My Extreme Couponing deal from Walmart

I picked up such a great deal at Walmart I just had to share because I'm giddy about it!

This week Walmart has the Mini Wheats Centres on sale for $2.97.  Right now there is a $1.50 Websaver.ca coupon for Mini Wheats! 

I knew this was a good coupon so I asked some family members and friends to order the coupon for me and I ended up with seven coupons.

When I got to WalMart the stars were aligned, they actually had it in stock.  BUT....here's the absolute best part of the whole deal.  Kellogg's has a promo on right now called Share Your Breakfast where inside the boxes of cereal is a PIN number for a free breakfast item AND they make a donation to Canada's two largest breakfast charities.  It's a Win-Win.

 I don't usually buy mini wheats but they were a big hit.  In 3 days they have almost polished off 2 boxes!  The free item coupon comes via Websaver and you don't need to order the minimum 3 coupons to get your freebie(which we appreciate!)

My freebie choices were:
  • Silk soy milk
  • Silk Tru Almond Milk
  • Tetley tea
  • V8 Fusion juice
  • Danone Yogurt
  • 2 lbs of Bananas
  • Activia 
  • Coolision yogurt tubes 
  • Eggo waffles
I ordered 2 Tetley tea, 1 Silk Soy Milk, and 4 Almond milk.  Woot Woot!

Another Extreme Couponing Canadian Style deal in the Walmart flyer was Children's Tylenol.  It says various kinds are on sale and Livingwell (Johnson and Johnson) has a $3 printable coupon for Children's Tylenol on their site right now.  My kid's take the adult pills now but if I did have youngsters I'd be picking this up!


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