Record gas prices hit U.S., on the rise in Canada | CTV News

We were was in town last night and heard on the radio that the price of gas was going up AGAIN.   Since the gas tank was only 1/4 full we pulled into the nearest gas station and filled up at the value price of $1.31/L.  I remember my father just about loosing his mind when gas went over 30 cents per litre around 1990!

Then I got home I put on the 11 o'clock news.  First up......... RECORD HIGH GAS PRICES.  Figure this out, the price of crude oil decreases and some of the oil companies decide to increase the price of gas.  I think the Toronto area is going to be hit hard.  It's obviously a money grab.  Hopefully they will be dipping into some of the reserves to lower the prices.

This automatically makes me think about things I can do to save money on gas.  I'm trying to only go into town once a week to get all of my errands done in one shot.  Instead of running into town to pick something up at the library or that carton of eggs I need, I've been getting my husband to stop on his way home from work as he drives right through town.

We have two vehicles, a Camry (hubby's) and a Jeep Liberty (mine).  Since the Jeep uses more gas we have decided to drive the Camry more.

 I think the boat should stay in the garage this summer.  I can't even fathom pulling up to the pump to fill up the Jeep and the boat.   My ulcer is tingling!

What are some tactics you do to use less gas when prices are ridiculously high?  Click Here to have your say and be rewarded for it from Angus-Reid

 Record gas prices hit U.S., on the rise in Canada | CTV News

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