Save more with Coupon Match ups

Food Basics
Raisin Bran 475g $1.99 -$1 websaver coupon(no longer available) $0.99
Cheerios 260-330g $1.99 -$1 save.ca =$0.99
Nature Valley Bars 160-230g $1.99 -$1 coupon when registering on Life Made Delicious(save.ca) $0.99
Goldfish Crackers $1.99-TFT .50 coupon= $1.49
Sunlight Dish soap $1.79-$1 save.ca =$.79

Canadian Tire 
Sunlight Dishsoap $1-$1save.ca =FREE (this coupon is available sporadically)
Tide 26-32use liquid or 40use pwd $5.97 Brandsaver coupon buy 2 save $5 and pay $6.94 for 2 or $3.47 each
Duracell AA24pk or AAA16 pk $10.98-$11.98 -$.75 Brandsaver coupon

Lysol Healthy Touch dispenser $14.99 reg on sale $6.97.  Use a SPC card and pay $6.27
Premium Plus Crackers $1.99 Buy 2 save $1.50 coupon (tearpad) and pay $1.24 each.  Use a SPC card and pay $1.12

Herbal Essence shampoo, cond or styling prod. $1.99- 0.50 Brandsaver coupon 
Kid's Tylenol chews or Liquid $4.97-$1.50 Save.ca or  use the handy dandy coupon below for $2 off.  Regular price $6.96 and you will pay $4.97-$2=$2.97!
Healthy Choice frozen Meals $2.97 use buy 2 save $1.50 TFT coupon and pay $2.22 each
Energizer 20AA or 12AAA $10 I think there are coupons out there too )$.75?
Knorr Dry Soup packets $1 use buy 3 get 1 free coupon(tearpad) and pay $.75 each
Hunt's Tomato sauce $1.27 use buy 4 save $2 from VH booklet and pay $.77 WYB 4 cans
Downey 48-60use $5.97 use Buy 2 save $5 brandsaver and pay $3.47 WYB 2 bottles
Swiffer Wet refills 24's $7.97 - $1.50 brandsaver  and pay $6.47
Advil bonus 120's $6.97-$2 coupon advil.ca=$4.97 1/2 price!!

Sunlight Laundry soap $3.99 use B2S $5 coupon from milk bag and pay only $1.49 per bottle!
Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes and Hamburger Helper 2/$4  Use $1 coupons from Life Made Delicious registration and get them for $1 a box.  Some Hamburger Helper boxes still have the $3 off ground beef coupon on them! 

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P & G Brandsaver coupons are up

Brandsaver Coupons are now available. Get yours now!
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WagJag! $6 for a Dozen Doughnuts Plus Any Size Specialty Drink from Krispy Kreme (Up to a $14.10 Value) - i

Awesome Deal! We go to Krispy Kreme 3-4 times per year and I will definitely be taking advantage of this treat.  The kids love watching the "Donut Show" LOL
$6 for a Dozen Doughnuts Plus Any Size Specialty Drink from Krispy Kreme (Up to a $14.10 Value)
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Spring Cleaning wrap up

Remember my list of interior Spring cleaning jobs to do from here?  I'm done!  Well, mostly.  Since we got a large dumping of snow last Tuesday (and it is still here) cleaning the entrance and coat closet right now just isn't going to happen.

I received some help from the troops this past weekend to finish off my list.  This goes to show that if you make a list, have a plan and get a few "jobs" done each day when you can squeeze it in and it gets done. 

You know what the beat part is?  It didn't cost much.  I used some of the green works cleaners I got here for 12 cents a bottle and a bottle of Murphy's oil soap that I purchased with Canadian Tire money.


Extreme Couponing Canadian Style

Great deals at Zellers today combining sales, coupons and my SPC card for an additional 10% off

Gain 60 use fabric softener
I purchased 4 bottles which will last about a year since I don't use much. Regular price is $6.79 each.
I paid 4 x $3.88-10% SPC discount - 2X $3 coupons(Brandsaver.ca)=$7.97 or $1.99 each.

Royale TP 16 Double roll
Regular price $12.99 sale price $5.87-10%SPC-$1 gocoupons.ca=$4.28

Sunlight Dish Soap $1.39=10%-$1 save.ca coupon (no longer available?) I paid 25 cents per bottle!

Floss Reg price 4.49 sale $3.47-10%-$0.75coupon=$2.37

Lock & Lock containers $5.99 sale$2.68-10%SPC=$2.42

Tassimo treat for Money Saving Dad and myself-Latte $5.79-10%, espresso $2.49-10%. I have found that Zeller's has the lowest price in Canada for Tassimo T-Disks. (or at least the cheapest I have found anywhere)

Overall Savings
Regular price of all items purchased (with tax) $65.29
After purchasing everything on sale, using my 10% off SPC discount and $9 in coupons I ended up paying $28.58(with tax) Total savings $36.71!

Shopper's deals today
Always $2.99 x3-$0.75&$1.75 coupons (brandsaver.ca) $6.47 or $2.16 each
I was going to get the TP on sale for $3.99 Saturday only but they were sold out! I was there @ 10am. Unbelievable.

If any of you have a great money saving shopping story let me know!


Shopping Deals and coupons How to do it to save more

Great shops today to report.

Canadian Tire
Foam paint brushes reg $9.99 sale $2.99
Duracell 8pk AAA batteries (reg $9.99)$7.99-$0.75 coupon
CesarTreats 2X $2.99 used my Buy 1 get 1 Free coupon
Used $3.74 in coupons and $3.10 in CT money
Total $12.32
Combining sales, coupons and CT Money I saved $17.01
Rusty knows the treats are for him

Next Stop Sobeys
I stocked up a bit on Coffee($5.99) roast beef($3/lb) and Tresemme $3.99 and I had $1.50 coupons. I am going to cut the 2 roast beefs in half, season them and freeze for future use. Everything I purchased was on sale except for 2 items!

The hamburger helper was on sale 2 for $4 and there is a coupon for $3 off ground beef on each box. I may cut those out and go back for more ground beef this week while it is on sale for $1.99/lb. I'll freeze it using my new favorite kitchen toy, my handy vacuum sealer.

Total Spent $59.48
Coupons used $5.25
Then on to Zehrs across the street from Sobeys

I had a handful of free product coupons from various promotions that are now over. I also found some Crofter's organic blood orange spread(yummy) and thin bagels the kids love for 50% off.

Freebies today @ Zehr's
Stouffer's custini ($3.99)
Stouffer's dinner ($3.99)
Easy Express ($5.49)
Stouffer's Sensations ($7.99)
Pillsbury Pizza ($2.99)
Green Giant Veggies ($2.49)

Total $84.43

Less coupons and discounts of $37.44
Less gift card from old promo $10
I paid $36.99-That means I saved more then I spent

Total spent on groceries today at both stores $96.46
Total coupons, discounts and gift cards used today $52.69

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Spring Cleaning day 2

What a busy day today was. Check out my Spring cleaning list from here.
Jobs completed today:

  • Clean tub, toilet and vanity
  • Wash drapes
  • Wipe down mirror and anything chrome!
  • Clean and polish the marble floor tile
  • Clean out linen closet 
  • Take apart ceiling light and clean (kitchen)
  • Wash back splash
  • Wash and reseal granite counters 
  • Plus 2 loads of laundry finished
I think I made a pretty good dent in the list.  Tomorrow I hope to finish the kitchen and start either the family room or dining room.  Call me Molly; Molly Maid that is LOL


Time to Spring Clean Bit by Bit

The calendar says that spring has arrived but I don't think that Jack Frost got the memo!

I always look forward to spring cleaning.  There is something about the fresh clean smell that is so refreshing after a long, long winter.  The bad thing about Spring Cleaning is the amount of time that it takes.  I got to thinking that if I tackled 2-4 jobs per day over the course of a week or so it wouldn't consume my whole day and everything will hopefully get done.

Jobs for the next week (interior)
Family Room:
  • Wash drapes Day 4
  • Wash the walls, baseboards, ceiling and ceiling fan blades
  • Move furniture and  vacuum carpet
  • Wash windows, mirrors and picture frames
  • wipe down side tables
  • Change all smoke detector batteries (I do this every time we change the clocks)Day 5
Entrance/Coat Closet
Put on hold!  Large dumping of snow last week is still here so trying to clean this area right now is a right off.
  • Wash walls, baseboards, ceiling, entrance & closet doors
  • Wash and put away the super heavy winter coats and some of the hats and mitts
  • Sort through deacon's bench and tidy up.  Polish wood
  • Scrub and reseal tile floor
Kitchen (Finished)
  • Wash ceiling, walls and baseboards Day 3
  • Wash wood cabinets.  I love using Murphy's Oil Soap.Day3
  • Wash back splash Day 2
  • Wash windows Day 1
  • Wash and reseal granite counters Day 2
  • Wash and reseal tile floor Day 3
  • Empty out fridge and freezer.  Clean and put in a new box of baking soda(to absorb odors) Pull it out and clean behind Day 1
  • Straighten out cupboards and hall pantry closet Day 1
  • Take apart ceiling light and clean Day 2
 Dining Room
  • Wash Drapes Day 4
  • Wash down all wooden dining furniture, buffet & wood floor with Murphy's oil soap.
  • Wash window
  • Wash ceiling, walls & baseboards
  • Vacuum area rug and floor registers Day 3
  • Take apart chandelier, wash and reassemble Day 3
Bathroom (finished)
(Walls were just washed so one less thing to do)
  • Clean tub, toilet and vanity Day 2(all the bathroom)
  • Wash drapes
  • Wipe down mirror and anything chrome!
  • Clean and polish the marble floor tile
  • Clean out linen closet
This is a pretty long list so hopefully I will have time to finish everything. 

I'll be updating this list everyday and crossing off things when I'm finished like this

Day 1
I think I may have cursed myself, honestly.  We went from having no snow to accumulating several inches over night.  Today there was no school because of the weather so I didn't get as much done as I planned.
Jobs completed today are in blueI also did a few loads of laundry, played 2 games of Wii with the little one, 1 game of Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader(apparently I'm not) and made two kinds of quiche for dinner.  Time for PJ's!


March Break fun on the cheap side

I hope everyone has enjoyed their March Break and been able to keep the kids busy!  My girls are pretty easy to please.  Here are some fun things we did this week that didn't cost a whole lot.

We headed on out to Westfield Heritage Village  (some scenes from Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea were filmed here) for their Sweet Taste of Spring Maple Syrup Festival.

It was my little ones birthday as well so she brought her best friend along.  We started the day with a full pancake breakfast that cost a whopping $15 for all 5 of us.  After breakfast we went through the buildings, on a horse and buggy ride out to the sugar shack then ended up at the mercantile for some old fashioned candy and hot cider.

We purchase the yearly family pass from Hamilton Conservation for about $100.  It includes entrance to about a dozen conservation parks in our area.  We use it often for swimming, fishing and riding the bike trails.

Irish Dinner- It was St Patty`s day on Thursday.  The girls and I planned an Irish dinner.  They helped me make corned beef hash.  There is no picture of this because it was so good it was gone in a flash!  I used the recipe from here

Shopping and out for lunch-  I needed to go out and get a few things at the mall so we made it a fun day and incorporated a lunch date and haircut for both the kids.  I also let them spend extra time in Claire`s browsing around which they totally appreciated!

Movies!  This morning we all went out to the Bulk Barn and I told the kids they could each pick out one treat so that was a very, very big deal.  If you pop your own pop corn I highly recommend the jumbo popping corn $1.39/lb.  While we were getting into the car I noticed that the Sally Ann( The Salvation Army) next door had movies and book for 50% off!  We purchased 5 movies for under $5!  Tonight is movie and popcorn night.

Chalk, Bikes, skipping ropes and Horseback riding-  We were lucky to have some great weather this week and I broke out the sidewalk chalk and skipping ropes.  We also dug out the bike helmets, pumped up some tires and the kids rode and rode and rode!  Horseback riding lessons on Friday took up a portion of our day.

Now it wasn't all fun and games.  They did have to help clean the bathroom and their bedrooms but all in all I'd say they had a fun week.

Tomorrow night I'll be celebrating the end of March break by making homemade pizza and having a Wii party.  Monday morning I will definitely savor my morning coffee in quiet as I wave goodbye to the kids on the school bus.

Let me know what you did to keep your kid's busy this week by commenting below.

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Reid Chocolate & Nuts deal!!

For those of you who live in Kitchener-Waterloo this deal is for you!!

Today's Groupon Deal is $10 for $20 of Reid's Chocolate and Nuts.  This is such an awesome deal with Easter being right around the corner!

It is located in downtown Cambridge right across form the farmer's market at 42 Ainslie Street North.  Besides their wonderful selection of  chocolate they also sell nuts that they roast in store.  I have been known to pop in after shopping at the market for one of their wonderful truffles :o)

Click here to go to Groupon and get your coupon now.  This deal is only on until midnight tonight! (March 17)

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How to price out Supplemental Medical Insurance

Healthcare.  It's a big topic.  As Canadians we have basic health care that is publicly funded.  Each Province has it's own list of what they will cover.  Here in Ontario we are covered for basic hospitalization and doctors visits.  It does not provide coverage for prescription drugs, dental visits and eye exams for individuals ages 19-64.

Most Canadians have supplemental coverage either funded partially or fully provided by their employer or privately purchased.  If you have a family and no additional coverage you are really rolling the dice.  Eye exams cost is about $80 (for people ages 19-64),  A dental cleaning could run you from $120 to $200 twice a year and dental fillings are about $200-225 for adults.  Prescription costs could range from $12 to ?
If you are a single person who is generally in good health and you take good care of your teeth maybe supplemental insurance isn't for you. You would have to price out your options and see if it make sense for your situation.   
If you have a family who does not have supplemental insurance I would recommenced  searching the internet for prices and coverages from various companies.  If you are in Canada you could try Insurance-Canada.ca or Kanetix.ca.  If you are in the US you can try Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Texas Medigap or Centers for Medicare

You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you will be able to save buy completing a quick on-line search that compares coverage and pricing from several companies.


March Break fun

It's a couple days into March break and  I am starting to run out of things to keep the kids busy.  I got to thinking that since they love to cook so much we should cook up an Irish themed dinner on Thursday for St Patrick's Day.

I starting to research some recipes and here is what I found
Corned Beef (of course)

Boxty -An Irish potato pancake (very tasty)Here is a recipe from Canadian Living

Colcannon-A mashed potato dish with cabbage and ham or bacon.  Here is a recipe from Food Network.

Irish Stew with Soda Bread

Are you are looking for something a bit different from the traditional corned beef and cabbage?  How about a corned beef hash, corned beef on pizza or a hearty potato soup with bits of corned beef added?

Check out this website that has a multitude of Irish recipes

Personally I am thinking of trying a corned beef hash with homemade soda bread.
Corned beef hash
Parboil 6 large potatoes cut into quarters.  After cooking for 15 minutes drain and chop. 
Chop corned beef the same size as the potatoes and add to a dry frying pan on medium heat along with one chopped onion
Once the fat has started to render from the meat add 1 tbsp of butter to the pan
When the butter is melted add the potatoes to the pan
Gently press down the mixture to get it in direct contact with the pan.
Once a crispy brown crust has formed on the bottom(about 5 minutes) cut corned beef hash into quarters with a spatula and flip.
Continue to cook on the other side until brown and crispy


Super Zehrs shop today combining sales & coupons

I had a great shop today at Zehrs!
2 No Name frozen veggie @ $1.97 each=$$3.94
8 Campbell's soups @ 59 cents=$4.72 less 4X$1 coupons= $0.72 or 9 cents a can
2 Lysol drop in toilet cleaner sale $2.64X2-$1 coupon=$4.28 or $2.14 each
2 Pledge wood and glass cleaner sale $4.49-B1G1free=$4.49 or $2.25 each
Ground Chicken(lean) $1.99 LB I purchased 8 packs=total $19.33
2 Fresh Broccoli @ 99 cents=$1.98
2 Ontario English cucumbers @99 cents =$1.98
Guess Who game(birthday party gift) $4.94-$5 cereal box coupon from November =I made 6 cents!
Trivial Pursuit on sale $9.94-$5 coupon= $4.94!
Reusable juice box $2.79
1 shopping bag(for raw meat) 5 cents
Total $63.93
plus $4.03 tax
less $20.08 in coupons
Less $20 P&G promo gift card
Grand Total $27.88

So my total savings is $63.93+$4.03tax=$67.96-$27.88 I paid =$40.08!!

What I did what all that chicken
I used 2 packages and made a cooked taco meat that I will use for tacos, chili or a casserole.  I used 1 package to make little chicken meatballs for chicken soup.  The remaining chicken I vacuum sealed in 1/2 lb packs for later use.


Money Saving Food Ideas

A few food based money saving tips for the day-

Stop buying pop.  Seriously.  There is not one thing about pop that is good for you. If you are a die hard it may be hard to quit but give it a shot.   I have no idea what pop costs so I had to scope out some flyers.
I saw 2LT bottles on sale for 99cents.  If you purchased 3 2lt bottles every week for 1 year you will have spent
Coke on sale @ Food Basics $4.44 12 pk
2 cases @$4.44+13%taxX52weeks=$522 and that's purchasing on sale!!
I'll stick to water.

Purchase large bags of flour and baking goods on sale  I find the best sales on flour and baking goods during the holiday season from October (Thanksgiving) to January.  Most companies that produce flour and baking goods such as baking powder and chocolate chips put out little booklets in store and magazines that have recipes and coupons.  Combine coupons and sales for he best deal.

I have 2 large containers that seal and store all of my extra flour and sugar in them to keep them bug free.  A great place to purchase large plastic containers is the Bulk Barn.  They get things like honey and pie filling in large buckets.  when the buckets are empty they wash them out and sell them for a few dollars.  Ask at your local store.

Bake!  Instead of purchasing store made baked goods make them yourself.  I have a "baking day" usually twice a month.  I like to bake:

Spicy pumpkin loaf using pumpkin purchased on sale, subbing some applesauce for 1/2 the oil, adding in some whole wheat flour, ground flax seed and cutting the sugar way down

Blueberry muffins using blueberries we picked and froze in July and following the same additions as above

Tropical muffin-Basically a banana muffin with pineapple and coconut, yummy!

Once all the baked goods have cooled I portion everything out and wrap each piece in foil then put it in the freezer.  The kid's don't know what they are getting what the grab a foil wrapped goody for their lunch but they DO know that no matter what it is it will be tasty!

 If you have any money saving food tips I'd love to hear them!
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Posterjack.ca Review

 I've got a terrific review today.  Have you ever heard of Posterjack.ca?  It has been featured on bride.ca, The Marilyn Dennis Show and Steven & Chris to name a few.

Posterjack.ca, is an online photo printing company that transforms your digital photos into a beautiful artwork!  Ordering from Posterjack.ca is a really easy process.  Simply upload your photo, select the product, choose the size and you’re done! And it’s shipped right to your doorstep.

Posterjack offers:
Peel N’ Stick posters are a great decor idea for kid’s rooms. What kid wouldn’t want a huge poster of them playing sports or dressed as a princess? The 8X12 is just $6.99!
Framed photos  Enlarge your favorite family photo and showcase it in a beautiful gallery frame. Our selection of sizes for framed photos starts from 8 x 12 inches to 24 x 32 inches. They arrive ready to hang!

When I was contacted by Posterjack.ca for this review my family had just got back from Florida.  My husband took a terrific picture of a Manatee at Seaworld (I love Manatees)  and I chose this image to get framed.  I was very please with it and it is now hanging in my family room.

Canvas Posterjack.ca offers a wide variety of sizes such as double-width, panorama, square, and poster size. You can even put your child’s artwork on canvas! Simply scan their masterpiece and upload the jpeg.

From Posterjack.ca, "Posterjack Canvas is manufactured iin Canada and is whitened using an environmentally safe process. Weighing 450 grams per square metre (gsm) and made from a 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester means the canvas offers the best of both worlds: A modern, durable canvas that offers the highest color gamut on the market while still providing an authentic canvas texture. It is this blend that creates the character and feel that is missing in many of the "photo canvases" today."
Collage Along with my framed photo I also ordered a laminated collage.  It was really easy to do.  I just chose a background, chose a layout then uploaded the photos and placed them in the collage.  
I know this looks a bit odd.  The kids images have been removed by me.
I made a collage for my youngest daughter's birthday (March 4) and she was so excited when she unwrapped it!  In the centre is a photo of her sitting on Marion the Gator at Gatorland and around it are photos of the whole family at Gatorland.

You can visit posterjack.ca here for more info 
Posterjack on twitter
Posterjack on Facebook

Disclaimer-I was given a posterjack credit to facilitate in the writing of this post. No other compensation was received. The above opinions are my own.


Savings from today's Zehrs shop

I needed a few this and that's today and got some great deals!
Stouffer`s Easy express pasta $2.99-FREE with coupon from Stoufffer's promo(promo over)
MM frzn OJ 2@ $1.99=$3.98 FREE with coupons from Rice Krispies box
Stouffer saute Sensation $4.99 FREE with stouffer promo coupon
1 Silk Soy Milk $4.29-$2 coupon
W/W pita 50% discount $1.35 Saved $1.35
MM frzn mango passion fruit 100% juice $1.64 save 35 cents
Stouffer frnz turkey dinner $2.49- FREE with coupon from Stouffer promo
Stouffers Panini $2.99-FREE with coupons from Stouffers promo
2 PC W/W bagels $6.58-50% discount saved $3.30
2 PC thin bagels $5.98-50% saved $3.00
2 Marinated chicken breasts $7.98 -30% =5.58 saved $2.40
Bananas $1.17
Grapes $2.04 on sale $1.29/LB
Dole Salad kit $2.99-75 cent coupon from company(I emailed them)$2.24
Energizer batteries on sale $5.00 -75 cent coupon $4.25
strawberries $2.50 on sale

Total $60.29
less $10.05 in discounts
less $20.94 in coupons 
less $10 gift card from Stouffer promo

So, I paid $19.30 for $60.29 worth of goods and saved a total of $41.


Bathroom reno-Part 2

I had my plan in hand for my new bathroom now it was time to shop!
Money Saving Dad and I found the 60" vanity @ Lowe's.  It's a regularly stocked item and we were in no hurry so we waited for it to go on sale.
By waiting for a sale on the vanity we saved $150.  The knobs that came with the vanity were really ugly so I invested $36 on new chrome knobs.

Faucet regular price $100. We purchased during a 50% off sale and saved $50!

Rather then getting a custom marble top made we purchased a white marble vanity top with the sink and back splash off the shelf for $200

We knew we wanted a slipper claw foot tub.  We had priced out new cast iron, old cast iron plus the cost of refinishing/repairing and it was very expensive.  I wanted a large tub and most vintage tubs were 4'-5' long.

I found a tub manufacturer about 1 1/2hr drive from us that also sells direct.  We purchased an acrylic slipper tub 68" long, double walled (to help keep water warm) that included the feet for $802 plus tax.  We looked in several stores and different brands and found that most large acrylic tubs were going to cost between $1,200-$3,500 plus tax.  The kicker is that some of these didn't even come with feet.  You had to purchase 4 claw feet @ about $150 each plus tax on top of the cost of the tub!

I purchased the tub faucet from Ebay (new in box)  A lot of stores retail faucets like this for around $600-$800 dollars.   This faucet was a buy it now for $170.  The seller also had one up for auction and I won the auction and paid $87!  Since it was being shipped from Canada I also did not have to pay any duty.
Money Saving Dad brought it to a plumbing store when purchasing the water supply lines and the owner of the store asked where we got it because it was a really good one!  He told the owner the price and he couldn't believe it.  Score!
I absolutely love my wallpaper!  I was going for a mix of traditional and contemporary so this was my contemporary bit.  I was going to originally paper 2 walls until "the incident".

I purchase 3 rolls @ $37 each(plus tax), plenty enough to paper the 2 walls.  Once I got the end wall done I noticed that there was a black run every 7' in the print.  I purchased all the wallpaper from the same lot and all if it had this imperfection.  I returned all that I didn't use hoping to exchange for a different lot.  The customer service lady checked the shelf and there was only 1 roll left.  She opened it up and same darn thing.  Shoot!

I told them I was planning on doing 2 walls and I got the smaller wall done, but there were a couple runs in the paper.  Guess what they did?  For all the trouble this caused they refunded me my whole amount back!  The runs on the paper are going to be hidden by my drapes!  Wallpaper=FREE!

The marble tile was purchased at Lowe's. I knew that I wanted Crema Marfil marble on the floor and they had the best price, $6.98 per tile.  Most other stores were about $9 per tile so my savings was $2 a tile.

 Mirror $70 @ Homesense sprayed with a paint the was the same metallic colour of the wallpaper($7)

The "M", candle holder, container and soap pump were all purchased from Homesense as well $7-$12 each

Light with super quiet exhaust fan $78 @ Lowe's.

We also purchased 6 full size doors for the hall pantry closet, the bedrooms and the bathroom.  We special ordered a smaller door with the same profile for the linen closet.  All the doors were 10% discount except the special ordered one.  Since I chose doors that were a bit less expensive then the doors I originally wanted I splurged and put that money into crystal knobs.  Save a little, spend a little.  

Crystal door knob- I could only find these in brushed nickel not chrome and purchased 5 @ $60.  I went back to the store a few weeks later and found the same knob in polished chrome that the sales person assured me was not available on a discount shelf for $51 with another 50% discount making it $25.50 per knob set!  I was so happy about this I couldn't believe it.
Paid $339 for nickle knobs (included tax)
Paid $144 for discounted chrome knobs
Saved $195!!

Linen looking drapes, Ikea $40.  Rod, Ikea $12.  Shelf, Homedepot

 Framed photo- I received as a Birthday gift.  Lights and Towel ring HomeDepot.  White vase, discount table @ Zehr's $3.  New hand towels, Sears outlet save an extra 40% off.  Paid $1.20 each.
Framed print $50 Homesense
New doors and knobs, Rona.  Alfred Sung towels, Zellers sale buy 1 get 1 1/2 price.



Thanks goodness it's done!  All the work was done by my handy husband and myself.  It turned out to be better then I imagined.  Thanks for all your hard work and long hours Money Saving Dad!