My Blog is worth more than a Frozen Pizza Part 1

Are you a blogger? Have you been bombarded lately with offers from companies who want you to work for them for FREE?

 First off, who the H.E. Double hockey sticks works for free? I couldn't imagine approaching a company or business and saying to them,"Can you do this for me? And by the way, I won't be paying you."

Have you ever been approached by a company who wants you to run a giveaway and do a review of their product in exchange for, oh let's say A frozen pizza? A review/ giveaway requires-
  • Usually a few emails/phone calls to discuss the post/ giveaway with the company
  • Use the product so you can review it (allow for cooking time, ect)
  • Write about the product and giveaway  including links and images you have uploaded and sized
  • Spread the word (multiple times)about your giveaway by posting to Twitter, Facebook and find  giveaway linky's to promote your giveaway.
  • Go through and post the comments (entries)
  • pick a winner
  • notify the winner, wait for them to get back to you
  • notify company of the winner
I think a fair estimate would be 4-5 hours work for a review post and to run a giveaway.  Your $5 pizza is the equivalent of working for $1 an hour! Did I use to work with companies like this?  Sure, when I first started but now I realize that my time is worth a lot more than that.  You should set a price that you are comfortable with and ask for it.  I think if we all started doing this we would get less and less requests for us (Bloggers) to work for free.

Yesterday I received seven emails BEFORE lunch, from companies wanting me to talk about their products/ services/companies/events ect. for free.  Great isn't it?  If they are asking me to write about their company or product, add keywords and links than that's advertising and it's not free.

 I've even been interviewed my a major newspaper and they only included my name in the article not my blog website which felt like a kick in the can. If you are not being paid for your interview/opinions at the very least they can include the link to your website!   It makes me wonder why the heck I'm doing this if my time, and effort are not worth them paying for.

 Some( but not all) companies are so off the mark with what a blog or a woman's influence is worth. I think there comes a time when a blogger needs to evaluate their blog, the income from it and the hours put into it. I know when I first started I put in more then a full work week reading about blog design, SEO, key words and good ol' HTML (computer speak)

I  have received a few emails from people asking me quick ways to make  money from blogging because they were thinking about starting a blog.  Um..hello?  You are going about it all wrong. I didn't even put any form of ads on my blog the first year.  Things you need to do first are
  • Start  a blog
  • Find your niche
  • network
  • write good, helpful content
  • Be indexed by Google, Yahoo ect
  • Get a loyal following
When I started my blog back in 2009 it was to share coupon and sale info with friends and family and it quickly grew from there.  Back then average unique readers would be about 60 per day.  The second year I reached over 100 readers a few times (which I thought was pretty good) Then I experienced an overnight growth in readers to almost 3000 visitors per day due to the TLC Extreme Couponing show.  To this day, the post I wrote about TLC Extreme Couponing in April 2011 is still the most popular post that is read on my blog.  As my blog became more popular, especially during the height of the Extreme Couponing craze I probably almost doubled my work load just trying to answer all of the emails I was getting. 

Of course I knew that the craze would die off, and it did.  I  now get about seven to eight thousand visits per month. Has income died off, well yes it has. For instance, yesterday I put in 5 hours of work writing up a few posts, searching around for deals and took care of some  phone calls and emails from readers and companies.  Grand total for yesterday was less then that $5 pizza I mentioned above.

Do you know about the different ways a blogger can make money?  I'll be talking about that next in part 2 


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  1. Awesome Post!! And sooo true!! Cant wait to read Part two.