Kitchen Blunder that lead to Discovering something Super Yummy

Yesterday was Family day here in Ontario. We had the great pleasure of getting together with our friends and their kids. I made the kids a pizza party with a movie to watch and the adults got to enjoy a meal around the dining room table uninterrupted...... for the first time ever!

For dinner I made homemade Salisbury steak with onion gravy, crispy roasted potatoes and garlicky sauteed veggies.  I was a little stuck on what to make for dessert.  We don't eat dessert often but I think it's a must when company is dining with us.

I decided on oatmeal cookies.  I whipped up a batch with no problems,  I've made this basic recipe many times before.  They turned out terrible.  Dispite following the recipe exactly I ended up with cookies that were half risen and had gooey spots.  I tried one and they tasted like baking soda.  I thought I did something wrong!

I pitched the cookies and made a batch of "muffins that taste like donuts".  Once again, a recipe I have made many times but it didn't turn out.  I measured the baking soda very carefully but these little babies didn't taste like donuts, they tasted like baking soda.

Then my daughter said,"maybe something is up with the baking soda".  I think she was right, no more yellow box no name baking soda for me!

I pulled out a box of cake mix and made 2 dozen cupcakes.  I wanted to frost the cupcakes but I was out of icing sugar and the grocery stores were closed for the holiday.

I started looking on the internet for icing recipes using regular granulated sugar.  Boy, did I ever find a recipe!  It's called "The best frosting I've ever had' and it TRULY is!  It's not too sweet and it turned out light and fluffy.

I've never made a cooked icing but I am now a convert!  Who knew that flour, milk, butter, vanilla and granulated sugar would make the best icing ever.  Get the recipe here


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