Kellogg's Connections~ Accepting New Participants! (Ends June 19 @ 11:59pm EST)

Kellogg's Connections is accepting new Canadian Participants over the age of 18.  If you are interested go now and register here!  OVER

By joining the Kellogg's Panel, you can look forward to Participating in short online surveys about a variety of topics and having the opportunity to win great prizes on an ongoing basis.


FREE Dempster's Veggie Bread (Facebook, Limited time offer)

Dempster's is giving away 2,000 free loaves of their new veggie bread on Facebook. The giveaway has ended for today but they will be back tomorrow between 9am-5pm EST.

You can order a $1.50 coupon via Facebook to try out this new bread. I saw it at my local Metro store (Ont) yesterday for $3 a loaf but I'll bet it will go a bit cheaper then that.

 From Facebook:
" Hi everyone, All 2,000 coupons have been claimed for today but never fear we have more on the way tomorrow sometime between 9am - 5pm EST."

Good Luck! 



The PineSol Challenge!

I'll admit it, I am a cleaning freak. I must spend 75% of my day cleaning. Dirt is my enemy! I have always used Pine Sol. The smell just makes everything so fresh and it works great too. Every time I use Pine Sol to clean my husband comments on how nice the house smells. (read this article from last year about how Consumer Reports ranked Pine Sol #1 all-purpose cleaner. Gold star for me!)

 I was contacted a little while back asking if I would like to participate in the Pine Sol challenge. Well, I was ALL over that one!

Here's what I was sent:
Paper towels, 2 sided cleaning sponge, notebook, gloves, bucket, cleaning cloth and a bottle of Lavender  Pine Sol.

 I must be truthful.  I was a little disappointed when I received the above package.  I always use the regular Pine Sol.  I dislike the smell of lavender very, very much.  I don't like lavender candles, soap or anything else scented with lavender.  I even pulled it out of my flower bed because I hated walking by and catching a whiff of it.

Since these bottles are sealed you can't smell them so I wasn't sure what to expect from Lavender Pine Sol.  All I have to say is I am a convert.  I LOVE the smell of this more then the original Pine Sol.  I know, I'm just as shocked as you are!

I am so glad that they sent me the big bottle and here's why~

I live in the country.  We have lots of property and lots of "critters" (possum, deer, skunks, coons ect)  So, I was out in the garden last week.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the dog was running around.
While I was pulling some weeds out of the flower bed, my dog Rusty comes running over to me all happy like.  Then it hit me.

HE ROLLED IN SOME CRITTER'S POO!  (yes, I'm yelling here)  Don't let his angelic looks fool you.  Bad Dog

Since we haven't installed a wash tub down stairs I had to wash Mr Bad Dog in my beautiful bathroom.  I was so grossed out.

After 3 shampooings and one oatmeal conditioning treatment the stinky dog was smelling pretty good but my bathroom was demolished!

Pine Sol to the rescue.  I scrubbed the tub twice and washed the floor.  Heck, I even washed my hands with it because I wanted ALL the germs gone!

What a day!  After my bathroom clean up I had a bath and decided the only way to make this day a little better was to enjoy an icy cocktail, cheers!

Disclosure~  I was sent a Pine Sol cleaning to facilitate in the writing of the post.  As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.