Shopping brag! $5 coupon for Weight Watcher Smart Ones

This shopping trip was so great I have to brag! I stopped by Walmart last night. They had the Smart Ones frozen meals on for $1.97. If you visit eat your best on Facebook you can do a little quiz and print off a coupon worth $5 when you buy 4 Weight Watcher Smart Ones!  If you want more then 1 coupon ask your friends and neighbors to help you out!

I usually cook everything from scratch but....I have a huge problem with lunch for myself.  I'm usually busy then forget about lunch and by 2pm I'm starving but I hate making food for one person so these come in handy.  

I purchased the chicken and cheese quesedillas and the egg muffin type sandwiches with cheese, egg white and ham.  When you purchase these two kinds you get two in a box so 1 box will do for two lunches! 

Here's what I got~
~Weight Watchers Smart ones meals 12 @ 1.97
~Arther's Smothies 2 @ $0.67
~Kid's Listerine flouride rinse $4.67

 Subtotal before coupons- $29.65

Coupons used~
~3x $5 smart ones ($15)
~1x $4 Listerine (found on adult large size bottle I purchased last month at Zehrs)

Grand Total with tax =$11.43!
Since the Smart Ones meals will feed me two lunches it breaks down to a whopping 36 cents a day (plus a homemade side salad)  I'll be eating good for a while!

PS- The smart ones are on sale in the new Metro flyer for $1.88- price match at Walmart to use the printable coupon!

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