HOT>> P&G Beauty Samples available

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P&G has a Beauty and Grooming Sample pack available now. Hurry over and get yours because these go fast!
 The site is s..l..o..w.. right now so be patient.

I got to choose 3 of 4 samples.  I chose Pantene aqua light shampoo and conditioner, Olay Regenerist creme, and a venus razor.  The other choice was a men's Proglide razor.

Update April19th (am) I'm guessing the site is undergoing maintenance because of all the people trying to order these samples.  It was ridiculously slow yesterday.  Right now it says that samples will be available in early April.  I imagine if they didn't have any samples left they would have put a message saying so.  Check back today, you may get lucky!


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