Update-9,000 Optimum Bonus Points is a no go!

I went to SDM today to pick up one box of the Jamieson Flu Shield. As stated in the flyer~ $9.99 with 9,000 bonus Optimum points. I needed 5,000 more for the Mega redemption on Dec 1st.

When I got to the check out it rang up $13.49! I went back and SCOP it and got it free. When I inquired about the bonus points I was told it was 500 NOT 9,000 as stated in the flyer.  Since I SCOPed it the Cashier scanned my receipt and gave me my money back so I assume that I won't get any BP for it now.  GGrrrr

So many people have been taking advantage of these bonus point promos. They ran a promo a little while back when you bought 4 Cadbury bars you got 8,000 BP. Some people where going and buying 40-60 of thee bars....really! Now, these are the same people who would go on purchase 20-40 of the baby wipes for the bonus points. 

You hear the same story..I bought 40 BUT there was lot's left on the shelf. Well, if 6 people go and buy 40 each it can  pretty easily clear out the store.

On the part of SDM they should put limits on these promos BEFORE it starts. Limits like 1 bonus offer per card. 

 So sick of this!


  1. Shoppers posted a notice on their facebook page -not sure if it is on the website or not- as well as by the front door at my store to say they had made an error in that flyer about those bonus points.

    1. I never think to check the SDM Facebook page. I guess I should from now on!

      There was no notice on the door of the store or on the shelf. The cashiers didn't know anything about it until they called the supervisor who filled them in.

      You figure at the very least they would at least have a sign on the shelf!


  2. They are pretty good about posting updates on Facebook. It's worth checking out.