Get your Coupon for the Secret 20X the Points @ SDM April17

I sure am glad I get email updates from Shoppers Drug Mart! They are having a secret
20X the points shop on Tuesday April 17. This shop is a little different then the one they had yesterday.  For this shop you will need to present this printable coupon.

Don't forget, if you want even more points purchase a $50 SDM gift card.  You will get(Regular)points for the gift card , then use it to pay for your (20x the points)purchase.




  1. At the bottom of the coupon said gift cards cant be purchased.

  2. Yes that's right, It's a standard exclusion for SDM 20X bonus days. You won't get the 20X the points for the gift card but you will still get regular optimum points, then use the gift card to pay for your 20x the points purchases.

    I'll clarify that in the post