2012 is MY Year

As a child I was always the chubby one who would come home crying every day because I was teased about my weight. By the time I entered high school I had slimmed down to about 128lbs.  I walked to school everyday which was 4Km round trip and usually walked or rode my bike to work which was 8Km round trip.  That means most days I was riding/walking 12km/8miles

Needless to say after high school the weight returned, all 30lbs.  I was driving now and walking was usually reserved for taking the dog out for a walk around the block.  My problem was that I was still eating as if I was still walking/biking 4-12km.  5 years later I lost 25lbs, moved and got married.  My weight stayed constant until baby #1.

Baby #1 was a hard one.  Extreme exhaustion mixed with severe nausea for 3 months took their toll.  I didn't gain much weight the first trimester, then I started to feel better.  I think I ate for 3 instead of 2.  I had very bad sciatica pain and didn't really get off my butt much for the next 6 months.  Grand total weight gain prior to giving birth was shocking; 58 lbs!

Once I could resume exercising I did.  Baby #1 was VERY colicky and a buggy ride was sometime the only thing that would calm her down.  By the time she was 6 months old I had pushed our buggy around so much that we needed new wheels!  The week I finally got back to my pre-pregnancy weight I found out that baby #2 was on the way!

I was very careful about my diet.  I purchased a pregnant workout video and did it daily, sometimes twice a day and I kept on walking.  My sciatica issues returned but not nearly as bad this time. This second time around my weight gain was only 30lbs and I was back in shape and toned up in about 8 months.

I was busy; really busy.  Baby #2 was crawling up the stairs at 6 1/2 months to follow her sister (who was potty training)  I was tired, exhausted and absolutely done!  For the next 2 years most nights consisted of broken sleep, 2 hours here, 3 hours there.  Over tired children (#1 stopped napping 1 month after #2 was born.  #2 stopped napping totally by 9 months!)  teething and nursing were taking their toll on me.  I dropped down to the smallest I have ever been,124lbs.   I'm guessing that this weight was not enough for my frame and the bags under my eyes were bad because I kept getting asked if I was feeling alright. 

Never fear, the weight found me again.  The kid's are older and  independent now.  We purchased our first computer and I spent a lot of time on it taking courses from my local college and starting this blog.  I also sustained a shoulder injury that put me out of commission for 6 months.   Very slowly the weight crept back.  Over the next 7 years I put back on 20 lbs.  I was cleaning out my closet and found some pants back from the 124lb days.  I can't pull them up over my thighs EEEKKK!

Now that I look back at my eating habits I can see why the weight came back.  Exercise was sporadic, and so were my meals.  Since I work from home I don't "pack a lunch".  I usually grab peanut butter toast for breakfast and lunch, 1 and 1/2 pots of coffee throughout the day, some half and half cream, crackers, fruits and pasta.  I'm a carb junky.  Too much of a good thing is just too much.  

That was my breaking point.  Enough is enough.  Enough with the jiggly bum, and good-bye flappy underarms.  I'm done with you! 

Come back tomorrow to read about me, WeightWatchers.ca and how I'm doing.

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