My Weight Loss Journey Started with a Click

I was on Weight Watchers years ago. It helped me loose my chub before entering high school. Back then the program was much different. You were allowed so many carbs, fats, fruit, veg and protein a day. Once you ate it you checked off the little boxes. The all new Weight Watchers 2012 points plus program is VERY different.

Here's how it happened for me.  I saw a commercial on  TV that said that you could sign up for free with the purchase of a 3 month on-line program.  Since I'm a cheap frugal person I thought I would check it out. 

Here's the deal.  When you sign up for a 3 month on-line program Weight Watchers will wave the $39.95 registration fee.  A regular 1 month on-line program is $61.90 but with this deal you get 3 months for $65.85. 
I suffer from Mom guilt.  I very rarely purchase anything for myself.  I had a manicure once 14 years ago, a pedicure when I was 9 months pregnant when I couldn't reach my feet, I'm wearing some sweaters I've had for over 5 years.  On the rare occasion that I do make up my mind to go shopping for myself I usually come home with something for the kids. (Sigh)When I calculated it out, the 3 month savings plan is about 70 cents per day.  Am I worth it?  Hell yeah.  I registered on the night of Dec 25th and started on Dec 26th.

 The Weight Watchers website is very helpful.  There are exercise ideas, lots of recipes and articles packed with information.  That night I took the iPad to bed with me a read it all!
It is so easy to keep track of the food points.  I can access my Weight Watchers control panel from my PC or my iPad.  They have a great Weight Watchers app that I downloaded a few days ago and totally love!

I visited my local library and picked up a Weight Watchers cookbook for some inspiration.  A word of wisdom- If you are reading a WW cookbook and it shows how many points the food is make sure it says "POINTS PLUS"  this is the new 2012 program.  If the recipe just lists "POINTS" you will just have to use the Weight Watchers handy dandy food calculator to recalculate the points.  Not a big deal, but we want to calculate points properly!

First things first. What's a healthy weight for you? Find out at WeightWatchers.ca My BMI healthy weight calculation is:

Tomorrow I'm talking all about Weight Watchers and all of the yummy things I ate on New Years Eve and still lost weight!


  1. I love their cookbooks! I have the old one with the old points on it, but using that calculator I can change it over. The stuffed french toast is one of my favourites :)

  2. I have the 123 Success cookbook from 1998(when they first started with the points) It has an awesome pot roast recipe. The same recipe is in the new points plus cookbook so no conversion needed for that one!