Bathing Suit Season is only 93 days away! Weight Watchers update

I was recently in Florida for a week and we stayed at the Orange Lake Resort. (I'll be telling you all about the resort later on this week)

If you are a regular reader you know that I started the WeightWatchers on-line program back in December.  Did I count points while I was on Holidays?  No way!

Since I have been on the program for a little while I know roughly what I can eat in a day.  I tried to pack in lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains to keep me full.  When we went to the ice cream store I had a few bites of the kid's ice cream instead of getting my own.

When we go to Florida I always get a few churros (Mexican donuts sticks with cinnamon sugar)  but this time I had half of one.  Yes, I even had a few pina coladas poolside. I figured that I was going to burn off most of my extra calories walking around Epcot and Universal.

I was really glad when I got home and I was only up one pound.  Two days after we got home I was back on the Weight Watchers plan full force.  I had to go to the grocery store to restock the fridge since we only had a frozen pizza, some apples, peanut butter and a frozen loaf of bread.

I am happy to report that thirteen days after getting back from holidays I have lost that extra holiday pound and am down one more!  Woo Hoo!

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