What to purchase in January

The New Year is upon us! Here is a list of "to look for items"

The obvious- Holiday decor

Look for left over holiday items marked down really cheap.  Things I am picking up include wrapping paper,  replacement Christmas lights, holiday themed tableware and candles.

If you absolutely must have the humongous blow up snow globe carousel or 12 foot high Grinch for your front lawn, now is the time to get  it.

Gift sets- You can find these marked down 50% or more.  Looking for the biggest bang for your buck?  Use coupons!  Let's say you find an Olay gift set with 3 products regular price $20 marked down to $8.99.  You can use your $2 off Olay coupon and grab it for only $6.99.

I've got coupons for  Olay, Gillette, Venus, Old Spice and Nivea so I'll be checking for some great deals when I am out shopping today. 

Winter Wear-  Look for great deals on coats, sweaters, hats, mitts and the like.  Retailers are making room for the spring clothes.

I was eyeing some sweaters at Mark's.  Before Christmas they were $49.99 each.  I waited until after Christmas and picked up two sweaters @ $24.99 each.  I used my $10 off a $50 order coupon and a $30 gift card I got for Christmas and paided only $16.48 out of pocket.  I'll be looking snazzy for less!

Off season items- If you are looking for items such as fans and air conditioners you may just find a great deal.

Electronics-  I call January TV month! You can also enter to win a Samsung Plasma TV from Womanfreebies.ca - Ends: February 4th

Furniture- Lots-o-sales on for the month of January.  Half of the flyers in my newspaper this week were furniture related.

Seasonal produce- This month look for root veggies, brussels sprouts, citrus fruits and cabbages to be cheapest.

Food items- Look for items like whole wheat pastas, rice, peanut butter, whole grain cereals, pasta sauce, tuna, and oatmeal.  Special K just came out with a new line of products and there are high value coupons on Websaver(look for sales!) Also "diet" type foods such as Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice will be on sale.

Exercise Equipment- ahem~ If you must, or wait and buy it *almost* new at garage sales this summer LOL

White sales- If you need towels, bedding or the like check your flyers!

Renovating?  Look for sales at your local home improvement store and bonus air miles ect. for things like tiles, paint and flooring.


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