A Deal So Good I'm in Shock

The family and I headed out to the mall today to pick up my Sears order from the Boxing day online sale .

P.S.--The online Boxing day sale has been extended.  Dec 31-Jan 1st.  Sears is offering an additional 30% off Sears Outlet prices with your sears card (coupon code  941612739)  and 25% off with no Sears card (coupon code 941612742)

On our way through the store I checked the Christmas merchandise marked down 70%.  I picked up 6 packs of outdoor replacement lights for a whopping 39 cents a pack and 2 big rolls of tape for $1.19 each.  The kid's were checking out the marked down toy section and we noticed a BIG foam sled marked down from $69.99 to $29.94. 

Here's the kicker.......I turned around and saw a sign that said all clearance toys were buy 1 get 1 free.  My husband said there was no way that this would  be a buy 1 get 1 free.  I told him it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Off we went to the check out and inquired.  The clerk said that the sleds were considered a toy and they were buy 1 get 1 free. The kid's looked at me with huge eyes and giggled.

I gave the clerk my Sears card so he could check the amount of Sears points I had.  I cashed in $30 worth of points.  The 6 packs of bulbs, 2 rolls of tape and 2 sleds cost me a grand total of $9.17.

And that is why my kid's think I'm Mom of the year and my husband thinks my mad frugal skills make me Wife of the year.

Too bad I waited until the last day of the year to be declared the best.  Sigh, I'll have to start all over tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


*HOT* 50% off any item at Zellers Facebook Coupon

UPDATE DEC 29 @noon EST- This coupon is no longer valid on flyer items

(Thanks for the update Dawn)

HOT*HOT*HOT deal!  Zellers 50% off any 1 item coupon. This coupon is no longer on their Facebook page.(See coupon for a few exclusions) It is valid on Christmas Mark downs and Flyer items too! They have great deals on bedding,luggage(70% off) and winter clothing. Expires Dec 31/2011.
50% off any item at Zellers printable coupon

I was just there and picked up some good deals. I picked up a Hanes bra ($18.97-50%off-$3 printable Hanes coupon) for a whopping $6.48!  The kids each picked up a new foam sled for $7.50 each and my husband got a pair of running shoes for the little one for under $10 after the 50% discount.

If you are thinking about appliances GO!  Kitchen Aid mixers, toaster, vacuums and blenders.  There was still quite a bit in stock  Also a good selection of bikes $129-50%=$64.50!

Small bottles of Listerine whitening mouthwash were $5.49 at my local Zellers.  Pair it up with the $5 coupon (exp Dec 31/2011) and pay only 49 cents (Plus tax)
$5 Listerine printable coupon

If you are looking to purchase Tylenol or Nicorette products visit Livingwell.ca to print off free high value coupons before you go!


TLC Extreme Couponing Marathon and New Shows

Here's the line up for the TLC Extreme Couponing Marathon Dec 27,2011 (EST) 1pm-6:30pm.  The new TLC Extreme Couponing All Star show is on at 10pm and 10:30PM

1:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Michelle & Kelly TV-PG (L), CC Michelle clears North Carolina's supermarket shelves when she finds a good deal. In California, Kelly supports her whole family, including her daughter, sick father, and deaf and blind brother on just $25,000 a year.

1:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Heather & Bree TV-PG, CC In Florida, expectant mother Heather shops for groceries and baby clothes at Kmart. "Mississippi's Smartest Shopper" Bree who makes her own laundry detergent to save money, tries to beat her budget of $140 for a month's worth of groceries.  

2:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing April & Carla TV-PG, CC April runs her troop of seven kids with military discipline. They shop to feed 200 parishioners and their family for a month for under $100. Carla shops to feed 20 guests at her lake house and faces unexpected competition from her best friend Amanda.

2:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Callie & Kelly TV-PG, CC In Colorado, Callie's family of five lives off of student loans and couponing while her husband attends engineering school. Georgia's Kelly plans a big back-to-school shopping trip, with her best friend Candi, a rookie couponer.

3:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Missy & Nicole TV-PG, CC In Florida, returning couponer Missy plans to get 700 toothbrushes and other supplies to donate to a center that helps teen moms. Also in Florida, former marine and single mother Nicole is able to keep daughter in dance lessons because of couponing.  

3:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Katherine & Joel TV-PG, CC Katherine from New Hampshire has over 400 rolls of paper towels in her stockpile. She will embark on a major haul before taking a six month break from couponing. California's Joel is a 16-year-old who is obsessed with couponing.

4:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Michelle & Tyler TV-PG, CC Michelle from Missouri is using her coupon savings to build a dream home for her family. In Indiana, 20 year old college student Tyler hopes to pad his wallet and impress his mom with his couponing skills.

4:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Judy & Faatima TV-PG (D), CC In Connecticut, Judy is known as the "Couponator," and uses couponing to help her family and friends. Faatima is couponing in order to move her family out of their dangerous neighborhood in Detroit and wants to take her stockpile with them to Hawaii.

5:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing KT & Erin TV-PG, CC In Kansas, 21 year old single mother of two KT attempts a $4,000 haul at her local Kmart but line-item limits at the register threaten the success of her trip. And Connecticut mom Erin supports her family of five with coupons. 5:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Erin & Shavon TV-PG, CC Erin only has $150 to feed 280 wedding guests at her little sister's wedding in upstate New York. In North Carolina, Shavon's grandma left her a treasure trove of coupons with no expiration dates.

6:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing April & Carla TV-PG, CC April runs her troop of seven kids with military discipline. They shop to feed 200 parishioners and their family for a month for under $100. Carla shops to feed 20 guests at her lake house and faces unexpected competition from her best friend Amanda.

6:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing Chris & Joni TV-PG, CC Extreme donators Chris and Ashley try to get over a thousand dollars' worth of groceries for $0 in a major haul for Feeding America. In Ohio, Joni is back with her "coupontourage" in tow to help her get extra food for their donation.

10:00 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing All-Stars Carla vs. Faatima TV-PG Extreme Couponing veterans Faatima and Carla go head to head in a shopping showdown that will leave only one woman standing. With a 30-minute time limit and $500 minimum, Carla and Faatima battle it out for a chance to be the "Ultimate Couponing All Star.

10:30 pm (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing All-Stars Chris vs. Michelle TV-PG Missouri's buck-hunting super-saver, Michelle goes up against Pennsylvania's number-crunching math wizard, Chris in an attempt to donate a supersized haul to their local food banks and earn a spot in the Extreme Couponing All Stars finale. 

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Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Week Sale - Dec 25 - 29

Today only www.sears.ca is offering 40% off their prices in the clearance outlet when you use your Sears card.  Use code 941612640

Don't have a Sears card? You will still get 30% off. Use code 941612639.  Discount is valid on clothing, footwear, home decor and luggage. clothi994941694112639 941612639

Boxing Week sale at Please Mum!  Up to 70% Off!   Please Mum offers free standard shipping on orders over $50.  They have the best snow suits and raincoats.  I'll be picking up some clothes for my little one!


Relieving some holiday stress in the kitchen

Eleven years ago my family started a new Christmas tradition. It all stemmed from eating too many huge holiday meals. I’m sure that a lot of families out there experience the same thing. We celebrate the Holidays with my family, my husbands family then there’s Christmas Eve and Christmas day and lets not forget New Year’s day too.

I look forward to our “new” tradition all year. Our Christmas Eve fare mostly consists of appetizers, no turkey, ham or roast beef allowed! I am hosting this year and I have been scoping out some of the recipes on LifeMadeDelicious.ca

I’ll pay homage to my French and Italian roots when creating the menu. Growing up, we always had tortière (meat pie) and pasta with squid in tomato sauce on Christmas Eve. I’m going to switch it up a bit and make individual hand held tortière and gnocchi (potato dumplings in tomato sauce). I’ll also throw in some family favourites
• Coconut Shrimp
Savoury Snacktime Chex Mix 
Fiesta Taco Dip 
• Spanakopita (Spinach and feta mixture wrapped in phyllo dough)
• A tray of assorted cheeses and crackers
• Egg and Olive Squares (see below)

Egg and Olive Squares (based on a recipe from the Country Fair Cookbook)
1 Package of Pillsbury crescent rolls
4 eggs
3 Tbsp butter, melted
1 c sliced green olives
½ c chopped pimento peppers
1 small onion, finely chopped
4 cups of grated old cheddar cheese(I use low fat)
• Heat oven to 350°F
• Remove dough from cans, do not separate into triangles
• Unroll the dough in a 9”X15” non stick pan and press seams together
• Mix eggs, butter, olives, peppers, onion and cheese together
• Pour over crescent dough
• Bake for 17-20 minuets until the egg mixture is cook through

• Cheddar and Swiss with chopped ham
• Spread the dough with pesto and top with Cheddar, Parmesan and tomato
. • Add crispy chopped bacon

I’m also going to be baking up this Tree-Shaped Crescent Veggie Appetizer. There is also a how to video for the Tree-Shaped Crescent Veggie Appetizer Recipe here 

Disclosure:  I am a LifeMadeDelicious.ca General Mills Blogger.  As always, the opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


McCain Free Movie offer and New Printable Coupons

Mccain free movie offer
Check out specially marked boxes of McCain Pizza to get your free PIN for a movie download.  This definitely makes for a fun family movie night (the frugal way).  You can check out the selection of movies here.  These pizzas usually go on sale for $4.99 so keep your eye out.

McCain also has 5 new Printable coupons available.  All are valid until Feb 12/2012.

$1 printable coupon for McCain® Breakfast Potatoes Diced Vegetable Hashbrowns 600g.
Mccain printable coupon breakfast potatoes
  $1 Printable Coupon for McCain® Superfries® Homestyle Red Skin
(750g • any variety)
Mccain printable coupon superfries homestyle potatoes

$1 Printable Coupon valid for one McCain® Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
(Any Variety • 347g – 360g)

$1 Printable Coupon valid for McCain® Deep ‘n Delicious® cakes
Mccain deep 'n Delicious cake printable coupon

$1 Printable Coupon valid for McCain® Pizza Pockets® 4 packs and larger
McCain pizza pockets printable coupon


Time To Stock up on Pain Relievers at Shoppers and WalMart

I've spied some great sale and coupon match ups at Shopper's Drug Mart and Walmart. The Boxing Day flyers run Dec 26- Dec 29.  I always stock up on pain relievers this time of year when they are at their cheapest!

Livingwell Coupons and FreebiesWalmart Boxing Week sale and coupon match up
Tylenol 120-150's $8.76,  Photo in the flyer shows Arthritis Tylenol and ES Tylenol
If you ordered the free sample of Tylenol Arthritis you probably also received the $5 coupon.  That makes as awesome deal for you!  $8.76-$5=$3.76!  There is also a printable coupon on the Livingwell site for $3.00 off  Tylenol Extra Strength (100ct and higher) $8.76-$3=$5.76
White Glad kitchen garbage bags(assorted sizes) Sale Price $4.97-$2 printable coupon(PDF Exp Dec 31/2011) =$2.97

Maple Leaf Naturals Deli Meats $4.27- $1 Websaver.ca coupon (no longer available)=$3.27

Shoppers Drug Mart Boxing week sale and coupon match up
Dec 26th only Purex 1.47lt $4.77-$3 coupon (no longer available) =$1.77
Tylenol Muscle ache and Body Pain (72's) $$6.99-$2 Save.ca coupon =$4.99
Listerine Whitening (Large bottle) $8.99-$5 printable coupon from Livingwell.ca=$3.99
Tylenol Back Pain 40's $14.99-$10 printable coupon from Livingwell.ca=$4.99
Tylenol Arthritis 170's $14.99-$5 coupon(that came with the sample) =$9.99 


Go, Go, Go! Livingwell Free Sample is Live

This Freebie is over. If you register at Livingwell.ca you can receive updates by mail for the latest freebies and high value printable coupons. 

This Livingwell sample is live, get it now!  Remember, you need to be a registered user to receive freebies from Livingwell.

Looking for more freebies? Browse our latest free samples newsletter for Freebies.

Hurry* Get this Family Fun Gift Before it Ends

An aquarium visit soothes the soul with visions of ambling fish and bubbling tanks that call to mind the gestation pods in which all human life begins. Come full circle with today's Groupon: for $25, you get a one-year family membership to the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls (a $50 value). Each membership includes:

  • One year of free admission for family members
  • Free admission to special events
  • A free subscription to the Sea Star newsletter
  • Discounts on aquarium birthday parties
  • A 10% discount at the gift shop
  • Access to members-only touch tanks, special tours, and classes
  • Free and discounted admission to a variety of local venues and attractions
Since its 1965 founding, the Aquarium of Niagara has both entertained and enlightened guests with simulated ecosystems housing a variety of nautical residents. Customers can mingle with saltwater and freshwater fish and extend fins in apology for dropping by unannounced. A weekly schedule of animal activities allows guests to witness animals in action, from California sea-lion training and seal presentations to penguin, shark, and tidal-pool dining rituals. Patrons can head home with a salty souvenir from the gift shop purchased at a discount, a new understanding of diverse aquatic terrain, and a temporary ability to talk to whales.

In a Nutshell

Aquarium hosts saltwater & freshwater fish, sea-lion acts, seal presentations & penguin, shark & tidal-pool dining rituals

The Fine Print

  • Expires Feb 22, 2012
  • Limit 1 per person, may buy multiple as gifts. Limit 1 per visit. Must activate by 2/22/12, membership expires 1 year from activation date. New members only. May redeem across visits.


10 day Free Trial Available Now

TeachMeToday.com is an online educational resource that provides users with video tutorials on hundreds of

software titles.

Surfers can sign up for a 10 day free trial of online software training videos after completing registration.

Available are Over 400 Online Courses in your Free 10-Day Trial

The lessons are available instantly, right to your computer!  A few of the software titles available are:
  • Windows
  • Dreamweaver
  • Outlook
  • Photoshop 
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel + hundreds more.
This is a great opportunity to up your computer knowledge.  Information is power! Secure Your Job with Great Computer Skills today.

*You will need to cancel before your 10 day trial is up. Be sure you have extra time when you sign up to make the most of your free 10 day trial!

*WOW* $10 Printable Coupon

Wow! Here's a $10 printable coupon for Tylenol Back Pain.  This will come in handy when the shoveling begins LOL.  Don't forget to match up this coupon up with a sale to maximize your savings.

While you are on the Livingwell-Johnson & Johnson site you can register to be able to receive freebies which they give out about twice a month.  


Free Fun For the Family! Glow in the Dark Mini Putt

Visit Putting Edge's Facebook page, "LIKE" it and fill in your info to receive your free 12 round of glow-in-the-dark mini putt coupon via email!   This coupon expires Dec 31, 2011.

Baby Freebies


Hurry! Free Yogurt ends Dec 16 at noon

Facebook Freebie from Yoplait Asana Yogurt   Email your mailing address to receive your coupon!

Send us your address at asana@yoplait.ca and tell us in one word why you like Asana and get a coupon redeemable for a FREE Yoplait Asana 650g tub (flavour of your choice). Hurry up, the offer expires on December 31st 2011 and you have until noon, tomorrow to send us your address.

Yummy!  This Yogurt is really good, but expensive so this is a great freebie!

Gimme, Gimme Never Gets; Or Does it?

Many, many years ago I worked at a local drug store. Something happened on a daily basis that just drove me crazy. The gimmes. You know what I'm talking about, we've all seen it. The child in the toy section who throws a tantrum when they don't get the toy they want or the child that wants the checkout candy.

You wouldn't believe the number of parents who would give ME heck by saying,"I don't know why you put the candy down low where the kids can see it." I would usually shrug it off but, I really wanted to say, "Look people! I'm here to ring your purchases up, I don't plan the layout of the store. Maybe, just maybe the problem is YOU."

I vowed from that day on that when I had kids I would not play this game and I don't. Kids are smart, they know that if they bug enough the parent will usually cave in just to keep them quiet. The trick is to never give in, stay strong. Yes the first few times may be hard but stick to your guns!

I recall going through this with one of my kids.  She wanted something and was starting to throw a fit.  I brought her to a quiet corner of the store, got down to her level and told her that her behavior  was unacceptable and I knew that she could behave a lot better then that.  I told her we would stay in that corner of the store until she calmed down and it didn't take long.

Did I want to scream?  Sure I did.  But by remaining calm I diffused the situation and that was the end of it.

Why am I talking about this?  Last night we were at the drugstore and my daughter was looking at a Christmas colouring book.  She loved the pictures and told me which ones she would colour first.  I know that we have one Christmas colouring book at home that's almost full so I asked her how much it was.  She told me it was $3 and I said OK(as in I'll buy it for you).

A few minutes later I was ready to check out and she said, "OK, I'll be right back."  She ran and put the book back.  On the way home I asked her why she didn't get the colouring book and she said,"I didn't know I could, I didn't hear you say so."

That's right, I do let them get a treat at the check out once in a while but I ASK them if they would like something, not the other way around.  Am I a softy.......yes, I picked up the colouring book when I was out today because I am so proud of her behavior.  I think she'll be pretty excited to find it in her Christmas stocking.


Free Listerine until Dec 16/2011(pay the tax only)

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed that they had the 473ml-1L bottles of Listerine on sale for $4.99.(Sale ends Dec 16,2011)

I was glad I had my coupon binder with me because Livingwell Canada (Johnson & Johnson) has a $5 Printable Coupon for the Listerine Whitening (which is the kind I use) on their site right now and I knew I printed off a couple coupons.(To get this deal you will need to purchase the Listerine Whitening 473ml)

Extreme Couponing Canadian Style!  I purchased 2 bottles @ $4.99=$9.98+13% tax=$11.28-$10 in coupons= $1.28  The only thing you will pay is the tax!

Here's a copy of the coupon if you wish to print it from here(exp Dec 31/2011)


Reminder! Aveeno Freebie tomorrow

This Freebie is over!

New freebie available from Livingwell on Tuesday, Dec 13. 10,000 Free Samples of Aveeno Lip Conditioner with SPF 15. I Can't wait for this one! Don't forget that you need to register with Livingwell to get this free sample.

This freebie will go live at some point during the day.  You will need to keep checking the site to see when it goes live. 

I'm expecting this one to be gone within an hour or two.  We'll see tomorrow if I guessed right :o)

Earn Rewards just by Scanning your Purchases

 Yes, that's right. You can earn rewards just by scanning your groceries! How Does it work?

Apply to the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel. Membership is completely free. When a member of your household shop, you'll use the scanner to scan the UPC bar codes on your purchases. And then, once a week, using your scanner, you'll transmit this information to Nielsen for free.

PhotobucketAs a member, you'll earn valuable gift points for sending in purchase information each week. These gift points can then be redeemed for name-brand gifts from our extensive gift catalog.

  • Q. Who is Nielsen?
  • A. In more than 100 countries, Nielsen provides clients the most complete understanding of consumer and media behavior. Nielsen provides a precise understanding of the consumer to help their clients make decisions that can lead profitable growth for nearly a century..

  • Q. Who uses the information I provide?
  • A. Consumer-product manufacturers and retail stores need to know what products all types of households use. This helps them decide what products to continue manufacturing and selling, which ones to improve upon, etc.

You can apply to join the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel here.  Since this only takes and hour or two a week it looks like it's a worth while program to join from a well established company.

You can view a little video about Nielsen here