Black Friday Double Cash Back PLUS Money Maker deal!

Only 1 day and 11 hours until the official start of Black Friday People!! I love getting a deal BUT one thing I can't stand is the busy hussle-bussle and waiting in line forever to pay.  I have started to do most of my holiday shopping online or order on line and pick up in store which saves a ton of time.

Ebates.ca is offering double cash back deals galore on Black Friday.  I LOVE Ebates.  I just ordered a washing machine that was on sale from Sears.ca.  I received $16.22 cash back from Ebates, I also received 1% cashback from my Visa card AND I also have a $10 credit from a friend I referred.   The cash back rewards add up quickly!

 Money Maker!
Ebates.ca usually rewards you with $5 for each person you refer who makes a $25 or more purchase via Ebates.  Until December 31/13 Ebates.ca is offering a fantastic bonus! For each person you refer who makes a qualifying purchase you get $10 cash back!  Here's the best part.....If you refer 5 people Ebates.ca will credit you an additional bonus of $25 cashback!

5 referrals at $10 plus $25 bonus means you could earn $75!  Start referring Ebates.ca today!

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