What's MSCM picking up at the Grocery Store?

I get asked often exactly HOW I shop so here's a break down of my money saving strategy! I've posted before about my stockpiling of goods I use back in November.

Take stock of what you have once a month so you know what you have and what you need.

Here's a bit of an update about what I've got on hand right now and what I'm going to be looking for in the next few months to add to my stockpile pantry. 

Here's what's in pantry #1.  I'll be looking at add:
4 penne and 4 macaroni (the kid's love pasta salad in the summer)
2 egg noodles
4 whole wheat cous cous ( salad again, we love it)
Ziploc bags- 3 large freezer, 3 med freezer, 2 sandwich bags, 2 snack size bags
Red hot-2 bottles (like the commercial says," We put the &h%t on everything")
Tomato soup- about 12 cans should get me through the next year.  Metro has buy 4 save $1 coupons
Heinz beans- if on sale for less then 70 cents per can I'll grab 1 dozen tomato and 1 dozen maple
Garbanzo beans- 6 cans for hummus
Diced tomatoes- 6 cans
Ragu- on sale for $1 this week, I'll grab 4-6 jars
Uncle Ben's brown rice (large bag) I've got 2 left and go through about 1 per month.  I'll get 2
Light tuna- I've only got 2 cans left so 8-10 should do for a while.  We like tuna sandwiches.

Pantry #2
I've got several boxes of cereal so unless I get FPC I'm not going to need any for a while
Premium plus crackers- 1 or 2 boxes
Jams- I make my own so no need to buy
Hair mousse and hair spray-Herbal essence is on for $1.99 this week and I have 50 cent coupons.  I'll get 2 of each and that should last 3-4 months
If I find a good deal on dishwasher soap I'll pick some up.  We need about 50-60 loads worth per month.  Yes, you have a lot of dirty dishes and pans when you cook mostly from scratch!
Jet dry turbo-1 large bottle
Coffee- 3 large cans.  Max is on sale this week for $6.99.  I'd hate to run out and pay $13.99 per can!
large bottles of water- a few more. We have a well so if the hydro goes out we have no well pump=no water.  I like to have several on hand, just in case.
Oasis juice 1 LT carton- I've got 4 and it's on sale this week for 99 cents.  The kids drink about 4-5 a month so I'll grab 8 and I won't have to buy it for a couple months.

About Bread  I have been purchasing the Chalet bread from Dollarama.  I know, dollar store bread?  It's really fresh, they get it in three times a week and it's $1 a loaf.  If I'm out at WalMart I'll grab their bakery bread they bake in house.  It's 97 cents a loaf.  The only thing is you have to get them to slice it and it takes forever.  I just waited about 10 minuets to get 3 loaves sliced last week.

In the freezer-
We purchased 1/4 of a naturally raised cow from a local farm in September.  I've got several ground beef, eight 2lb packs of stewing beef, a 4 lb prime rib roast, one 3 lb pot roast, 4 beef shanks, and 2 rib steaks left.  I'll order another quarter in September at a cost of  $2.89 per pound(if the prices haven't increased)  I know grocery store ground beef sometimes goes on sale for $1.99/lb but this is sooo much better.  When I cook it there is no weird ground beef smell like the grocery store kind or grease to drain from the pan. 

We purchased half  of a naturally raised  hog (60lbs) from a local farm in January 2011. I'll order another 1/2 hog this month since we all really like BBQ sausage and pork chops in the summer.  I think we paid around $2 a pound so another 1/2 should be between $120-$150 and it will last several months.

I purchase chicken on sale when it is $2.99/lb for the boneless skinless.  I have 8 breasts in the freezer right now that I vacuum seal 2 breasts to a bag.  Chicken is on sale this week so I'll grab one or 2 family packs at an average cost of $13-16 per pack.

You know what's awesome?  I cashed in some  Airmiles points for 2 metro gift cards (2 x $20) and I just got them in the mail yesterday.  I love stocking the pantry for free!  If I have enough points when Shoppers has their bonus redemption days I'll pick up things like rice, canned milk, band aids and toiletries.  

Great deals I picked up this morning at the grocery store!

  • Gay Lea spreadable butter- Sale at Sobeys $1.99/ half pound and I have $1 coupons.I picked up 6, They freeze well
  • No Name baked beans- I hit the Jack pot!   Zehrs has their store brand baked beans for 75 cents/can and they have 15 cent coupons on the shelf.  I picked up 10 and since they don't expire for almost 3 years I'll pick up a dozen more later this week because I've got room for them and it's something the kids LOVE.
  • Knorr sidekicks- This isn't something we eat on a regular basis but they come in handy on a busy night and they now have less sodium.  I picked up 8 for 99 cents at Zehrs and had b3g1free coupons =  75 cents each
  • Max coffee- large cans at Zehrs $6.99
  • Metro Mccain pizza 2 pack $5.47
  • Ham at Sobeys was marked down half price and they were still good for a few days. I picked up 2 and put them in the freezer.
  • Aurthers smoothies 1/2 price @ sobeys-still good for 1 1/2 weeks $2.25
  • 3 cans of tuna at Shoppers on sale 99 cents/can 
Now I need to go and put this all away {sigh}

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  1. Great advice!! We buy the Chalet bread from the $ store too...it is wonderful and has that old time taste.