How I got Supper for Free!

I had a nice surprise in my inbox this morning! Groupon sent me an email that said they were giving me a $5 credit on my account. Woot!Woot!

 I took a look at the Groupons available and just my luck, I found one I will use. There was a Groupon for a local burger joint, $14 for a $30 credit! The best thing is that I got it 100% free!

$14-$5 credit from email=$9. I still had $11 of Groupon credit from previous referrals so I cashed it in. I think I'll be saving this Groupon to use on a night when I don't feel like cooking :o)

If you would like to earn referral credit from Groupon, register for your Groupon account  and start refering deals to friends and family.  You will earn a $10 credit for each person who purchases their first Groupon!  You may just get a surprise email with bonus credit like I did.



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