Taking Care of the Nasty #FinishRevolution

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I HATE DOING DISHES. This puts me in quite a predicament since I love to cook! Needles to say, my stainless steel, tall tub Bosch dishwasher is my most used (and most loved) appliance. On an average day it usually runs twice, if I am baking a lot sometimes three times!
 For my second Finish Quantum post I was asked to put it to the test. Well, I'm game for that! Easter was just a few days away and I was going to have a lot of really dirty, greasy, sticky, baked on dishes. On the menu was homemade cranberry sauce, honey glazed ham, stuffing, scalloped potatoes and mixed veg.

Here is the aftermath of the delicious meal-
I told everyone we could have dessert once things were cleaned up. Since there was a goal in site, the table was cleared, dishes put in the dishwasher and table was wiped clean in only ten minutes.   I like letting Finish Quantum do the work for me; I really do!
Mmmm, yummy Easter bunny cake
 I was anticipating what I would find when I opened up the dishwasher.  Voila, all clean.  Even the casserole dish with baked on scalloped potatoes, which usually  needs to soak for a day, was sparkly clean.

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