Shopper's Drug Mart Bonus Redemption this Weekend

I just received this card in the mail today from Shopper's Drug Mart. They are having a bonus redemption this weekend! (May 12-13)
Cash in 50,000 Optimum points and get $100 off (an extra $15)
Cash in 95,000 and get $200 off (an extra $30)

I only have 50,000 since I don't shop at SDM very much.  I usually wait and cash them in for stocking stuffers and such at the end of the year.

Back when I use to purchase diapers I would accumulate much more points. I'd take advantage of a springtime Bonus Redemption and stock up on things like band aids, sunscreen, bug spray and allergy medicine.

Will you be cashing in your points?  If so, what will you be shopping for?


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