My Affordable Florida Vacation-part one @JetBlue @Expedia

Is it possible to not spend a lot on a vacation and still have lots of fun? You bet it is! Today I'm going to fill you in on some money saving tips from my recent Florida vacation.

Plan and plan some more. We have been to Orlando twice.  In the past we visited Florida the first week of February into the second week.  Both of these vacations the warm weather arrived our last 2 days of vacation.  This year I planned it a bit differently.

I have booked all of our vacations through Expedia.ca. I played around with the dates to get the best pricing.   I knew that I wanted to book for 1 week so after investigating the dates in February flights after Feb 15th prices went up so I booked from Feb 8-15.

When booking a "vacation package", (either a pre-made or book-your-own) including flight, hotel and rental car you do get a bit of a discount.  To save even more money we fly out of Buffalo.  The drive is about half an hour longer for us to go to Buffalo instead of the Toronto Airport but is definitely worth it.  Buffalo Airport is smaller and much less chaotic. 

One BIG bonus of flying out of Buffalo is that the flights are cheaper.  If you are thinking of flying Buffalo-->Orlando, I highly, highly recommend JetBlue.  The planes are spacious, the seats are really comfy, your first bag is free(if it is within the acceptable size/weight limits)and the price is right! Our flight were around $220 each (that's to Orlando AND back)  When comparing prices with the Hamilton and Toronto Airport for direct flights flying out of Canada to Orlando was going to be between $400-$650 per person.

 I'm sure their were some flights that were a bit cheaper leaving from Canada being connecting flights or leaving super early.  Getting up at 2am to head to the airport or connecting flights that are longer and wreck havoc with your ears is not for us.  Taking off once and landing once is more then my ears can handle! 

An added bonus, especially if you are flying with kid's is JetBlue's great selection of free snacks, drinks and everyone has their own TV.  It was so funny, the kid's each chose 2 snacks and had a mini picnic party on the plane.  JetBlue has some of the friendliest and attentive inflight crew members hands down!

In Part 2 (coming soon) I'll tell you all about our fun stay at Holiday Inn Club Vacations- Orange Lake Resort Orlando

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