All New Season 3 of Extreme Couponing starts tonight

Are you ready for it? The new season of TLC Extreme Couponing Starts tonight. I'm sure I'll have something to say about it tomorrow ;o)  You can see some of the great couponing deals I have picked up here

 Episode 1 @ 10:00 pm EST (30 minutes) Extreme Couponing (Season 3) Erin & Dominique Messy Missouri couponer Erin tries to get a haul worth over $2,000 for free, but her unorganized method may be her downfall. Kentucky college student Dominique and his frat brothers use their stockpile of gelatin for a pool at an epic college party.

 Episode 2 @10:30PM EST Extreme Couponing (Season 3) Cole & Angelique Ohio high school senior Cole clips coupons in class. He enlists his ex-girlriend to help on a vital shopping trip, but her antics in the store imperil his haul. In Washington state, pregnant couponer Angelique must restock her shelves before baby comes.

Will you be watching or do you think the craze is over? Wondering if TLC Extreme Couponing is possible in Canada? Read more about it here


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