Looking for Equal on sale at Walmart for #cbias

I’m out on the hunt again for Equal sweetener as part of a shoppertunity for Collective Bias. This time I’m heading out to Walmart in search of the Equal canister that is on sale for $7.97.  Do you know what I really like about Walmart?  They never give me a hassle about printable coupons and I can price match sales from other stores which saves me time and money and gas! I usually shop here at least twice a month, sometimes more depending on the sales.

Time to get ready to shop! 

 Being Money Saving Canadian Mom, I MUST browse through my local flyer first to match up sales with coupons I have. I'm like Santa!  I’m making a list and checking it twice. Other items I’ll be scooping up while I’m there-Oranges $2.77 4lb bag, lemons, cheese $4.44 500g brick, avocados 67 cents, Dempster’s bagels $2, Herbal Essences $2.37 (I have 50 and 75 cent coupons). I’m sure other items will make their way into the cart because the whole family is coming with me!

Load ‘em up and head on out 

 Brrr, It’s cold out there! First we are going to Harvey’s for supper to use a gift card we received for Christmas. Once the troops are fed, we will head to WalMart. 

When we arrived at Walmart my husband fetched the shopping cart, daughter #1 had my coupon binder and daughter #2 had my shopping list; off we go.

First stop Herbal Essences. I need a styling product with super mega hold for my new flippy hairdo. I found some “set me up” maximum hold gel that is suppose to hold your hairstyle in a hurricane so it will do. Next stop Equal. I was looking for the Equal in the yellow canister this is on sale right now. Regular price is $9.97 and the sale price is $7.97. If you have an Equal coupon this deal will be even sweeter.(pun intended ;o).

I found the sale priced canister of Equal in the aisle by the pharmacy where all of the sweeteners are.   The canisters definitely stand out being a cheerful yellow colour and there were 4 facings of it.  It looks to be selling well as I had to pull 3 canisters to the front so my picture above looked pretty.
 Next we were off to pick up a few things from the grocery section.   We had to make a pit stop along the way to pick up some puppy/kitty Valentine's day cards that were on an end display.  I could tell the kids were getting tired and I scooped up the last few things I needed quickly.  At the checkout I let the kids pick out a treat because they were very patient.  Yes, they think I'm a cool Mom.

If you would like to find out more about Equal Canada please visit their website here. You can also connect with Equal Canada on Facebook and Twitter

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  As always, the opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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  1. Great savings advice!! My kids have the 'hold the coupon binder' job too!!