DIY Ikea Expedit Unit into Upholstered Storage Seating

For those of you who are regular readers you know that my husband and I just entered our 8th year of a DIY whole house reno.  In a perfect world I would have unlimited funds, hired workers and a second place to live while this has been going on but......It is what it is!

We are just finishing up the lower level of the house right now.  Once it's all straightened out I'll post more about it.  Here's a quick DIY project my husband and I did together last week.  

The lower rec room is long and narrow (12'X35").  The left side of the room is our TV area and on the right we have a long rectangular table for crafts and games.  I knew I wanted a bench to run along one side of the table and we also needed storage for crafts. FYI Upholstered benches are NOT cheap.

I thought why not do a DIY!  I had a $45 IKEA Gift card and picked up this Expedit Unit for $69 ($79.09 taxes in)  After my gift card I paid a whopping $34.09!

 Once I got the unit home and assembled it I measured the top and my handy dandy husband cut a piece of plywood the same size.  While he did that, I headed out to a local fabric/craft store and purchased a piece of high density foam.

I have a bunch of Waverly and Richloom upholstery fabric that I got super cheap during a Fabricland store closing sale.  I bought this fabric to make a Roman Blind for my kitchen window a couple years ago.

I paid a whole $4 a yard plus I got a discount for finishing the bolt! (reg price was $18 per yard)

Now for assembly!
  • Place the foam on top of the cut out piece of plywood.  
  • Use a sharpie marker and draw a line on the foam where it will need to be cut.  
  • Using an electric knife cut the foam to size
  • Spray glue the plywood and place the foam on top

  • Cut a piece of fabric to fit leaving a few extra inches more then you need
  • Wrap the fabric tightly around the foam/wood 
  • staple the heck out of it

  • Screw the top down to the Expedit unit
  • Tout Fini! (All Finished!)


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