Mmmm..Frugal Valentine Goodies #LMDBlogger

It’s been busy at my house. My husband’s been working a lot and the kid’s are busy with school and activities On a recent cold, windy and snowy Sunday I was trying to avoid the inevitable, “Mom, I’m bored”. Now it was time to put my plan into action!

I sent the kids to their room for a bit of quiet reading time so I could quickly bake up a batch of Betty Crocker Gluten Free vanilla cupcakes. A few days prior, I purchased fancy cupcake liners, candies and icing to bake and decorate these fun treats.

I set the table up with all the goodies:

• Betty Crocker Fluffy white icing
• Betty Crocker Decorating icing that came with 4 icing tips(this totally intrigued me)
• Red Cinnamon Hearts
• Conversation hearts
• White and semi sweet chocolate chips
• Coloured course sugar and assorted sprinkles
• One dozen vanilla cupcakes
 Once I was set up I gave them a shout and they both came running! It was pretty funny because they both fought over who was going to use the can of blue Betty Crocker decorating icing first. I have to admit, I was a bit frightened for my white dining chairs but it worked out fine. Whew!

I also gave them both a plate to work on. Other then a few run away sprinkles that the dog ate we were mess free. I let them loose to decorate and have fun. They really like activities that require them to use their creativity. They even let me decorate a few.

I think the cupcakes turned out wonderful and they thanked me several times because they had so much fun!
 Money saving tips- I always pick up a few boxes of Betty Crocker cake mixes and icing when they are on sale. It makes a quick, fun and versatile dessert. I purchase my coloured sugars and sprinkles at my local bulk store and refill my own bottles. It’s much cheaper then purchasing sprinkles at the grocery store and the bulk stores usually have a better selection.

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