupon for flavored 85g tuna buy 2 save 50 cents

Grain Shop 475 g, Alpen 650 g cereal or Kellogg's Fibre Plus 310 g, Corn Flakes 750 g, Raisin Bran 675 g or Just Right 475 g cereal
selected varieties
$2.99 Save up to $2.60 $1 coupon for Raisin Bran and Just Right on Websaver

Flintstones Vitamins Gummies 60’s, Multivitamin 60’s or Exact 60-100 Essentra Multivits select kinds
$6.99 $2 printable coupon here for Flintstone’s

Good deals on assorted Jamison Vitamins.
Register for Jamison’s Club Health and they send out a high value coupon booklet a few times a year.

My Little Pony Cheer me up Cherrilee or Strawberry Shortcake salon
$10 Save $14.99, regular price $24.99

2/$12 regular price $14.99 each

Metro The best deals in the Metro Flyer Feb 25-March 3
Spend $40 or more Feb 22-March 10th and print off this Facebook coupon for 20 bonus Air Miles
Earn 25 BONUS AIR MILES® reward miles when you spend $35 or more expires Feb 28/2011.  Coupon 

Buy 1 get 1 free sale!

Fresh Whole Chicken
$3.09/LB Buy 1 get 1 free

Seedless Navel Oranges 4LB bag (USA)
$4.99 buy 1 get 1 free

Kellogg’s cereals with $5 in coupons on the box, Rice Krispies, All Bran Frosted Flakes Assorted kinds and sizes

Old El Paso Mexican kits 227-510g selected kinds

Ocean Spray Cocktails 1.89L select kinds
$2.99 $1 coupon from Oceanspray.ca

Irresistibles Tea 20-48 select kinds

Jamison Vitamins Vit B, C, D, Calcium and Multivitamins
Buy 1 get 1 free (equal or lesser value)
Register for Jamison’s Club Health and they send out a high value coupon booklet a few times a year.
Price Chopper The best flyer deals Feb 25-March 3 2011

TFT= Toonies for Tummies coupons in stores now
Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, 40 Single rolls

Fresh Beef Eye of the Round Roast
$1.97 less than ½ price

Xtra Laundry Detergent 96 use

French’s Yellow Mustard 500ml Bick’s Relish 375ml select kinds

Kellogg’s Cereal Fruit Loops 380g, Corn Pops 345g, Musilx 450g, Fibre plus 310g
$2.99 $1 coupon for Muslix on Websaver

Eggos Waffles 8’s or buttermilk pancakes 280-310g select kinds
$1.99 Use $1 coupon from Kellogg’s cereal boxes

Chef Boyardee Pasta 425g
$0.99 TFT coupon 50 cents WUB 2 cans

Finish Power tabs 25, 2in1 gel 2.6L, Powder 3kg, Jet dry 621ml
$5.49 save $2.80   *various coupons available

TFT= Toonies for Tummies coupons in stores now

Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, 40 Single rolls

Fresh Beef Eye of the Round Roast
$1.97 less than ½ price

Xtra Laundry Detergent 96 use

French’s Yellow Mustard 500ml Bick’s Relish 375ml select kinds

Kellogg’s Cereal Fruit Loops 380g, Corn Pops 345g, Musilx 450g, Fibre plus 310g
$2.99 $1 coupon for Muslix on Websaver

Eggos Waffles 8’s or buttermilk pancakes 280-310g select kinds
$1.99 Use $1 coupon from Kellogg’s cereal boxes

Chef Boyardee Pasta 425g
$0.99 TFT coupon 50 cents WUB 2 cans

Finish Power tabs 25, 2in1 gel 2.6L, Powder 3kg, Jet dry 621ml
$5.49 save $2.80   *various coupons available

Shopper's Drug Mart

Saturday only!  Receive 20X the Optimum points OR $20 SDM gift card to be used on a separate purchase
**Points are issued according to the net pre-tax purchase total of eligible products after redemptions and discounts and before taxes using a valid Shoppers Optimum Card® . Excludes prescription purchases, Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points® , Shoppers Optimum® MasterCard® points, products that contain codeine, tobacco products (where applicable), lottery tickets, passport photos, stamps, transit tickets and passes, event tickets, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid card products and Shoppers Home Health Care locations. Offer applies to photofinishing services that are picked up and paid for on the day of the offer only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other Shoppers Optimum Points® promotions or offers. See cashier for details.®

Sunday- Monday Only Specials
All Vitamins and Natural Health products
25% off

Motrin 150′s or Tylenol Easy Open Selected Types & Sizes  Limit 4. After limit 9.99.  REST OF WEEK 9.99
$8.99 use $5 Motrin Coupon (no longer available on Living Well site)
motrin Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer Deals Feb 25 March 3
Nice and Easy haircolour combo kit (2 pack?)
$6.99 use buy 1 save $1 or buy 2 save $3 Brandsaver coupons

Campbell’s Soup, condensed 284ml select kinds
$0 .59 – use $1.00 WUB3 (tearpads)

Bounty Select-a-size Paper Towels 6pk
$4.88 – use .50 coupon from Brandsaver

Old Spice Body Wash or Deodorant
$3.99 – use $1.00 off 1 or $3.00 WUB2 coupon from Brandsaver

Sunlight Dish Soap 550-625ml
$1.49 – use $1.00 coupon from save.ca if you got one before it was gone!


My Zellers and PetSmart haul!

I scooped up some great deals last night!

Pet Smart
I registered on the Purina site a little while ago and was sent a coupon for a free small bag or $26 off a larger bag of ProPlan.  The coupon did say puppy food but I asked and they said they would accept for other kinds of ProPlan food. Score!! (also a free product coupon for a wet Beneful meal)

1 Bag Pro Plan food $31.99
Dog Conditioner on sale $5
Dog breather freshener/tooth cleaner solution $15
Total $52

Coupons used
$26 off pet food
$5 coupon From Pet Perks on $25 sale or more
$3 coupon from Survey on receipt from last visit
Total Coupons Used $34

I can't find my receipt but I'm pretty sure I ended up paying about $22 with taxes.

Zeller's Price Match-O-Rama!

PM= Price Match 
9 soups @ 54 cents=$4.86 less $3 coupons=$1.86 or 21 cents per can
Truly brand tooth flosser sticks $2.49
Glad Bags on sale $5.99
Sunny D 2 @ $1.29 (a rare treat for the kids)
CL tuna PM Zehr's 2@$1.47=2.94-2@50 cent coupons=$1.94 (97 cents each)
Charmin 20 DR-PM Walmart $8 less 50cent brandsaver coupon $7.50
(Zeller's had smaller Charmins on sale but I couldn't find it, sold out?)
Thinsations PM Walmart 10@$2=$20 less B1G1Free Fb coupon =$10 or $1 each
(I don't usually purchase pre-packed goodies like these but they are for DH to take in his lunch instead of grabbing a chco bar or donut :o)
Casa Mama pizza PM Zehrs $4.49 -75cent save.ca coupon =$3.74
Tetley 72's PM Zehrs $3.49
Muslix Cereal PM Metro $2.99 less $1 websaver coupon =$1.99
Royale facial tissue 6 pack (not in pic) sale $3.99 less $1 gocoupons.ca coupon =$2.99

Total Spent pre tax=$67.81
Less 10% SPC VIP discount$6.76
Tax $3.86
Less Coupons $17.25
Overall Total $47.66

My receipt says I saved $40.13(excluding coupons) so that brings the all round savings to
sale price and PM savings $40.13
Coupons $17.25 
SPC VIP discount $6.76 
$64.14 savings

Home Depot Low flush toilet sale and rebate Feb 26-27, 2011

30% off select low flush toilets.  Municipal rebates are also available.  Check it out here and see if your area has additional rebates PDf/rebates


How to save money when renovating Part #1

My husband and I have tackled a lot of renovation projects.  This is the story of my new bathroom. It was brought from 1963 to 2010 with lots of hard work and planning.

We were trying to make the bathroom a bit bigger to fit a very large 60" vanity.  We had a hall closet that was the standard 2' depth located between the kitchen and bathroom.  Since we don't use this as a coat closet but a food pantry we reduced the depth of the closet to 12" on the interior. After framing it in and dry walling we gained about 10" in the bathroom.

It is really functional as a pantry now because it isn't so deep that things get lost.  I have 4- 12" x 3' shelves and a space large enough between the floor and the bottom shelf to store large items like the bucket of dog food.

Plan........well in advance

If you plan well in advance you will be able to take full advantage of sales and discounts on items you will need.

We started planning our bathroom reno 8 month before we planned on starting the project.  We knew we were going to totally gut it and start from scratch.

We had recently replaced the toilet so it and the existing newer window was the only thing that was going to stay.  So my shopping list for the re-building process started off like this-

lumber for framing closet
Drywall compound
Drywall screws
nails and wood screws
drywall corners beads and drywall tape
vapour barrior
electrical boxes

exhaust fan
2 wall sconces
ceiling light
1 small linen closet door
5 full size doors (bathroom, hall pantry closet, 3 bedrooms)
5 sets of door knobs
tile grout
tile spacers
vanity top
claw foot tub
tub hardware(overflow pipes and facet with hand shower)
shelf (for above toilet)
2 towel holders(1 ring and 1 bar)
wall paint
ceiling paint
drywall primer

Now all I had to do was have a design in mind and keep my eyes open. Here is what I came up with after searching on-line.  Now all I had to do was wait for a sale and start buying.

Before and Demo!

wall with pictures was removed and hall closet on right reduced

My Sawsall!

Coming next!  How I saved when buying all of the above.

Easy, cheap decorating ideas

Life & Beauty Weekly: Happy You

By Elizabeth Brownfield for Life & Beauty Weekly
Easy, cheap decorating ideas
Redecorating a room is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your surroundings — and help you feel more energized. But the word “redecorate” can be intimidating; dollar signs start popping into your head, as does your packed schedule, leaving you wondering where you’ll find the time or money.
Fortunately, you can redecorate on a budget — one of money and time. “Anyone can make an impact with a small budget,” says Tommy Smythe, Sarah Richardson’s “design sidekick” in Sarah’s House 3 on HGTV. Here are Smythe’s low-cost, high-impact decorating strategies:

1. Embrace accessories
“Changing the accessories in a room is like transforming an outfit by switching up the jewellery,” Smythe says. “And the added bonus here is pillows cost less than diamonds!”
Keep your old items on hand and you’ll swap them in mid-year to create two seasonal looks. Pillow covers versus new pillows help keep costs down, and not using the same rug year-round means both last twice as long.

2. Rethink artwork

While pictures and paintings are essential elements to any home, they're not the only options, Smythe notes. “Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and add sparkle to any wall, and they come in every size, shape and style imaginable.” He recommends placing one across from a window or somewhere where it reflects something interesting (besides you, of course!).
For more ideas, look to postcards, snapshots, kids’ drawings, posters and even wallpaper and fabric scraps, which can all be cut and put into inexpensive frames to create a quirky, personal home gallery.

3. Use your library

Take a few of your coolest books off the shelves and incorporate them into your décor. Stack a few with similarly coloured jackets or focus them on a theme, such as travel (mix a guidebook, an Italian cookbook, a photography book of Alaska and your copy of Eat, Pray, Love together).

4. Create an accent wall
Painting or wallpapering an entire room is a pricey undertaking. Instead, do just one wall to create a focal point. “It's important to choose an accent wall that makes an impact,” says Smythe. “The sofa wall in the living room or the headboard wall in the bedroom are always safe bets because they have substantial enough furniture to anchor the dramatic effect.”
To select the right paint, pick a shade that’s in nearby furniture or other décor, suggests Smythe. “The accent wall only works if there's a cohesive room scheme to support it.” If you’re decorating with wallpaper, small rooms like bathrooms, foyers and hallways often produce the best results. Also consider inexpensive vinyl wallpaper. It’s twice the width of regular rolls, making it a cinch to hang. Plus, vinyl is durable and easy to clean. “Vinyl wallpaper has come a long way!” Smythe says. “For hallways and other high traffic areas it can provide a wipeable surface that doesn't skimp on visual impact.”


Coupons, Freebies, samples, and more specially picked for Women! (CAD & USA)

Wow!  Finally a great one for Canadian Women!! (USA link below)  Get samples, promotions and coupons from companies like Maybelline, Campbell's, Dove and Stayfree.

Sign up now!
Link for my Canadian Readers: 

Link for My USA readers

Flyer Deals and Coupon Match-ups for Feb 18-24, 2011

TFT=Toonies for Tummies coupons in stores now


Casa Di Mama or Dr Oetker Pizza 325-410g
$4.49 -coupon Buy 2 save $1.50 http://www.save.ca/ristorante_en/coupons.php

Carnation Hot Choc (pouchs)
$2- $0.50 coupon form tear pad

Chef Boyardee
$1.29 - $0.50 TFT coupon when you buy 2

Breyers novelties/Klondike bars or cones
$2.99 (save $4)

Gain/Cheer detergent 24-32 use liquid, Gain 40 use pwd, Gain fabric softener 52-60 use or 105-120 dryer sheets selected varieties
$3.99 Brandsaver coupons save $1 off 1 Gain or $3 off 2 Gain

PC Zipper back Shrimp shell-on 454g
$6.99 save $5

Red Yellow or Orange peppers (prod. Of Mexico)

English Cucumbers (product of Ontario)

3lb cooking onions or carrots (product of Ontario)

Cesar 12 pack wet dog food
$9.99 -$3 coupon

Lots of other pet food items on sale this week.

VH Steamers 283-291g select kinds
$2.99 -$1 in store coupon (Coupon booklet found near V-H sauce)

Rice Krispies 350-525g, All Bran 525g, Frosted Flakes 485g or Corn Pops345g
$3.99 Boxes have coupons on the back for various breakfast items

Bertolli Olive Oil select 1lt kinds
$7.99 -$1 TFT coupon (reg price $10.99)

Iron Kids or Disney Gummies Vitamins 60’s
$6.99-$2 coupon for IronKids when you register for newsletter

Colgate Total Premium 85ml-130ml, Ultra Fit manual toothbrush
$1.99 use coupons from web saver $1 off Total, $1 off manual toothbrushes or $3 when you purchase one of each http://www.websaver.ca/en_ca/portal/colgate/
(I have $1.50 coupon for Total from my dentist, ask during your next dental visit)
Tetley Tea (box) 40-72’s
$3.49 save $3


Fresh pork Tenderloin value pack, Red Grill Angus or Top Sirloin Roast
$2.99/LB Reg $6.49-7.99/LB

Tide 1.08-1.77L liquid, 1.9-2KG pwd, Boost 400g, Downy 1.33-1.53L, Bounce Sheets 105-135
$4.99 use Brandsaver coupon save $5 when you buy 2 and you will buy 1 get 1 free!

Family Meal Deal $9.99 Feb 18-20 only
1KG BBQ cooked Chicken, 2x 454g salads, 2LT pop of 1.5LT water and 1 Irrisisables kettle chips 150g

Raisin Bran, Special K, Musliix 305-750g (also on sale Rice Krispies, FrootLoops, Corn Flakes)
$2.99 use $1 Websaver coupon for Raisin Bran, Special K and Muslix http://www.websaver.ca/en_ca/coupons/

Red, Green, Black or Globe Grapes

 Fibre 1 bars
4/$10 $1 coupon Save.ca http://save.ca/coupons

Food Basics

$1.44 -$1coupon (from Kellogg’s cereal box)

Dole Salads 255-340g
2/$3 - $1.50

Renee’s Dressing
$2.99 - $2.50 coupon from Kellogg's cereal box

Dempster’s Smart Bread 650g 2/$4 or Dempster’s Pitas 368g/tortillas 8-10pk   2/$5
Less $1 when you buy 2 TFT coupon

Astro Yogurt
$1.99 - $0.75 TFT coupon

Healthy Choice Steamers $2.99
$1.50 when you buy 2 TFT coupon or $1 coupon from Facebook

Yogurt Tubes 8x60g or Minigo 6x60g
$1.99 – 50cents TFT coupon

Advil 120’s
$9.99 $2 coupon from website (printable) http://www.advil.ca/en/?247SEM
I don’t believe FB accepts printable coupons but you could price match @ Zellers or Walmart 

Kellogg's Corn Pops with $5 coupons on back
$3.99 - $1When you buy 2 TFT coupon

Broccoli 97 cents

Oranges 4Lb / Grapefruit 5LB
10LB potatoes $2

Outside Round Roast
$3/LB save up to $3.29 per pound

Compliments Breaded chicken strips, nuggets or burgers 785-907g
$5 Save up to $3.99

10% off any ground meat beef, chicken, turkey or pork

Natrel or Lactancia milk 4L
$4.99 $1 off coupon form cream container or TFT

Thinsations 126-144g
2/$5 use buy 1 get 1 free Facebook coupon

Catelli healthy harvest pasta, bistro or smart
3/$5 save $1 when you buy 2 HH or Bistro (save.ca)

Astro yogurt 650-750g or Minigo 6x60
$1.99 – 50 cent TFT coupon

Family Meal Deal $15
Whole Deli cooked chicken 900-1100g, 1 potato wedge 800g, 10” apple pie, compliments salad kit
Fresh Co
Cashmere TP 24 roll, 12 double roll regular or ultra

Minute Maid OJ 1.75-1.89L select kinds

Fresh Pork Loin or Pork Side ribs

Red Seedless grapes

Christie cookies 350g

Pillsbury RTB cookies
$2.99-1 coupon cut from previously purchased Pilsbury cookie products

Compliments Chicken Strips or nuggets 907g

8LB Seedless Oranges or McIntosh Apples

69 cents

Compliments salad kits low fat Caesar or Oriental
$1.99-$1.50 coupon (cereal box)
Turkey, frozen grade A

Red or Green Grapes

Allen’s juice boxes 8X200ml

Cheerios (assorted) , Lucky Charms 525-775g

Delissio Pizza 840-855g

Charmin 20 double roll 
$8 use Brandsaver coupons 50cents off 1 or $1.25 off 2

1KG tub Kiwi

Dempster’s bread 675g
$2 – buy 2 save $1 TFT coupon

Clover Leaf White Tuna 170g
$1.47- 50 cent coupon from Clover leaf Take 5 promo

Ziploc XL 30 pack. Reg Sandwich bags or Evolve sandwich bags
$2 FREE with printable buy 2 save $4 coupon from here

Thinsations 126-225
$2 use buy 1 get 1 free coupon from Facebook promo

Advil Cold and Sinus 40+10 bonus pack
$10.97 use $2 coupon from website http://www.advil.ca/en/?247SEM

Aveeno Lotion, oil, or cream, body wash (assorted)
$5.97-$7.97 use $2 save.ca for the lotion only
Or $3 off any 2 printable from Livingwell

Campbell’s Tomato, Chicken noodle, cr or mushroom or veggie soup
½ price 54 cents use your buy 2 save $1 coupon and pay 4 cents per can!

Charmin 24 reg rolls or 12 DR
$4.99 use 50 cent Brandsaver coupon or $1.25 coupon when you buy 2

Lipton Sidekicks 111-140g
89 cents

Voortman cookies 250-300g
99 cents

Down Under Naturals Hair care and styling products 500-600ml
½ price $1.49

Dove bar soap 2x120g
½ price $1.87

Bounty paper towels 6 roll (assorted kinds)
$4.99 use your Brandsaver coupons 50 cents off 1 or $1.25 off 2(reg price $7.99)

Royale 6 pack 132’s tissue
$3.99 use $1 coupon from gocoupons.ca (reg price $5.99)

Quaker Crisp Minis or rice cakes 100-200g
½ price $1.14

Huggies mega
½ price $8.99 -$3 Save.ca coupon http://www.save.ca/aerius/en/coupons.php?ext=html
(Regular price $17.99)

RCSS (Ontario)
Pork side ribs Pork loin or PC whole chicken (fresh)

Danone Crush yogurt 8-100gm
$3.99-$1.50 Save.ca coupon

Royale 6pk facial tissue
$3.99 use $1 gocoupon.ca coupon

Sponge towels 6 roll select-a-size

VH Steamers 283-291g select kinds
$2.99 -$1 in store coupon (Chinese new year booklet found near V-H sauce)

Cottonelle Ultra TP 12roll
$5.99 (I think there are $1 or $2 coupons out there)

Flintstone’s vitamins 50’s or 60’s
6.99 $2 save.ca coupon or $2 printable

Goldfish crackers
$1.99 use 50 cent TFT coupon

Old Spice deodorant       
$2.49 Use Brandsaver coupon save $3 when you buy 2 or $1 coupon when you buy 1

 No Frills 2 week flyer Feb 18-Mar 3

Sunlight 2.59Lt or 4.54kg powder
$4.77 $1 save.ca coupon, I believe $1 on tear pads in store as well

Campbell’s Soups
44 cents $1 WUB3 (or $1 WUB2?  It’s worth a try)

Astro 12 x100gm
$2.89 - $0.75 TFT coupon

Dole Salads Cesar or Light Cesar
$1.47 - $1.50 Kellogg’s cereal box coupon FREE

Ristorante Pizza or Casa Di Mama Pizza
$3.99 $1.50 when you buy 2 Save.ca coupon

Secret deodorant
$1.49 Brandsaver coupons $1 off 1 $4 off 2 or $7 off 3

Venus & Fusion Razors 
$5.99 use $2 Brandsaver coupon or $7 when you buy 3 (Venus)

$1.67 $1 Kellogg’s cereal box coupon

BlueWater fish 300gm assorted kinds
$2.14 use $1.00 wub2

Breyer’s frozen dessert 1.66-1.89Lt

I can’t believe it’s not butter 454g
½ price 99 cents

Great Plains AP flour 10KG

Golden Mill Vienna Bread 570g
99 cents

Extra lean ground chicken
½ price $2.24/LB

10 LB yellow cooking onions


CLOSED M&M'S Spokescandies discover Canada & M&M'S Giveaway

Oh M&M'S candy how I love thee.  But we need to talk...........last night I was in a deep slumber and heard some noise in my pantry.  It was none other than Yellow.  Yellow's a little nutty and in touch with his inner child!  I reminded him just how much I LOVE peanut M&M’S® Candies and it was really quiet after that!
Photo taken at 2AM this morning
The M&M’S® Spokescandies launch the Discover Canada trip today!  Follow Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Miss Green as they visit Canadian cities, landmarks and events recommended by Canadians!    

When asked how he felt about the tour Orange stated, “This is my first big trip across Canada. I’m excited, but anxious -- what if I forgot to pack something important?? And I hear that Canadians REALLY love their M&M’S® Candies, so maybe preparing for the cold should be the least of my worries!... *Gulp*” 

It looks like their first stop today is Ottawa, Ontario.

Let's show the M&M’S® Spokescandies how just how friendly we Canadians are and maybe Orange will relax a bit LOL.
OTTAWA - It’s not every day that five icons from the candy world decide to drop everything and venture to the Great White North, but their bags are packed, and they’re ready to go! Over the next ten months, Canadians are invited to join M&M’S® Spokescandies Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange and, of course, Miss Green as they criss-cross the nation and follow them on their new Twitter account, @mmscanada. The Spokescandies will tweet their travels, post photos and postcards, and ask Canadians to tell them where they should head to next!

The Spokescandies will visit Canadian cities, famous landmarks and hidden gems off the beaten path (and, knowing Red, he’ll want to check out a few hockey games along the way), but they’re looking for your advice to help plan their trip. Help the M&M’S® Spokescandies discover the BEST of Canada by tweeting your recommendations to @mmscanada using the hashtag #CanadasBest, or posting to the M&M’S®- Canada Facebook Page wall!

I visited the M&M’S® Canada Facebook Fan page this morning and took the  
personality quiz to find out which M&M personality matches mine.  My Quiz said I was like Orange.  Oh dear!

I received a selection of  M&M’S® Candies and let's say they are going fast!  The original are great but the Peanut has always been my favorite!  I also received the Pretzel variety which I have never tried.  Let's just say it's in the running for my favorite M&M’S® Candy!  It's sweet, salty and crunchy, YUM!

Win a Canadiana” M&M’S prize worth $70 (Filled with various sizes and flavours of delicious M&M’S® candies, rare M&M’S® swag and the hilarious book by the Ferguson brothers – How to Be a Canadian: (Even If You Already Are One) So funny!(ARV $70).

Contest closes 11:00pm EST on March 5, 2011. Open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec)
I will contact the winner via the email address you have provided.  You will have 72hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Mandatory entry(must be done before additional entries or will not count!)
Take the quiz from M&M’S® Facebook Page and report back which Spokescandy you are most like.(1 entry, leave 1 comment)

Daily Entries:
tweet the following up to twice a day at least 6 hours apart.  (2 entries per tweet, leave 2 comments)
#Win a great M&M’S® Canadiana prize pk CAD only ends March 5/11 http://bit.ly/fCZ4hm @moneysavingmomd @mmscanada #CanadasBest #giveaway

Additional Entries:
-Like my Facebook fan page – Please include your Facebook name (1 entry leave 1 comment) 

-Like M&M’S® Canada's Facebook fan page – Please include your Facebook name (1 entry leave 1 comment)

-Subscribe to my blog via feedburner and leave the email address you registered with (4 entries, leave 4 comments)
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*I received a sample of these products to review. The above is my opinion, no other compensation was received.   The prize is being provided directly by the sponsor.* 

WINNER!!  GloGirl


What you can get for $5.98. Great deals combining sales & coupons

Cloverleaf flavored tuna 12@ $0.79 = $9.48-10%SPC=$8.53- $4.50 coupons from the Take 5 promo=$4.03 or 34 cents per can

Green Works Cleaners 3@$1.99=$5.97+tax13%=$6.75-10% SPC and $5 websaver coupon=$1.07 or 36 cents each

Colgate Total toothpaste 2@ $1.99+13%tax-10%SPC -$3 coupons(from dentist) =$1.05 or 53 cents each

Sunlight dish soap $1.69+13%tax-$1 coupon=91 cents
Plus I used the Air Miles bonus miles coupon because my purchase was over $35

Total spent on the items below(pre-tax)$5.98
Coupons used $12.50
Approximate regular retail price (pre-tax)for items below $35


Immune-boosting Foods You'll Love

By Barbara Ruhs for Sniffle Solutions

You’ve heard it before: The best offense is good defense.
During cold and flu season, nutrition plays a major role in how well your immune system can fight off sniffles and coughs. The better you eat, the stronger your immune power. On the other hand, the more nutrient deficiencies you have, the more vulnerable you are to getting sick.
To keep your immune system working at its best, increase your intake of these foods during cold and flu season. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Mangoes
Mangoes include a broad spectrum of antioxidants, including vitamin A and zinc. Vitamin A enhances immunity by revving up the function of white blood cells, which fight infection. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for maintaining an overall healthy immune system.

How to get it: Whip up some mango salsa or a mango smoothie, or top yogurt with fresh mango slices. Strive to consume about 1 cup a day for the best benefit.

2. Garlic
Sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s antibiotic,” garlic has been eaten for centuries for its broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits. It is believed to stimulate the immune system by increasing the number of lymphocytes (white blood cells). Even more, two compounds found in garlic, inulin and allicin, are thought to be responsible for effectively killing bacteria as well as intestinal parasites.

How to get it: Add fresh garlic to sauces and dressings. Try to eat at least a clove every day during flu season.

3. Mushrooms
Chinese medicine and Eastern cultures have relied on mushrooms for their health benefits and immune-boosting properties for centuries. Beta-glucans, a type of sugar found in both raw and cooked mushrooms, are believed to be responsible for the immune-stimulating properties.
In addition, mushrooms are the only vegetable that naturally contains vitamin D, and decreased blood levels of vitamin D have been correlated with an increased risk of catching the influenza virus.

How to get it: Add mushrooms to salads, sauces and omelets. Eat about 1 cup of white button, crimini, shitake, maitake, reishi or portobello mushrooms every day.

4. Salmon
During the winter months when the air is dry, mucous membranes dry out and crack, providing the perfect opportunity for viruses and other nasty bugs to enter the body. Eating more fish that are rich in omega-3 fats can help maintain healthy cell membranes. Salmon (and other seafood) is also a source of selenium, which has been shown to reduce the severity of a virus once a person is exposed.

How to get it: Broil a salmon fillet or salmon steak and serve with fresh mango salsa. Eat salmon twice a week.

5. Green Tea
Drinking plenty of fluids during flu season is especially important for hydration as it helps the body maintain a strong defense against bad bugs. Green tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate, which has been shown to stop the common cold from spreading.

How to get it: Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea each day to get immune-boosting benefits and stay hydrated.

6. Yogurt
Aside from being an excellent source of calcium, dairy products like yogurt provide immune-boosting vitamin D and probiotics (also referred to as “live active cultures”). Vitamin D’s production of antimicrobial substances is believed to stop viruses from spreading in the body. Probiotics found in yogurt can help the body fight infections and boost immunity by fortifying the healthy bacteria found in the digestive tract.

How to get it: Yogurt parfaits are the perfect breakfast or dessert. Make tangy salad dressings with plain yogurt or add to smoothies for an extra nutritional boost. Consume two servings of yogurt daily.

7. Almonds
Almonds contain vitamin E, which may help prevent colds and ward off upper respiratory infections. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that works in combination with other nutrients found in almonds, including selenium and magnesium.

How to get it: Make your own granola with toasted almonds, rolled oats and cinnamon. Or use almond butter instead of peanut butter. Eat about 22 almonds (or the equivalent) a day.

8. Spinach
Spinach is a nutrition powerhouse offering several key nutrients that help to boost immune function and health. It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, folate, iron, vitamin B-2, calcium, potassium, vitamin B-6, copper, protein, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. With all these vitamins in one food, it’s no wonder everyone should be consuming more of this leafy green.

How to get it: Saute spinach with garlic and onions. Or make a spinach salad with pomegranate dressing, topped with toasted almonds. Try to have about 2 cups a day.


Harvey's and Home Depot deal

Here are a couple deals I receive in my email today:

Paint deal Feb 17-Feb23 get 20% back when you buy 2 or 30% back when you buy 3 3.78LT cans of paint(Behr, CIL or M.S.)

Harvey's Family deal.  I love Harvey's and treat the family about 4 times a year.  I'm not sure if they would let you substitute but they make a really good veggie burger on a whole wheat bun that I get topped with fresh veggies and hot peppers YUM!  They also have a nice fresh side salad instead of the fries.
Print your coupon here


How to get greenworks cleaner for 12 cents per bottle

Hi Everyone!  Well,  I just got back from Florida and all I can say is I'm not liking the snow LOL!

I'm just going through this weeks flyers and posting some great deals and coupon match ups I see.  I did groceries yesterday at Zehrs and they have a great flyer this week.


Cashmere TP 24's or 12dr $4.44

PC cheesecake $3.99 (great for Valentine's dessert!)

Imperial Marg 454g 99 cents 

Ocean Spray juice 1.89lt $2.99 $1 coupon here

Dole premium frozen fruit 600gm $3.99

Lysol cleaners 650-800ml $1.74

Lysol wipes 35's $1.49

ZipLoc storage bags 10's-30's $2.29 $4 coupon when you buy 2 ziploc.  No longer available from the right at home site but I do have a copy below.
Advil 100's $5.25 use $2 coupon from here & pay only $3.25(reg price $10.49)

Olay classic lotion or cream $7.49 use a $2 brandsaver coupon

Always pads $3.99 use brandsaver coupon ($1 off I think)

Mushrooms 227gm 99 cents

1 pint grape tomatoes $1.49

PC shrimp ring 1/2 price $4.49 340gm

red or green grapes $1.99

Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer $299 (after $50 in store discount and $50 mail in)

Mach 3 or Venus razors $4.99 $2 brandsaver coupon 

Windex $2.24 use buy 1 get 1 free coupon  from here

Caltrate 1/2 price $6.69 ($2 coupon save.ca no longer available)

Sunlight 2x laundry soap 1/2 price $4.14 (check the shelf for $1 off coupons)

My Zehr's scoop.  I purchased 8 boxes of Ziploc and 2 bottles of Advil (100's) for $8.82(plus tax)
8 Ziploc @ $2.29=$18.32 less 4X$4 coupons=$2.32
(regular price would have been about $31)
2 Advil @ $5.25=$10.50 less 2x$2 coupons=$6.50 (regular price $20.98)

All footwear Buy 1 get 1 1/2 price

Flintstones vitamins $6.87-10% SPC discount & $2 coupon here & pay $4.18

50% off Serta duvets

1KG kraft PB $2.88-10% SPC discount $2.59

Heinz beans 69 cents less 10% SPC discount =62 cents per can

Green Works cleaners, wipes and dish soap $1.99  If you are lucky you have the buy 3 save $5 coupon from websaver that's no longer available.  $1.99 x3=$5.97 less 10% SPC discount =$5.37 less $5 coupon=37 cents total(12.3 cents per bottle!)  If you don't have a SPC to get the 10% discount you will pay 32.3cents per bottle
There is a $1.50 and $1 off 1 coupon here for Greenworks

Colgate total 85ml or premium 100-130ml $1.99 less 10% discount $1.79 and I have $1.50 coupons from the dentist so I will pay 29 cents a tube!

Olay Regenerist $5.35=$27.97  brandsaver save $10 when you purchase 2 over $10 each


Frugal Laundry Tips

Here is a post I did a little while ago about what the washing machine repairman told me about my front load LG machine and money saving tips/  tricks.

Money saving laundry tips


Bath Cupcakes!

Here is a great little treat to whip up for Valentine's Day.  Just make sure no one eats them!   Click here for the recipe to make Homemade bath cupcakes


Frugal Beauty treatment for dry peeling lips

Do you ever get dry, peeling lips?  It's uncomfortable and unsightly!  Check out this post below for my frugal way of handling this problem!  You'll need a soft toothbrush or washcloth, water and Vaseline.



How about coupons for fresh produce?

I have been asked so much lately about my "stockpile" as if every person who uses coupons is some kind of hoarder like on the TLC show Extreme Couponing.

I one word, "NO". I do have 2 things in my storage room that are a bit excessive.
#1 Sunlight laundry soap. I purchased about 2 years worth of the concentrated liquid. I got about 6 bottles for free with various rebates about a year ago. The rest was purchased at Metro when they had a buy 1 bottle for $5.99 get 1 free sale. I had $2 coupons so I got two bottles for $1 each.

Kotex/Stayfree pads- Sometimes Kotex/Stayfree has some great coupons. I purchased a whole bunch with $2 coupons and buy 2 save $5 coupons. Sometimes they go on sale for $1.99. If your cashier accepts the buy 2 save $5 coupon when they are on sale for $1.99 you will actually make a bit of money with your purchase. That's right! They pay YOU to bring it home.

Buy 2 save $5 coupon Stayfree, O.B. and Carefree
Buy 2 save $3 Kotex pads and tampons

When I scout out sales and find an absolutely blow-my-mind great price or free item I:
*Check if and how many coupons I have
*If there is a limit to how many I can purchase
*How much room do I have(how many can I store)

If the sale is for an item like a brand of razors I use and I'm getting them free I will get more to stock because they are small and won't go bad in any way. If it is something like deodorant and I am getting it free or almost free I will pick up 6 or so. It does have an expiration date so always make sure to check. If I get more then I will use I will donate the excess.

Don't let couponing run your life! O.K., you want to save so be smart about it. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day for a quick peek at coupon websites and forums to see if there are any new coupons or sales.

If I get Save.ca type coupon or a coupon flyer I will throw it in a basket I have on my desk. Once a week I go through and cut out coupons I know I will use. I have another basket for coupons that are good but I'm not sure I'll use. After they are cut I put them in my handy new coupon binder(more about my new binder to come soon)

I would say I spend about 30-45 minutes a week cutting out coupons/printing coupons and organizing them but I do it while I am watching TV at night after the kids are in bed. Once every month or two I spend about 20 minutes pulling out expired coupons.

Things I don't get about couponing

Something that drives me crazy is that I can find coupons for just about any high sugar, high fat item out there. What about lettuce, flax seed, organic carrots, bananas or apples?

Something Crazy to think about

Think about this, a large bag of brand name potato chips (235gm) is (regular priced) about $4

A 10Lb bag of potatoes(regular price is about $3.50)

If you do the math
$3.50/4540gm=.00077(fresh potato $ per gram)
$0.0007709 X 235GM(weight of chips) =18cents!!

So you can purchase 235gm of fresh potato for 18 cents or the same weight in chips for $4(plus tax, it's considered a confectionery item)