"Glad" I scooped up this deal today, Woot! Woot!

So, I've been to the Home Depot 3 times this week as the never ending home renovation is still in full swing (year seven!). While I was at the cash register I noticed a big display of Glad Kitchen Catcher bags. The sign said, "Special Buy" and the price was $5.50.

 Since I don't usually bring my coupons to Home Depot I missed out the first two trips.  Well, today I got them  when I went to pick up some special order items we order last week (yeah!) I had six $3 off coupons that expire Sept 16/12 so I was desperate to use these suckers before they expired. I have been writing the date on the box of bags when I open a new one to figure out just how many boxes I would need for 1 year. It worked out to just under six boxes.(of the 48's, more about this later ;)

Well, I must be tired, or something. I grabbed 6 boxes headed to the check out, used my coupons, paid and drove home.  Then, I started to look at the box.  I usually buy the smaller box (48) when they are on sale for $4.99 so $5.50 for 100 bags is an awesome deal even if you don't have a coupon!

Now I have enough bags to last over 2 years instead of one.  I guess it's one less thing to buy for a while LOL!

I'm not sure how long these are on "Special buy" for so if you want to scoop up this deal go now!  I think it's at all stores as the deal is list on their website 

Grand Total
6 bags @ $5.50 =$33
Less coupons $3x6=$18
$1.95 Tax
Total $16.95 or $2.83 per box of 100

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