Dollar Days Sale at Zehrs

Zehrs has some crazy good sales on this week. These sales are so good that when I went to Zehrs at 10am this morning some things were SOLD OUT (GGRRrr)

*Allen's Juice Boxes 8x100ml $1 I don't give my kids much juice so I bought a couple of these to have when we are "out and about"
*Marc Angelo pork kabobs pack of 2 $1 I had $1 coupons(email company) so my 4 packs were FREE!
*Jane's pub style burgers, strips and nuggets $5
*Apples, pears, avocados $1 LB/ea
*PC LG frozen shrimp $5 (save $6.49)
*1.75L Nestea/Five Alive or 1 Lt Choc milk $1
*Campbell's tomato, ch noodle, veg or cr of mushroom 2/$1
*Kraft 475ml Mayo $1 They only had full fat so I skipped this one
*Splendido pasta or Bravo Sauce 680ml $1
*Kraft salad dressing 475ml $1 (Low fat varieties were all gone )
* I can't believe it's not butter 454g $1 (sold out)
*Corn Flakes 200 gm $1
* Minute Maid  Frzn OJ $1
*Mccain fries 680gm $1
*McCain Pizza pockets 2 pack $1
*Popsicle or Chapmans 6-12's (select kinds) $1
*Listerine 250ml $1
*Irish Spring 2 pk $1
*Mccain cresendo rising crust pizza $4.99 free movie download on box
*Knorr Sidekicks $1  I had Buy 3 get 1 free coupons (tearpad and in store display)

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