What an Awesome Deal! {Start the car}

Almost 5 years ago I told you all about the great deal I scooped up at Zellers for my new bedding set. Well, a couple of months ago when I was at work the dog decided to hop up on the bed and scratch the heck out
The Culprit
of my comforter.

 Needless to say it was ruined by all of the thread pulls....bad dog. (Well, sort of) To tell you the truth I was
getting pretty sick of looking at the same bedding for the past 5 years so this escalated my search for a new bedding set. I checked several stores and found that the one I loved the most was from Sears.

The bedding set is called Leila and it's a 7 piece set.   What I didn't love was the price....$219 for the queen size.  I decided to wait for it to go on sale and order it on line to get cashback through Ebates.ca and maybe use a Sears coupon code as well.

I'll be honest.  I was getting impatient waiting for it to go on sale.  I decided to stop by my local Sears store which is actually a Sears Liquidation Location.  I have found great deals here but it takes forever to sift through all the odds and ends.  I headed up to the bedding section and low and behold.  The Leila bedding set in Queen size was on the shelf.  It was the only one there and it felt like it was meant to be mine.

Of course, there was no price on it so I brought it to the checkout to see how much the set was.  It rang up $65.99!!  This was an IKEA commercial "start the car", moment for me.
I love the reversible extra blanket, it's cozy!

 The sticker did say it was "imperfect" so I took a chance.  I brought it home and thoroughly inspected it.  I can't find anything wrong with it.

This just goes to show that you never know when the next great deal will show up!

PS~  I'm taking my old comforter and using the bottom (unmutilated) section to make the dog a new bed.  Waste not, want not.

Have you scooped up any great deals lately?

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