Free Kashi Bar

Take the Kashi* Cardboard Challenge.

We’re out to prove that good food can taste great – especially when it comes from Kashi*. I’m so sure you’ll agree, I’ll even eat a Kashi* cardboard box if you prove me wrong.
So please, make sure I don’t have to eat more than my words! Simply click YES! to go to our website and take the challenge.We’ll send you a FREE Kashi* bar of your choice – see the delicious selection below – then ask you to vote for taste and not for cardboard disgrace.

Kashi did a similar challenge a couple years ago. I think along with the free bar was a cents off  coupon for  Kashi bars.


Budget Camping and Eating Well

Here's one of my latest posts from the General Mills website LifeMadeDelicious.ca,  Good Eats and the Great Outdoors

We’ve done it! We just got back from our first unserviced camping trip. For those of you who don’t camp that means camping without hydro or water service. We figured the kids were old enough to handle it so we packed up the tent and off we went.

I purchased a WagJag  deal in the Winter for a 2 night stay at a campground that has a huge 1 acre pool and slide.  Regular price would have been $140 + tax and the deal was 2 nights for $59.  I had $50 of WagJag credits($10 for each friend referral when they make their first WagJag purchase) so I paid a whopping $9 for our 2 night stay.  Yep, $9!

It does involve more packing to go unserviced. I usually bring the electric frying pan and electric kettle when camping so that was out of the question. It was enamel pots and cooking over a fire for us. The Jeep was so full of our gear I was glad that we packed light when it came to clothes and shoes.

We were the only campers in the unserviced camping area so it was very quiet. I was looking forward to a good nights sleep after our first adventure filled day but………..the new air mattress I purchased had a hole in it. Within an hour of going to bed my husband and I ended up sleeping on the ground.

Needless to say, the next morning I woke up with a sore back and a great need for coffee. I got the fire roaring to boil the water for my coffee. About a half hour later I was sitting in my camping chair with black coffee (because I forgot to pack milk) and bagels I tried to toast but ended up burning. My wonderful husband headed down the road and picked me up an extra large coffee (with cream) to avert disaster.

It’s a good thing that my dinners were planned and ready to go. Come suppertime we were very hungry. It must be all the fresh air, swimming and hiking that sparks the appetite!

A few days before we left I started to cook.

* I made a roast beef in the crock pot. I took half the roast and cut it thinly. I then placed it in a freezer bag and topped it with homemade gravy and froze it solid.
* I also made chili and froze two cups of it in a freezer bag to top our baked potatoes.
* I washed and wrapped potatoes in foil
* Baked Rhubarb loaf
* Shredded cheddar cheese to top our baked potatoes

Everything worked out great. The supper meals stayed cold and I just needed to heat them up over the fire. The first day I cooked the roast beef with a package of Betty Crocker home-style instant potatoes. It was great to have a filling meal at the end of the day. The second day we had baked potatoes with chili and cheese with fresh grilled corn on the cob. Yummy!

I'm really looking forward to our next camping trip. Despite the burnt bagels and sleeping on the ground we all had a lot of fun. We made some memories that I am sure my children will remember forever!

Eat Delicious!

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Sales + Coupons = Great Deals

Some great deals and a bit of Extreme Couponing from Saturday

Spectro Jel $9.99 bonus pack w/full size moisturizer x2-2x $3 coupons=$6.99 each. 2 bottles will last us a year.
Catelli pasta 3/$5. Catelli hasn't had coupons for a while so they are due, LOL
Store brand whole wheat couscous $1.79
Mushrooms $0.99
Store brand peppermint tea $1.99

Shopper's Drug Mart
4 Lifestyle cookies @$1.99 -2 B1G1 FREE coupons (FB, no longer available)
I paid only 99 cents per box!
Cottonelle $4.99-$3 coupon=$1.99(reg price $9.99)
Melitta coffee $9.99-$3coupon(Websaver, no longer available)=$6.99(reg price @SDM $16.99)
LB natural almonds $2.99, no coupons but a good price

Fresh Co
Whole wheat pita $0.99 each
Peanut butter $2.99
3 Chapman's @$2=$6-$5 coupon (email company directly) I paid $1 for 3 boxes!
3 pork tenderloin marked down 30%-three $1 coupons= $5.29 each
Italian sausage $3.99-$1coupon=$2.99
cheese strings 3@ $4- three $0.75 coupons= $3.25 per pack
Lactancia milk $5.77-$1 coupon(from company directly) $4.77 there are a lot of coupon on the milk bag, bonus!
4 green peppers $1.75

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Free Kinder Suprise Egg tomorrow (Aug 29/11)

Kinder is giving away 5,000 Kinder surprise eggs tomorrow on their Facebook page. It says they will be given out around noon (EST) so be sure to check back HERE tomorrow and get your free egg!

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Free Dog food from Purina MyPuppy.ca

Purina has a great program going on right now. It is called mypuppy.ca. I ordered my puppy pack a few years ago when we adopted our dog from the humane society.

The kit contains:
  • An in-depth care guide with straight-forward advice on puppy care

  • Adorable puppy ID tag

  • Purina Pet Adviser contact information for quick and easy reference

  • Health Chart to keep up-to-date with your puppy's growth

If you don't have a puppy this is still a great pack to send away for. Your local humane Society would gladly accept your donation of puppy food.

Click here to join the MyPuppy.ca program today.

Shopper's Drug Mart deals (For the week of Aug 27)

Some great deals this week.

Cottonelle 12 double roll is on sale for $4.99 and you can print off a $3 coupon here and pay only $1.99(+ tax) Reg price is $9.99 so this is one great deal.

Melitta world harvest coffee (454g) is on for $9.99.  If you have the $3 Websaver coupon(No longer available) you can pick it up for $6.99.  This is one of my fave coffees so I'm excited about this sale/coupon deal.  Grocery store prices are $15.99 per bag so I don't purchase it anymore :o(

Peek Frean cookies 275g-350g are on sale for $1.99.  If you received your buy 1 get 1 free coupon from the Facebook promotion for the Peak Freans Lifestyles  cookies a little while ago you will only pay $1 per box WUB 2.  Here's hoping that the Lifestyles ones are on sale, the ad dosen't say.

Ultra Purex Detergent 1.6L is on for $3.99 Sunday and Monday only, limit of 4.  If you have the $3 coupon that came with the free sample(no longer available) you will pay only 99 cents per bottle(+ tax)

New Free Sample Aug 30/2011

A heads up for a new free sample from Livingwell.  Sometime on August 30th they will be giving out 8,064 samples of Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash.

Remember, you need to sign up on the Livingwell site to access their free samples.  Click here to sign up today.

Review- Chuck E Cheese's New Pizza

As soon as I say the word Chuck E Cheese my kid's get excited.  To be honest I do to.  I love playing the games with the kids!  When I was contacted by Chuck E Cheese to come and try out their new pizza I said, "Absolutely!"

I was sent a gift card for a large pizza, drinks and game tokens.  I showed my kids the online menu so we could decide which pizza we wanted before we got there.  They decided that we should get the vegetarian pizza.  Yes, my kids love veggies.

The last time we had Chuck E Cheese pizza was for my younger daughter's birthday last year.  I remember having to blot the grease off the top of the pizza and it had a really doughy crust.  It was OK but I'll tell you, the new pizza is much better,  I love crispy crust pizza.

"The new pizza features fresh, never-frozen dough, a crispier crust, fresh vegetables and 100-percent natural mozzarella cheese, freshly-grated in Chuck E. Cheese’s kitchens every day. Together, these ingredients make a “much-kneaded” recipe for a cheesier, crispier, tastier version of the childhood favorite – no matter how you slice it!"

Money Saving Tip-
Sign up on the Chuck E Cheese website for great money saving coupons.  Also, if you sign up your children they will receive a coupon for 20 free tokens for their birthday.

My kid's usually visit Chuck E Cheese 5-6 times per year.  The last two times they visited they went with my mother in law and they forgot to tell me something.  All the new games!  We had so much fun.

Thanks to Chuck E Cheese and staff (Cambridge,ON) for a great time, we'll be back!


Reactine & Benedryl printable coupons

If allergies are getting you down here is a bit of good news. If you visit Johnson and Johnson's website Livingwell.ca you can download free printable coupons for $2 off Reactine and $2.50 off Benedryl.

If you aren't a member of Livingwell it's worth signing up. They offer free samples of their products to members only. Once you sign up you will receive an email notification when new coupons and free samples are available.


Do you really need to spend?

It's that time. Time to get ready for back to school. I am in the process of pulling out the warmer clothes and seeing what fits. One of the good things about having 2 kid's the same sex is the hand me downs.

It's quite funny actually. My younger daughter loves getting her sisters clothes. She admires her older sister's clothing so when it becomes her's she is all, "Yes, It's finally mine!".  Now, she doesn't have all hand-me-downs. It's about 50/50.

I try to purchase good quality clothing so it will retain it's shape and still look good when it's passed down. I have had good luck with the Sears brand clothing (Nevada Brand) and it is on sale often.

I'm getting off pretty easy this year.  I know that my older daughter will need a couple pairs of pants, a couple shirts and a fall jacket.  Both kids will need 2 pairs of running shoes, 1 for outdoors and 1 for indoors.  Zellers has running shoes buy 1 get the 2nd 40% off and Walmart has a good selection right now as well.

I do have some rules about back to school shopping.  I make the kid's write a list of the supplies they will need then we go through it together.  I will not replace anything that is still usable just because they want a different colour ect.  The backpacks and lunch bags they used last year are in great condition so unless they rip or the zipper breaks they will be using them again this year.

Time to Figure out what the kids NEED, not WANT

My older daughter told me she needed a new pencil case, paper and a binder.  I look around the house and found 4 pencil cases and 2 were new with tags.(from birthday goody bags, christmas ect)  One less thing to buy.  We had an extra binder I wasn't using and 4 packs of lined paper I purchased last year for 20 cents a package.

My younger daughter told me she needed a red pen, a small stapler and coloured pencils.  I went on the hunt.  When we purchased our house several years ago the previous owner left about 500 pens and pencils here, she sold branded advertising items.  These were samples that she threw out and they were brand new and unused.  I kept most of them.  I didn't care that they said "your company name here".  A pen is a pen. I also have 2 old Pamper's wipes containers downstairs with crayons, markers and coloured pencils so she can grab some out of there to add to her pencil case.

The only thing I ended up having  to purchase for school supplies was a small stapler ($2) and two glue sticks($2).   I though that was pretty good considering everyone around me had carts packed with school supplies, backpacks and lunch bags.

How do you handle back to school shopping?


Sears Outlet Sale Coupon Code 40%-50% off

Offers valid from August 18-21, 2011 on selected Women’s Apparel and Home D├ęcor from sears.ca/outlet ONLY. Cannot be combined with any other bonus offer numbers. **No returns.

Save 50% off when you use your Sears Mastercard or Sears card.  Enter Sears Coupon code
941612009 at checkout.

Save 40% off when you use any other form of payment.  Enter Sears coupon code 941612010 at checkout.
Outlet Sale - August 18 - 21


Extreme Couponing! Free Purex

Extreme Couponing Canada deal! I was at Walmart and I noticed a display of the Purex 3 in 1 sheets (not the refill, the one with the container)They were on for $2 per pack. I double checked the price with the price checker and it did come up $2.

If you have the $3 coupon that came with the Purex sample (Sorry, coupon no longer available) you will get the Purex sheets FREE and Walmart pays overage on coupons now. Now that's Extreme Couponing!
$2 purex + 13% tax= $2.26-$3 coupon=You make 74 cents!

I'm not sure if this deal is at all Walmart locations but it's worth keeping your eyes open for.


Free Ruffles Spicy Ketchup chips from FB

A new freebie from Facebook. Go to the Ruffles facebook page here and request your coupon from a free small bag(sent by mail)

I don't buy chips often(not because I don't like them, but because I LOVE them) and I don't recall ever seeing this kind so it must be new.

The fine print:
Free product Coupon is only redeemable at Mac's, Couche-Tard and Circle K convenience stores in Canada. Offer available to Canadian residents only. While supplies last. Limit one (1) coupon per household. To view our privacy policy, click here

Free Reatine sample is live, Hurry and get yours!

As of 6:30 EST the free Reactine sample from Livingwell is live! Click below to go to Livingwell and get yours before they are gone!  There are only 8,500 samples left.


Free Reactine Sample from Livingwell August 16/2011

Livingwell is giving out 10,000  free samples of Reactine allergy medicine tomorrow(Aug 16)  You will need to check throughout the day because they never have a set time for when the free samples are live.

Livingwell has changed a bit and you need to sign up to be able to receive the free samples.  While you are on the Livingwell website don't forget to check out the coupons!

Click below to get your free sample (Aug 16) and great printable coupons.


$3 Cottonelle Coupon & Brandsaver Coupons /BrandSampler Samples

Here's a great coupon. $3 off Cottonelle Ultra. I registered a while ago here and was able to print off other Cottonelle coupons as well. (valid in Canada only)

You can print the coupon once per computer. The coupon I printed off today is good until September 8/2011. Keep your eye open for sales to maximize your savings and do a little Extreme Couponing Canadian style.

This TP is really nice, even my kids noticed the difference. It's more expensive than Royale so I usually only buy it when it's on sale and I have coupons.

P&G Brandsaver coupons are going to be live sometime tomorrow. The coupon booklet will also be in local papers. Click here to order your online coupons Aug 12/11

BrandSampler is live right now. I had to try a few times to order my samples and eventually was able to.

It went live while I was on holidays so I'm not sure what samples they had this time. I was able to select Cascade, Crest 3D White and Olay face wash wipe. Click here to order your samples

Also, don't forget to sign up at Livingwell.ca (Johnson and Johnson) for great samples and coupons. When you sign up they will let you know when new samples and coupons are available. They did change the program a bit a little while ago where you need to be registered with the site to order your free samples. Click below to sign up today


Yes, I've been MIA

That's right, I was MIA for a week. I've been gone to the BlogHer conference in Sunny San Diego California.

I'm in the process of doing multiple loads of laundry and off to the grocery store since there is only bread and milk here. I'll post pictures and tell you about the conference over the next few days.

A big thanks to my wonderful sponsor General Mills.  I had an amazing time and it was great to hangout with the LMD bloggers and Mom Central Canada Ladies.   If you don't already know, I'm a Life Made Delicious blogger.  You can read more about it on the General Mills website  here.


Beyond The Rack- Designer Goods Up To 70% off!

Beyond the Rack is an on-line private shopping club for women and men. BTR offers designer brand apparel and accessories at prices up to 70% off retail.

Like other "Daily Deal" sites each deal starts and ends at a specific time. If you are a registered member you are notified via email about upcoming events according to your preferences.

You know what else is great? When a friend registers from your referral and they make their first purchase you get a $10 credit!

Click here to sign up today and check out all the great designer deals!


Sears Coupon Codes exp August 21/2011


Here are some new coupon codes that I received with my last Sears order.  They all expire August 21, 2011.

941 612 783 $10 off $100 order (pretax)
941 612 784 $20 off $200 order (pretax)
941 612 785 $50 off $500 order (pretax)

Click here to shop at www.sears.ca