Free T-Shirt from Kelloggs

Kelloggs has an awesome deal on right now! Here's the details~

Kick start your 2013 Resolution with this great offer from Vector* and New Balance®! You will be able to collect PIN codes from Kellogg's* Vector* 400g promotional packs in order to redeem for a FREE† limited edition New Balance Lightning DryTM T-Shirt.

 One unique code will be printed inside specially marked boxes of Kellogg's* Vector* 400g meal replacement packs. Two PIN codes will allow you to receive one FREE† limited edition New Balance Lightning DryTM T-Shirt. Shipping is free! 

All PIN codes must be redeemed by April 30, 2013 to be eligible for a FREE† New Balance Lightning Dry T-Shirt. If you are interested, I would get in on this deal ASAP, these shirts won't last long! 

Last week Zehrs had Vector on sale for $3.99. Metro(Ontario) has it on sale this week for $3.99. I picked up eight boxes of Vector @ 3.99 and used eight $2 Websaver.ca coupons I have been saving. 3.99x8=$31.92-$16 in coupons= $15.92. That is an awesome price for 8 boxes of cereal and 4 shirts!

P.S- this cereal is a meal replacement(high in protein & vitamins) which makes it calorie dense.  I pre-measure 55g servings, it's easy to eat a lot of this cereal because it's so tasty!

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