Buy 1 Get one Free Movie passes on Nestea

I was at Sobeys and I noticed on the cases (12 pack)of Nestea and Five Alive there was a buy 1 get 1 free movie pass for Cineplex.

I was browsing through my flyers today and noticed that Canadian Tire has their beverages on 2/$8 this week. I'll be stopping by my CT to see if their Nestea cases have the Cineplex coupons, it's a great deal!


Clearly Contacts Deal and Coupon Code

Great deal on at Clearly Contacts now until July 4/2011.  You can get 1 pair of glasses for $38 or 3 pairs for $99.  Be sure to use coupon code CANDAY399 at checkout! Click here to shop now.


SwarmJam- Daily Deals

A New Kind of Daily Deal Site *

SwarmJam is a newer daily deals website.  SwarmJam is a bit different from other daily deals sites like WagJag and Groupon  because it is more that just a fixed price daily deal.

  • Earn reward points that you can cash in for freebies and deals
  • SwarmJam Reward Points Auction.  This weeks auction is Starbucks giftcards 
  • Progressive Discount- the more people who buy the deal drive the discount up!
You can sign up for free deal updates here and see what it's all about, start referring and stack up your referral points for free goodies!


Frugal Friday Pizza & Family Fun

This is the easy way to make great tasting pizza!  When I am cooking through out the week I start a pizza container in the freezer. To this I add:

*Chopped up bits of leftover meat(Sausage, beef, chicken, hamburg)

*Extra veggies from the past weeks dinner(chopped peppers,onions, mushrooms)

*A bit of sauce (either leftover salsa or tomato sauce)

*Leftover grated cheese from tacos or a casserole made during the week

Then Friday is pizza day. If you have time to make your own pizza dough then go for it! If time is an issue you can purchase whole wheat pizza crusts with the sauce included at most grocery stores.

The good thing about this pizza is that it is different every week!  After our pizza supper we usually breakout some board games or the Wii and enjoy some family fun.


Frugal Friday-Virtual Class #1 – Why Coupon??

Here it is! The first installment of Virtual Extreme Couponing classes from Nathen Engles aka Mr Coupon from TLC Extreme Couponing. (US info but a lot of it is relevant to us Canadian shoppers.) Nathan is one of my most favourite TLC Extreme Couponers because he also donates a lot of his food and personal care items.

Thanks Nathan!

Extreme Coouponing Virtual Class #1 – Why Coupon??
By: Mr Coupon

If you’re like me, you never want to pay full price. These virtual classes will discuss how we use coupons, why and many other aspects of couponing. But right now, we are addressing an age old question: Are coupons worth it? You will find many people who will tell you, it simply takes to much time and energy. They say time is money, so spend your time making money. They may be right, but that doesn’t negate that fact that Coupons CAN be a very effective tool in lowering your grocery bill. Coupons must be used effectively in order to have an effect on your bottom line.

You’re probably wondering what I mean. Let’s take a look at some reasons people think coupons are a waste of time.
Number one, people buy products they normally wouldn’t buy. If you’re getting a product for 50% off, lots of people will buy it! They are spending money they won’t have spent to buy a product they don’t need. With people who start couponing, this is a common problem. We have to be reminded that the manufacturers don’t really care about our family budgets. They know that coupons are a marketing tool that helps place their products in the hands of the consumer.

Number two, coupons are difficult to organize, clip and use. I hear all the time, ‘I forgot my coupons at home!’ I think to myself, ‘gosh it would be like forgetting my wallet!’ You have to look at coupons as if they are part of your budget. Getting organized and creating a good system that works is one of the only ways to make coupons work.
Number Three, you only save a little. I am a believer in pennies. In other words, little things add up quick.

Coupon success boils down to three things: Organization, Usage & Timing

- You’ve got to be organized. Read on this site about organizational strategies. My binders are infamous! I’ve even had news anchors joke about them. Binders work for me, something else might work for you.

- You’ve got to learn to use coupons. We talk a lot on WeUseCoupons.com about the quantity of coupons we use. If you only clip out one coupon, what’s the use? I buy ten papers. Many people look at me strange, but you’ve got to realize why. In order to save a lot with coupons, you’ve got to use a lot of coupons. It’s a very simple concept.

So now that I’ve got my coupons, and I’m organized the last step is the most important: timing. Don’t just go to the store and use your coupons…..wait! Wait until the item goes on sale. Often with the additional coupon savings you will get items for nearly free. It’s an amazing concept!!

In following the three very basic steps above, I have lowered my grocery bill around 60-65%. I am very disciplined, I go with a list, I do intense planning, I never buy something I won’t use unless it’s free. (Oh by the way, I have a whole garage full of things I don’t use, but got for free!) Using coupons can be quite addicting, and sometimes we all tend to want to use them on items just because they are a good deal.

Remember, come to the site, ask questions, learn and really get involved here. We can help you, and will help you save hundreds every month!!

Because this is a class here is your homework:
On Sunday buy at least 5 papers (make sure the coupons are inside)
Get organized. Read about organizational strategies.
Use one coupon on an item that is on sale that you buy normally.

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Meow Mix Freebie

Visit Meowmix.ca and register to get your printable coupon for a free meow mix cup

Get Samples, Freebies and Coupons from MySavings.com

Frugal Friday Virtual Class #1 Tomorrow

Please stop by tomorrow and check out Virtual Extreme Couponing class #1 Why Coupon? featuring Nathan aka Mr Coupon from Weusecoupons.com and TLC's show Extreme Couponing.

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What are your Upcoming Canada Day Plans?

The first day of Summer has come and gone. The next three "celebratory" days coming up for my family are the last day of school(yeah!), Canada Day and my daughter's birthday.

The last day of school celebration is as easy one for me. The kid's always request Chinese takeout. Since we only get takeout a few times a year it is a BIG deal around here.

For Canada Day and my daughter's birthday we usually barbecue.  When I have a barbecue I like to keep it laid back and simple.

I make a few different salads the day before.  Some of our favourites are crunchy romaine, creamy potato salad, three bean salad and garlicky pasta salad.  I also like to make homemade burgers the day before.

We just tried out this recipe for cheese pizza burgers.  It was a hit!

Summer Fun

I did something a little special with the buns for my cheese pizza burgers.  I brushed the cut sides of the Wonder+ Simply Free buns with garlic butter and grilled them.  It was so good that I might want to eat all of my burgers on a garlic bun from now on!

Did you know that Wonder+ Simply Free is the first Canadian National branded line of hamburger & hotdog buns FREE of artificial preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours? They are also made with NO high fructose corn syrup, and like all products from Wonder, made with unbleached wheat flour.

I hope you drop a burger!
I also noticed on the bag that there was a 75 cent coupon to use on my next purchase of Wonder+Simply free buns.  There was also a Pin number you can enter to win a BBQ party worth $5,000!

What are your plans for the Canada Day long weekend?  If you are barbecuing check out the great recipes at CanadianLiving.com 

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Disclosure – I am participating in the WONDER+ SimplyFree program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Weston Bakeries. I received a gift card, BBQ kit and free product coupons as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.


ZhuZhu Pets 50% off at Chapters

Toy Clearance Sale at chapters.indigo.ca. ZhuZhu pets 50% off while quantities last!

Remember-It's Free shipping on orders over $25(pretax)

half price sale ZhuZhu pets

8 Outlet Surge protector 80% Off Today Only!

The Source Daily deal for June 22/2011 only!
Click here to get yours at this amazing price! Deal of the Day - One Product, Huge Savings, Every Day!

The Importance of Reviewing your Credit Report

Until recently I didn't understand the importance of reviewing my credit report. I was at my local bank paying some bills and the teller said I was pre-approved for a Visa card. I told her I already had one. When she looked into it she told me I was a secondary card holder (my husband is the primary holder) and that when using my joint credit card and making payments I was helping out my husbands credit profile, not my own.

So I registered for my own Visa card. The teller told me that I should use it every now and it will create a credit history for me.

What does a credit report tell you?

Some of the things a credit report shows you is your credit history on lines of credit, credit cards, loans and if you make payments on time. Financial Institutions use this information to judge whether or not they will give you additional loans ect. It is also a good idea to check out your credit report for an inaccuracies in your personal information and that previously canceled credit cards or line of credit are removed.

You can register for a free 7 day trial (cancel before 7 days is up) and view your TransUnion,Equifax And Experian report from Free Credit Reports in Canada

Have you ever checked out your credit history?

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Nicorette Freebie from Livingwell

A new freebie from Livingwell(Johnson & Johnson). Livingwell has changed the program and you must now register to view samples and coupons available. Click below and register today so you won't miss out on any great freebies or high value coupons.

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Cars 2 Free Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes @ Loblaws stores

Promotion runs until June 23/2011. See the Loblaws store flyer for your coupon.  Get a free Betty Crocker Disney Cars 2 Fruit Shapes with a minimum purchase of $14.99(pretax) on Cars 2 toys.

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Get Coupons, Samples and Freebies from MySavings.com


Reminder! Free Chocolate Cheerios or Fibre 1 Brown Sugar

If you ordered your coupon from here this is a reminder that the coupon is only valid June 21/2011 for your free box of chocolate Cheerios or Fibre one Brown Sugar cereal.

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Get Coupons, Samples and Freebies from MySavings.com

New Items Added to Sears.ca Overstocks

New items added to Sears Overstocks

Hidden valley Ranch Dressing, yum!

I was approached a little while ago with an opportunity  to sample Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.  I immediately said yes. 

Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and I go way back.  When I was a kid my family and I use to go camping in NY State.  When we would make our grocery run I would always pick out Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.  Back then it wasn't available in Canada so we would bring a couple bottles home.

We received 3 kinds of ranch dressing, original, low fat and fat free.  We ate the dressing as a dip for  veggies and pizza.  The kids put it on their hamburgers and of course we ate it as a dressing on our salad.  The dressing was great on a chicken/salad wrap on a whole wheat pita.
Light Dressing
I set up a taste test that includes a variety of veggie sticks and all three types of dressing.  We liked the original, the fat free was OK but not our favourite.  Our favourite of the three kinds was the low fat.

You can follow HVR Canada on Facebook here.  The Hidden Valley Ranch website has a lot of great recipes, you can check it out here

Click Here
Disclosure: I was provided samples of Hidden Valley ranch dressing. The opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


Friday Freebies

Some Friday freebies for today

A freebie reminder! The coupon for free Chocolate cheerios or Fibre 1 brown sugar is only valid on June 21/2011. Mark it your calendar! Click here to read about it

Free Canadian Credit report- Something I didn't realize until a bank teller told me was that because I am a secondary credit card holder and the bills and things are in my husband's name I didn't really have a credit score. Definitely something worth checking out. Do you know your credit score? Find out for free at FreeCreditReportsInCanada. (not valid in NS, Newfoundland and Labrador)

Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream-This one is still going. Like them on Facebook and print out a coupon for a free cup. Click here for all the info

Bulk Barn- $3 printable coupon (on $10 order,before tax until June 30/11) and receive a Free reusable shopping bag on a $10 order until June 23/11 while quantities last!

$2 Printable coupon Dippity Do hair gel. The tubes of Dippity Do sometimes go on sale for $2 so this would be a Freebie!
Expires Dec 31/2011

Don't forget to spoil Dad on Sunday. Still looking for frugal Father's day tips? Click here

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back on Monday!

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Gluten Free Chex Available Now

It's time for the big Canadian kick off for Gluten Free Rice Chex and Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex!

Did you know that 14% of Canadians avoid gluten?

This is such great news for those of you who need to eat or purchase gluten free foods.   Personally, no one in my family eats a gluten free diet. We do know a few people who eat  gluten free and they tell me that it is hard to locate a good selection of gluten free products at a reasonable price.

It will now be so handy to pick up a brand name cereal that everyone knows, is gluten free and in your regular cereal aisle.

When I think of Chex I think of homemade Chex party mix. My mother-in-law makes it with my daughters every Christmas, it's a tradition!
Roasting pans full of Chex party mix ready to bake
 Here is a gluten free modification of my Mother-in-laws-recipe

9 cups total of Gluten Free Chex cereal, honey nut, rice or some of each for a sweet and savory mix
3 cups of gluten free pretzels
1 cup of peanuts or mixed nuts
1/2 c melted butter or margerine
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp celery salt
1 tsp garlic salt

Mix the Gluten Free Chex, pretzels and nuts in a shallow roasting pan.
In a small bowl mix melted butter, Worcestershire, and salts.  Drizzle onto cereal mixture and mix well.  Bake at 250F for 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes.

Visit www.chexcanada.com on June 17, 2011 for more great Gluten Free Recipes
Since I am a LifeMadeDelicious.ca Blogger, my family and I tried out both kinds of Gluten Free Chex in March.  They were both a hit with everyone.  I have to admit that I am a dry cereal snacker.  A big handful of Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex makes a nice snack with my afternoon please-help-me-get-through-the day-expresso.

When we were at the grocery store my girls spotted the Gluten Free Chex.  Then I heard ,"Hey Mom, can we get it?"  Yes, they liked it that much.  They are big fans of crunchy cereal and it doesn't last long at our house.  I'm talking 2-3 days max per box.
In the warmer months my kid's eat cold cereal for breakfast and sometimes eat it dry for an afternoon snack in their lunch bag (just like me!)  My husband usually has a heaping bowl of cereal for a bedtime snack and I hide a container of dry cereal in my desk for a quick afternoon snack. (Don't tell the kids!) I really like the Fibre 1 Brown sugar or Honey Nut Gluten Free Chex

I will be using Gluten Free Chex to make a version of these Indoor Smores  for my daughter's birthday party this year.  It is always challenging to accommodate a guest with gluten allergies at a party but I am sure these smores made with Gluten Free Chex will be a hit with all the kids! I had a chance to sample these in the General Mills test kitchen(made by Jackie and Margaret) and they were terrific!

Don't forget to check out LifeMadeDelicious.ca for recipes using Chex.(Gluten Free recipes are marked)

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Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.