What's going to be on sale for January?

The holidays are over and if you didn't plan well or went "spending crazy" you are feeling the pinch on your wallet.  With the start  of a new year means new coupons!  Keep your eye out when you are shopping for coupons on the shelf(tear pads)

Here's a list of things that are typically on sale in the early months of the year.  This is a good time to stock up on healthier items and support the most popular New Year's resolution: to lose weight.

  • Chinese new year is coming up.  V-H sauces had an in store coupon booklet last year with coupons for Pam spray, Hunts tomatoes, V-H sauce.  I'm going to check for it this week at the grocery store (fingers crossed)
  • Cereals and cereals bars, break out the coupons and stock up now.
  • Home organizational items such as tote bins, wardrobes, pantries and closet organizers
  • Yogurts
  • Paper products 
  • Bread
  • Juices
  • Vitamins
  • Winter clothing. The stores are ready to put out the spring clothes and want to get rid of this stuff
  • Batteries for all of those Christmas toys
  • Fish/Chicken
  •  Weight Watchers Online: Sign up for FREE when you buy a 3 month savings plan (offer ends Jan 31/2012)
  • Frozen pizza (it seems that every store has pizza on sale this week!)
  • Exercise equipment
  • gym membership deals (Groupon, Wagjag ect)

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