Check out this bunch of Printable Coupons

Save $1 printable coupon when you buy a 12-double roll or 24-single roll pack of Cascades Enviro® bathroom tissue or a 6-roll pack of Cascades Enviro® paper towels. This coupons has a limit of 2 per person.

Since Earth Day is coming up next week I image this should be on sale next week, check your flyers!

There is a new site called wonderlist.ca.  (run by the Toronto Star)  They have a few good printable coupons available and they expire Dec 31/2012.

$2 off Schick xtreme3 razor: Since this coupon is only $2 I would just use the $3 coupon below.  It does say any Schick razor and you will save an extra dollar ;o)  http://www3.thestar.com/static/TSMK/...ree_print.html

$3 off any Schick Razor.  I just picked up a bag of Schick ladies razors last week for $5, I'll keep my eye open for upcoming sales so I can stock up on a few bags.   http://www3.thestar.com/static/TSMK/...one_print.html

$1 off Edge or Skintimate Shave gel.  The great thing about this coupon is that it doesn't say that you can't use it on the trial sizes! ;o) http://www3.thestar.com/static/TSMK/...two_print.html

$2 stayfree printable coupon

Freebie Alert!  Here's one I'm excited about!  $2 printable coupon for Stayfree ultra thin regular with wings.  The great thing is that you can use this coupon on sale items and they go on sale for $1.99- $2.49 often!  The coupons they have been putting out lately say that they can't be used on sale items so paying $4.49- $2 coupon=$2.49 isn't a huge savings.  Coupon expires Jan 31, 2013. 

Save $1.50 printable coupon on any Kotex by U products.  I just printed off one this morning and it expires May 2nd so it may only have a 2 week expiry once you print it.

Assorted Printable coupons from Bayer for the following products:
Ozonol , Bactine, Alka Seltzer, Phillip's MOM, Dermal therapy heel care cream and Canesten cream.  You need to register then you can print off your coupons.  I just printed the coupon for Bactine and it expires June 30,2013

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