New Coupon + Sale= an Awesome deal

SmartSource now has a printable coupon for Weight watchers Smart Ones frozen meals, buy 5 save $3. Smart Ones are on sale this week for $1.99 at a couple of places this week.  Don't forget if your store won't accept printable coupons you can price match at WalMart.
weight watchers smart ones coupon

5 Smartones@ $1.99 -$3coupon= $6.95 or $1.39 each.  If you buy the chicken quesadilla there are 2 in the box.  I like to have one of these for lunch with a salad and one quesadilla breaks down to 70 cents!

Get your Weight Watchers Smart Ones coupon here!



Some Great Deals this week!

Amazing deals this Week! Break out the coupons people! Time to stock up this week. Here’s a list of what I’m picking up this week.

 Sobeys (I went this morning)
2 Cloverleaf tuna(big can), flavored in olive oil $1.99-$1 coupon $1.98
2 Egg Creations $2.99 – B1G1 Free coupon $2.99
Pork Chops on sale $5.89
 OOP $10.86 Coupons used $4.99 

FreshCo (I went this morning)
Cucumber 79 cents
5Lb carrot 99 cents
5LB onion 99 cents
Sour Cream sale $1.49
Olives $1.68
Oranges $1.07
Eggs 2@$1.87 less $1 tearpad coupon =$2.74
Pears $2.27
Awesome deal** Europe’s Best Gourmet veggies-I picked up 3 of the sweet potatoes, the shelf said $3.47. I have $2 coupons but they rang up $1.97. I made 3 cents per bag LOL $+.09
Minute Maid OJ juice boxes 2@1.97-2@0.50 coupons=$2.94
Lysol kitchen spray for counters $1.97
Tomato 67 cents
Zucchini $1.75
Nectarines $ 2.57
Milk sale $3.77
Perogies (special treat for DD’s homecoming from a trip today) $3.99
Finish Quantum $4.99-$2 coupon =$2.99

Total OOP $33.46, coupons used $10. I will also submit the receipt for the Finish MIR and get back the $4.99 plus tax (65 cents) for the Finish so once I get the refund OOP will be $27.82

 Shoppers Drug Mart (I went this morning, this sale ends tomorrow, Sept 21)
4 Natural Instincts Haircolour @$6.99 – 2@ B1G1F coupon +tax=$14.50
Last week I received a free $10 gift card with purchase over $50. I don’t usually spend that much at SDM but they had some good sales and things I needed AND I used over $20 in coupons Woot, Woot!
After my free $10 GC, OOP for the 4 boxes of Hair colour was $4.50 or $1.13 per box

WalMart-What I’ll be getting tomorrow!
4 Aylmer Accent tomatoes 540ml $1. I have b2S$1 coupons making them 50 cents per can
Advil Cold and Sinus pills 40+10 bonus $5.94- $3 coupon from Advil nighttime=$2.94. Visit advil.ca for a printable $2 coupon and pay only $3.94.

Shoppers Drug Mart
 Sat/Sun only Cottonelle 12DR $4.88-$2(from inside previously purchased cottonelle) = $2.88 I think there are $1 coupons out there right now.
Hot Deal! Dempster’s bread $1.99-$1 websaver coupon= 99 cents each
CG makeup 35% off. I need some LashBlast mascara and I have a B2S$3 Brandsaver coupon

Uncle Ben’s rice, large bag $5.99-$1 coupon
Ziplock bags(assorted sizes) $2.49-50cent coupon
Hot Deal! Dove 4 pack soap $2.99-$2 coupon (I think it's still available on  FB here) 
Hot Deal! Tresemme hair care/styling products$3.88-$1 tear pad coupon=$2.88 *I picked up these coupons at Shopper’s, they always seem to have them on the shelf so stop there first and check if you need this coupon!

What are you shopping for this week?

Happy Shopping!


Renovating or Redecorating? Check this out!

Are you thinking of renovating or re-decorating your house?   We have just entered our 7th year of renos and I'm glad to report we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I've blogged about my bathroom reno  (read about it here: Part 1 and Part 2)

We are just finishing up with the laundry room/storage area.  When this is done we only have 1 room left!  Woo Hoo!

I must say that one of the most time consuming parts of a reno project is sourcing all of the goods needed to get what you want, at the best price.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could source all of the items you need under one roof?  Well, if you are feeling the same way and have a store in your area, check out Direct Buy!  Right now they are offering a free pass to check out their store.
  • DirectBuy members get access to more than 500 top brands and hundreds of thousands of products – all at confidential dealer prices with NO hidden retail markup – including kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, furniture, flooring, electronics, bathroom fixtures, accessories, and much more! 
  •  One stop shopping – get unmatched savings, selection, and service all under one roof. No more driving all over town searching for the best prices and products.
  •  Save even more with Club Exclusives – DirectBuy members get exclusive limited-time deals every week via email that result in savings above and beyond the everyday low prices already available. And in most cases, you can order right from your computer or mobile device! 
  • To find out how you can join thousands of Canadians already saving, simply fill out the form and we’ll send you a FREE Guest Pass and information kit, complete with everything you need to know about getting started with DirectBuy Canada.



Easy Way to get a free $10 Amazon Gift Card(until Sept 15/12)

Nestle Baby Program
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P & G Brandsampler is LIVE!

A quick heads up that Brandsampler is finally Live!! Head over and order yours now, they go fast!

I got to choose from Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Bounty paper towels,  Febreeze set and refresh, Scope, Tide Pod, Downy unstopables and Crest Whitestrip.  Woot!


"Glad" I scooped up this deal today, Woot! Woot!

So, I've been to the Home Depot 3 times this week as the never ending home renovation is still in full swing (year seven!). While I was at the cash register I noticed a big display of Glad Kitchen Catcher bags. The sign said, "Special Buy" and the price was $5.50.

 Since I don't usually bring my coupons to Home Depot I missed out the first two trips.  Well, today I got them  when I went to pick up some special order items we order last week (yeah!) I had six $3 off coupons that expire Sept 16/12 so I was desperate to use these suckers before they expired. I have been writing the date on the box of bags when I open a new one to figure out just how many boxes I would need for 1 year. It worked out to just under six boxes.(of the 48's, more about this later ;)

Well, I must be tired, or something. I grabbed 6 boxes headed to the check out, used my coupons, paid and drove home.  Then, I started to look at the box.  I usually buy the smaller box (48) when they are on sale for $4.99 so $5.50 for 100 bags is an awesome deal even if you don't have a coupon!

Now I have enough bags to last over 2 years instead of one.  I guess it's one less thing to buy for a while LOL!

I'm not sure how long these are on "Special buy" for so if you want to scoop up this deal go now!  I think it's at all stores as the deal is list on their website 

Grand Total
6 bags @ $5.50 =$33
Less coupons $3x6=$18
$1.95 Tax
Total $16.95 or $2.83 per box of 100

 Are you a Swagbucks member? No? Why the heck not! It's FREE :) Join today and start earning rewards.