Do you know how to use coupons properly?

I have a few rules that I stick to when using coupons and here they are:
  •  Don't buy a product just because you have a coupon.  If it isn't something you usually use you are actually spending more! Check the price of similar items on the shelf. You may find a comparable product that is cheaper then your coupon item. 
  • Combine coupons with sales! This method can really save you money. I recently purchased same brand name cereal. Regular price was $4.99 on sale for $1.77 and I had 75 cent off coupons. So in the end the $5 cereal cost me $1.02 a box. 
  •  Donate excess items you get with FPC (Free Product Coupons) Sometimes when companies run promos or have a new product they send out free product coupons. If it isn't something I would use or I have a few coupons I like to donate some excess. Your local humane society would gladly accept paper towels, cleaners, dog/ cat food and litter. Personal care products like razors, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant can be donated to a woman's shelter or food bank. 
  •  Organize! If your coupons aren't organized then it is really hard to know exactly what you have. I purchased a cheque size accordion file folder at Dollarama for $1.25 and it is the best ones I have ever had!   I take about 15 minutes once a month and pull out expired coupons. Another handy tip is to paper clip similar coupons together. I have a "personal care" section and paper clip together all the tooth care, hair care, and soap to be able to find coupons quickly while shopping. 
  •  Trade coupons A lot of money saving forums have coupon trading sections. The way it works is people list extra coupons they have and what they need. I have also done trades where I have traded coupons in exchange for Canadian Tire money and stamps. You can also trade coupons with friends and family. For instance I may save some diaper coupons for my sister and she saves me dog food or coffee coupons. You may even have neighbors who don't use coupons and recycle their coupons inserts from the newspaper, just ask if you can have them. 
Happy Couponing!


  1. I disagree with your comment on not using a coupon to buy a product I normally would not buy. I find this is great opportunity to try a product that I have never tried before without having to pay full price to try it. Sometimes I find a great new product that otherwise would have never tried if I had not had the coupon.

    1.  In terms of using coupons to save money, purchasing something you don't usually purchase just because you have a coupon means you are spending more.

      Think of it this way
      You have a coupon for $1 off melita coffee which isn't your usual brand and costs $13.99
      Your usual brand of Maxwell house coffee Is $8.99
      Purchasing the melita coffee for $13.99-$1=12.99 will cost you $4 MORE than the Maxwell house. By using the $1 coupon it cost you $4 more than your regular brand.

      I'm not one to try out a lot of new products but if you are I would definitely suggest combining a sale with a coupon to get it for as little as possible because you may not like the product.


    2. I see what you are talking about in that aspect Deanna and yes, that would be silly in that scenario. I thought you meant that if you never use (as an example) hamburger helper don't buy it just because you have a coupon. If it's on sale and you have a coupon so you can get it cheap, that's the time to try something new in my opinion, but in your example, if you are happy with maxwell house (my favorite brand) then why switch up to a more expensive brand. However, if that same melita is on for a good price and you have a coupon that makes it dirt cheap, why not give it a try. Chances are if you don't like it, you can pass it on to a family member or friend that does like it and haven't spent a lot to find out. I am one to try new products all the time but I always match up sales with coupons. I have discovered a lot of new products that I and my family like this way. And I love paying as little as possible to test them out.
      Thanks for replying to my post Deanna, keep up the good work!!!

    3. Since coffee is something I usually purchase then yes, if it's on sale and I have a coupons AND it's cheaper then my regular brand I would try it out. I buy coffee anyway, as long as it's not Folger's I'll drink it even if it's not my fave LOL

      What I am mostly talking about it purchasing things that you wouldn't normally use because you have a coupon. I've done it in the past with things like the swiffer vacuum/wetjet. Sure, I got it cheap but the refills are expensive so I don't use it=waste of money. My regular broom and mop work just fine.

      Or like on Extreme Couponing where ppl are purchasing choc bars 2/$1 and using buy 2 save $1 coupons to get it free. (paying tax only) Or a whole cart load of instant ramen noodles that contain a lot of Fat and very little nutrition just because it's free.

      I often pass up companies giving out free product coupons or high value coupons for products I don't usually purchase. If I don't usually feed my family boxed mac and cheese, processed lunch meats, white bread, white pasta or ramen noodles. I won't add it to my cart for the sake of "getting something free" or dirt cheap.

      That being said, sometimes if I do have FPC for things I don't use I will pick them up and donated it to my local food bank.

      Thanks for commenting Tammy, it's nice to know someone out there is reading :o)