$84 cash back for me!

I am super excited! I just checked my Ebates balance and I am getting mailed a check for $84.57.   The great thing about this is that most of this money was made from referring friends to Ebates!

Here's my break down:
$14.57 Cash back from purchases I made
$30 Cash back for referrals that made qualifying purchases
$40 refer-a -friend bonus cash back

I'm going to set this cash aside to help me stock up my pantry again.  My pantry is starting to look like Old Mother Hubbard's!

 Here's some awesome news to pass along.  Ebates referral program has a fantastic deal going right now!
Earn $5 for each friend that you refer to Ebates who makes a qualifying purchase of $25 or more.  For every 2 qualifying referrals you make Ebates will give you a bonus of $20!  Just think, if you have 6 qualifying referrals you will earn 6 x $5=$30 Bonus $20 x 3= $60    $90 for you!

So get out there and spread the word to all of your frugal friends! I'm sure they would appreciate the great  cash back deals from Ebates!

Disclosure:  The above contains my referral link.  A big thanks to all who use it 

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