Easy Treatment for Dry Flaky Lips

Dry lips.......I hate it. Irritated, uncomfortable and flaky. I think I had read about this treatment in a magazine when I was a teenager and have been doing it ever since.

  You will need a soft toothbrush, a washcloth and some unflavoured/uncoloured lip balm
  • First I wet the washcloth with warm water and hold it to my lips for a minute to soften the dry flaky skin. 
  • Next, gently rub the wet toothbrush on your lips to exfoliate. Be gentle! If I am doing this on the kid's lips I just use the washcloth to exfoliate as it's a bit more gentle.
  • Follow up with a good coating of lip balm.
   I find when my lips are sore and irritated any lip balm with colour or a lot of flavouring adds to the irritation.  I never buy the kids highly flavoured lip balms like Lip Smackers because I find that it encourages lip licking that leads to more irritation and dryness.  We also had an issue years ago with a certain person in my house EATING her lime Jello lip balm and her sister's Hershey's Chocolate lip balm!

My personal favourites are:
  • Aveeno lip balm with SPF 15 
  • Nivea Hydro Care.  This one dosen't have SPF so I use it sometimes before I go to bed.


  1. Deena good old vaseleine works really well at hydrating and moisturizing dry lips(and no child will eat it )

  2. I use to use Vaseline but I have read a lot lately about the harmful effects of petroleum products.

    The Aveeno seems to have more natural ingredients IMP