Do you hunt for coupons?

Are you an avid couponer like me? I always have my eye open for coupons when I'm out shopping. My kids are well trained to scope out coupons too!

Yesterday I was out to pick up a few things at Shoppers while the kids were at Girl Guides.  I had an extra 20 minutes to waste so I put those minutes to good use and headed over to Metro!

I`m glad I stopped because they had some new coupons out.  I was looking for Bick's coupons and low and behold there they were! 

Here`s what I found:
75 cents B/D Cheese strings or Fun Cheese (8-16's) exp Dec 31/2012
$1 Febreeze (any fabric refresher, any size!) exp July 31,2012
$1 WUB2 any Bick's products exp Dec 31/2012
$2 Dove VisibleCare Body Wash exp Dec 31/2012

There was also a coupon for Nutrigrain bars (50cents) but I didn't grab it as we don't like these. What I was really on the hunt for was a rebate form for the Dare promotion where you buy 5 products and get a $15 gift card back.  Oh well, I'll check back next week!


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