#Zehrs Made Me Feel Like a Criminal~ Really!

Last night I did my usually Wednesday night groceries. Boy, that was a mistake....Zehrs made me feel like a criminal because of my coupons.

Here's what I had:

From 2011 promo.  2012 promo was for cereal or bars!
Free product coupon for Kashi Cereal or Kashi bars. This coupon was from the Silk milk promo back in September.  This is the second year in a row that the company ran this promo.  You had to purchase Silk milk and enter info found on the carton and Silk sent a 3"X5" coupon for a free box of Kashi cereal or bars up to $6.49. 

I purchased the Kashi bars for the kids to snack on during our upcoming roadtrip.  The customer service lady looks at the coupon, looks at me and says that it's weird I didn't have to purchase anything to get a free product, it's just free.  She looks at me, looks at the coupon and looks puzzled  

I remain calm and explain that I DID have to purchase a carton of Silk milk and they sent out the coupon.

The next coupon was a Free product coupon for Rice Krispies cereal, any flavour, 340g-525g.  I picked up the correct product (Rice Krispies 420G vanilla flavour $5.99)  The customer service lady looks at me, look at the coupon, flips it over and sees it's a Websaver coupon then looks at the product again.  She tells me,"Its so weird that it's just a free box of cereal without buying anything".  Then she tells me it's weird that that coupon dosen't have a dollar limit on it.  IT DOES!!  It said $6.99.  She complained that the print was too small so I asked here to pass it to me so I could read it but she said don't worry about it.  How gracious.
OMG!  I'm dying here but remain calm.  Seriously?  In the past 2 years there have been a lot of free product coupons for various cereals like Great Grains,Kashi, Cheerios Chocolate and Gluten free Chex that I can recall off the top of my head.  I blogged about this Kelloggs holiday cereal giveaway on their Facebook page here in December.

This week alone I have scored a FPC for Butterball turkey bacon and FPC for Maple Leaf bacon!  I also just received my FPC for a box of Special K cracker chips this week.  Wonder what she would say about these :op

Next was a Free product coupon for Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations.  Value up to $4.99.  This was from a Lean Cuisine Facebook giveaway that I blogged about here.  They gave out 2,000 a day for two weeks.  For some reason this FPC from Websaver was OK with her.

Zehrs had Jamison products on sale half price.  I had various $2 coupons from Websaver.  You can order these often and the expiration date is pretty decent.

I purchase three kids chewable vitamins @ $4.49 each.  I had three coupons that were save $2 on ANY Jamison product.  The customer service lady says,"It's weird that there is no package size."  Are you flipping kidding me?  Do you know how many products and different package sizes the Jamison company makes?   Any means ANY, as in all, as in everything.  Are they suppose to list all of the product sizes on a 2"X3" coupon?  It really didn't matter because apparently she said she can't read small print anyway!

Then I have 6 boxes of calcium chewables  on sale for $6.49.   I was excited to see them on sale this cheap as I usually pay about $10 a box on sale.  I give her 4 coupons for $2 off ANY Jamison calcium product.  Then I have to hear the whole shpeel again about how it's so strange there is no package size.  Then I gave her two coupons for the last 2 calcium chews.  It was the $2 off ANY Jamison product.  She is confused.

By this point I am so glad I didn't use the free product coupons I have in my purse for toothpaste, Drano septic pouches and baby formula.

I'm not sure if I'll be back to this store.  I can't believe how my coupons were scrutinized and it truly made me feel that they thought I was ripping the store off with fake coupons.  Perhaps I'll be doing some price matching at Target when it opens up this March/April at the Cambridge Centre.



  1. I understand, I had a similar experience at WalMart but I think it was the cashier more than the store. She was an older lady who felt the need to complain about the extra paper around the coupon that I hadn't trimmed and then she made various comments about what I was buying-I shouldn't feel the need to justify my purchases with the cashier.

  2. I have had the same issue with my Walmart NUMEROUS times. I get the raised eyebrows, the huffing and puffing. I even had a cashier tell me it wasn't fair for me to use coupons when it was a busy time. The last straw came when the cashier made a fuss about me photocopying coupons - really lady? They had different PIN numbers. So I send Walmart an e-mail complaining - I am SO fed up!

  3. Sometimes its just the cashiers attitude. There is a cashier in my hometown local store that gives attitude anytime I use a coupon as if its money out of her pocket, lol.

  4. My husband does our grocery shopping. I write out the list on an envelope from the flyers and have the coupons inside and he picks everything up. Well, the last 2 weeks he gets home and I check the bill to see that they have not given credit for all the coupons. He drives back to tell them and get a refund and they act indignant. This week he had 3 of the Safeway Texas Hold'em tickets that we won a free chocolate bar on. He bought the 3 bars with our other groceries and only one coupon was taken off. There is no one in customer service so he goes to the cashier he had gone through and points out that 2 of the coupons were not taken off. The cashier at the next till yelled over so everyone around could hear, "You can only redeem one of those a day!" So I guess these cashiers decided if you try to redeem more than one they can just keep the others and then embarrass you as well. It would have been so easy for her to just tell him at the time that you could use only one and return the others to him instead of him having to make a trip back. It is hard enough to get men to use coupons, so this really was the last straw. I don't know why these people who have such attitude take jobs where they are dealing with people.
    These stores need to train these cashiers on coupons and accepting them graciously.